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Is this the world’s healthiest office?

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Is this the world’s healthiest office?


The Biophilic Office project is a ground breaking live study of how biophilic design can impact our health, wellbeing and our productivity.

    Georgina Wilson-Powell

    Wed 16 Aug 2017

    The BRE campus in Watford will be home to office which will be refurbished by architect Oliver Heath and a whole range of partners which will measure their impact on the people working in the space.

    Biophilic Office Oliver Heath Design project

    We work better when we can see and feel elements of nature in our workspaces

    Image Oliver Heath Design

    There will be living wall systems, innovative skylights to reproduce natural light, special acoustic solutions for open plan workspaces and eco-friendly lighting installed and each element and the office workers’ health and wellbeing will be tested for year in this pioneering project. 

    Follow the project at @BRE_Group #biophilicoffice

    So what is biophilic design?

    An evolution on from eco-friendly or green design, biophilic design looks to reconnect us to our natural surroundings and purports that when we work alongside nature we work better and are more happy. Biophilic buildings incorporate natural materials, natural light, living walls and innovative planting to reconnect us to nature, despite being indoors.

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