Flippin heck: Is this the best ever pancake collaboration?

Shrove Tuesday used to be about using up the cupboard staples before the 40 day fast of Lent. Today, pancakes come supersized with every kind of topping but London restaurant, Where the Pancakes Are, and food waste condiment heroes, Rubies in the Rubble are joining forces this February to create 'Thoughtful pancakes'.

Georgina Wilson-Powell 14 January 2018


The two new pancake options on the menu will highlight food waste throughout February and are a twist on the restaurants very popular 'American', the classic combination of smoked streaky bacon, blueberries and maple syrup. Choose to add Rubies in the Rubble BBQ Blueberry sauce or Rubble spicy Banana ketchup

Rubies Where The Pancakes Are1

Head down to Where The Pancakes Are for a stack of food waste fabulousness

Each bottle of Blueberry ketchup contains 260 blueberries from an exasperated farmer who had 20 tonnes going to waste, while each bottle of the Banana ketchup saves 2 over-ripe bananas, the most commonly wasted fruit in the UK. The pancakes are made from organic buckwheat flour and buttermilk.

"We are so excited to be collaborating with WTPA this Shrove Tuesday. The dishes we've created together are a great way to celebrate the zero-waste origins of Pancake Day, and more importantly, they're flipping delicious!” Jenny Costa, founder of Rubies in the Rubble. 

Both options will be available throughout February, at this independent gem, not far from Borough Market.

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Georgina Wilson-Powell 14 January 2018


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