Winter woolies inspired by saving lives at sea

Cornish surf brand has cemented their love and respect for the sea with a new limited edition collection that has partnered with and taken inspiration from the RNLI, one of the oldest lifesaving charities in the world.

Georgina Wilson-Powell 14 August 2017

Finisterre's founder Tom Kay has been a part of the RNLI for the last 15 years and here he pays homage to the humble fisherman's jumper and warm woolies that seafaring folk rely on.

It feel as authentic as can be, the patterns on the jumpers represent ships' ladders, waves and and ropes and Finisterre's campaign for this collection features real RNLI crew. 10% of the profits from the collection will go back to the RNLI.

"The Finisterre + RNLI collaboration means a lot to me personally and to work with the RNLI on this limited edition range was a big moment for us," says Tom Kay, Finisterre's founder. "The resulting product embodies our shared love and respect of the ocean, our seafaring heritage and the hardiness of the human spirit."

As with all Finisterre collections the waterproof jackets are FC-free and made from 100%recycled materials and the wool jumpers, beanies and T-shirts have been ethically produced. 

Georgina Wilson-Powell 14 August 2017

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