Norfolk and Suffolk join forces to save food waste

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Norfolk and Suffolk join forces to save food waste


A new campaign, Food Savvy, that involves two counties, Norfolk and Suffolk, looks to reduce food waste across families, schools, communities and councils.

Alice Pritchard

Tue 25 Sept 2018

Anyone hailing from East Anglia will know that Norfolk and Suffolk are more likely to be found battling each other on the football pitch, but a new food waste campaign - Food Savvy - sees the two counties working together for the first time, along with environmental charity, Hubbub.

A two year programme will use events, content, challenges and educational programmes to help encourage people in the two counties to save food waste. It's the first time county councils have worked in this way with an entire cross section of the community to tackle the issue, involving businesses, schools, community groups, as well as influencers like chefs, food celebrities, lifestyle bloggers and vloggers.

It's thought that the average resident wastes £810 a year on food they don't eat. 86% of those surveyed by Censuswide (September 2017) said they are worried by food waste and 53% admit they feel guilty when they throw away food. 

Food Savvy is a campaign to tackle food waste

The average family in Norfolk or Suffolk wastes £810 per year on food that's not eaten

The target will be to reduce food waste by 20% by 2025 in line with national guidelines.

Cllr David Bowman, Chair of the Suffolk Waste Partnership said: “Suffolk households throw away a staggering 50,000 tonnes of food every year. As a rural county producing many delicious foods and drinks, this is terrible wastage and something we must tackle. 

We are therefore thrilled to be launching this collaborative project with Hubbub and our colleagues at Norfolk County Council.  We are also inviting local people, community groups and businesses to join us on this innovative journey that will help save families money and protect our beautiful region.” 

While the campaign is initially launching in Norfolk and Suffolk, how-to guides will be created so other UK counties can create and scale their own campaigns.

To find out more and get involved in Food Savvy people can visit and follow #FoodSavvy on social media.