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Clothing made from coffee

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Clothing made from coffee


Sundried are known for their ethically produced activewear, but now they have incorporated recycled coffee grounds into their clothing. Coffee residue is mixed with recycled bottles and spun into the Sundried yarn, making it the greenest product on the market.

    Georgina Wilson-Powell

    Mon 19 Jun 2017

    Coffee has a natural ability to prevent odor, making it a perfect material for activewear. Not only this but it upholds the brand’s eco friendly ethics. Sundried are also keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum by partnering with The Low Carbon Innovation fund.

    The clothing that is produced from used coffee grounds has fantastic benefits, including odour control, sweat-wicking, and it dries over 200 times faster than cotton. It is also naturally anti-bacterial.

    The new collection is made in Portugal and Italy, ensuring that their customers can shop sustainably.

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