Anyone for a shoreline snack in Wales?

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Anyone for a shoreline snack in Wales?


Add in a coastal foraging experience to any trips you're making to Wales this autumn. The Carmarthenshire shoreline is a veritable buffet of wild food.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 13 Sept 2018

Heading to south west Wales any time soon? Those that are in for a treat of the foraging kind. Coastal Foraging has launched recently, which offers visitors a hands on experience foraging for wild food along the Welsh shoreline.

Discover how to find prawns, mussels, cockles, wild samphire, sea anemones and scarlet elf cup mushrooms amongst the rocky, beautiful Carmarthenshire coastline with a former banker turned commercial woodland manager.

Coastal Foraging In Wales
Coastal Foraging In Wales

Image Join Craig Evens for a wild food buffet on the Welsh coast

Owner Craig Evens has a passion for geology, conservation and the history of his local area and imbibes a sense of all these things while out foraging amongst rock pools, tidal mudflats and estuaries for the delicious wild delights.

This autumn you can go one step further with the Extreme Low Tide course, which makes the most of the occasional low tide throughout the month and can throw up  deep-water species such as edible spider crabs, prawns, lobsters and (if really lucky) a native octopus.

Coastal foraging is the perfect introduction to the world of wild food and Evens keeps it affordable with free experiences to all children under 17 and a £10 refund for anyone coming via public transport. 

Discover more and book your experience at Coastal Foraging.

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