Did you know a lamppost could charge your car?

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Did you know a lamppost could charge your car?


Welcome to London where the streets might not be paved with gold, but the lampposts can now charge your car (as long as it's electric).

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 28 Jun 2017

In a drive to help London's air quality, mobile charging company Ubitricity has installed lamppost electric car charging points in Richmond, Twickenham, Barnes, Hounslow, Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea.

Ubitricity electric car lamp posts in London


Hybrid and electric cars can now be charged from these lampposts. Ubitricity converts existing streetlights to electric charging points, which means anyone without off-street parking in London can charge their car, with the minimum of fuss and cables.

"We want our drive to install more charge points across London to translate into greater electric vehicle use and ultimately cleaner air for everyone in the capital," says Ubitricity CEO Knut Hechtfischer.