Is Good Club the zero waste supermarket we've been waiting for?

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Is Good Club the zero waste supermarket we've been waiting for?


Good Club, a new zero waste, online supermarket that delivers everything reusable packaging could be the answer to our plastic packaging problem.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Fri 21 Jun 2019

Want to really get away from single use plastic in your shopping?

Fed up with having to make choices every time you go to the supermarket that don't sit right with you and get frustrated with packaging?

New online zero waste supermarket, Good Club, could be the answer. It sells sustainable food and household products but uses custom designers, reusable product packaging and delivery boxes. Each time you have a food delivery, the boxes and barrels will be recovered, cleaned and reused.

If you're not near a zero waste shop (click here for our list of nearly 100 zero waste shops across the UK), could Good Club be the answer?

In a survey conducted by the brand last year, it found that 93.4% of consumers agreed they would like to use a service where they could reuse product and delivery packaging. 

They also found 60% consumers would buy more sustainable groceries if prices were lower (60%) and there was better availability (59%). 

Co-founder and product designer Danny Blackman comments: “People are crying out for solutions to reduce their plastic waste but unless you’re lucky enough to live close to a waste free store it’s currently really difficult to shop for groceries without buying any single-use plastic. At Good Club, we’re about to change that”.

Reusable cans for good food club on a wooden worksurface

Good Club, a new online zero waste supermarket will sell 2,000 grocery essentials

Good Club comes from ex-Farmdrop CEO Ben Patten, who wants to concentrate on bringing plastic packaging free food and household products to more people at a price that's accessible to most. 

It's aiming to tackle the 800,000 tonnes of disposable plastic waste our supermarkets create each year.

Good Club won't sell fresh or frozen food which will help keep the prices low - Good Club reckon their grocery staples will be over 50% lower than an average price in the supermarket. But that doesn't mean it won't be low on choice, there are 2,000 grocery staples on offer. 

Good Club recently raised £400K on Crowdcube which will allow the zero waste supermarket to offer free recycling to consumers who can't recycle items through their local authority and encourage a shift in consumer behaviour with reusable product packaging

CEO and co-founder Ben Patten comments: “The ugly truth is, major retailers are hesitant to admit that single-use plastic is the backbone of their business.  At Good Club, our mission is to help people live a more sustainable lifestyle without breaking the bank. With the money raised via Crowdcube we are now able to develop reusable product packaging and technology to tackle the single-use plastic crisis head-on."