Get Ahead of 2021’s Biggest Eco Habit with Terra Neutra

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Get Ahead of 2021’s Biggest Eco Habit with Terra Neutra


Have you thought about carbon reduction and offsetting your impact on the planet. Terra Neutra talk to us about why it could be a key eco habit in 2021.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Mon 14 Dec 2020

Carbon offsetting isn’t a get out of jail free card but it also shouldn’t be cast aside as something dubious airlines are offering to balance out the flight shame.

There has been a big increase in companies looking to connect individuals wanting to do more than just reduce their own plastic waste with charities and conservation projects which are all focused on locking away or reducing carbon emissions.

One of those new companies is Terra Neutra. This UK based start up aims to help people reduce their carbon footprint and offset what cannot be reduced.

Terra Neutra funds conservation projects in Madagascar

By signing up to a Terra Neutra subscription you are supporting a range of projects that hit at least three SDGS (UN Sustainable Development Goals), which reduce carbon, promote gender equality and protect endangered species across the world.

The company works with three main projects: investing in low smoke cook stoves in Darfur, Sudan; peatland conservation in Indonesia and rainforest conservation in Cambodia in addition to tree planting in Madagascar...which is the largest natural rainforest in the world after the Amazon, but 2% of it is lost to deforestation every year.

Terra Neutra founder Luke Gaydon

Founder Luke Gaydon, says he understands people’s previous reticence around ‘offsetting’ but we need to tackle the global greenhouse gas emissions in as many ways as we can.

“Offsetting has a critical part to play in helping us transition to a low carbon society over the next 10 years, and is a necessity to achieve net zero (the state in which we achieve a balance of the carbon emitted and absorbed).”

“It is one part of the journey, alongside the massive reductions of emissions and decarbonisation of our lives, which require changes to everything from energy and transportation infrastructure to land use, to how our clothes are made.”

misty forest conservation project

Reduce your carbon emissions and then offset what you can't reduce

And ‘offsetting’ has changed.

As he points out, it plays a role in our larger move to a less carbon heavy society, offering short term incitement to change by enabling individuals to play a positive role and fund impactful projects.

"Carbon offsetting has suffered as a result of poor governance and a lack of transparency in the past. We work with projects that are certified by Gold Standard and Verra, the leading standards for global GHG offsetting projects,” says Luke.

“Both require projects to adhere to a rigorous methodology including repeated auditing of their projects to ensure that the project is delivering on it’s emissions reductions goals.

We also work with offsetting partners that are members of ICROA (The International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance) to ensure best practice and governance.”

When looking to reduce your carbon emissions in 2021, make sure you are using a trusted carbon calculator, reduce what you can through looking at what you use, eat and how you heat your home and use a company like Terra Neutra to offset the rest.

Give A Meaningful Gift This Christmas

Commit to carbon reduction as a family by subscribing to a monthly subscription with Terra Neutra, from £9. Adjust the plan for each family member and pet. The emissions you want to offset are then managed through Terra Neutra’s ICROA-accredited partners. They ensure that industry protocols are followed and that the offsets can’t be reused elsewhere.