We'd Say Yes Jeans' To £39.99 For A Sustainable Pair, Seriously?

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We'd Say Yes Jeans' To £39.99 For A Sustainable Pair, Seriously?


Want sustainable and ethical jeans for £39.99? You can make that a reality with Yes Friends.

Francesca Brooking

Fri 29 Apr 2022

Sustainability and denim don’t tend to come hand in hand. That is until Yes Friends arrived on the scene.

The ethical clothing brand is selling sustainable jeans for as little as £39.99, proving that fashion can be ethical and affordable.

Want to get in on the bargain and help the planet? Here’s how it works and how to get your hands on a pair.

Yes Friends sustainable jeans review

The £39.99 sustainable jeans from Yes Friends are about to drop

Who are Yes Friends?

Yes Friends' mission is to make sustainable fashion affordable. One of the biggest challenges of sustainable fashion is balancing cost with organic fabrics and living wages.

Often, ethical clothing comes at a higher price point to ensure the fabric is sustainable and the garment workers are paid fairly.

Yes Friends manages to offer a lower price point to consumers without compromising its garment workers.

The secret? By using large scale and small margins, they make ethical clothing affordable.

In April 2021, Yes Friends launched a £7.99 sustainable and ethical t-shirt. In just one month, they sold over 4,000 of them. They were also backed by 100 MPs in a letter to fast fashion brands while doing so.

To top it off, the garment workers received good wages through a pioneering Fair Share scheme, their t-shirts are made with premium Fairtrade and organic cotton and use 90% less CO2 than other conventional cotton garments.

Following the t-shirt’s success, Yes Friends’ new sustainable jeans are the brand’s biggest campaign yet.

Yes Friends sustainable jeans review
“It's the first UK brand to allow customers to tip the people who made their clothes”

Sustainable jeans for £39.99?

Yes, it’s possible. Yes Friends is launching a sustainable denim campaign which includes jeans for under £40 and jackets for under £60.

They will be made in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, by the only manufacturer in the world to score 100/100 by the Fair Wear Foundation for its exceptional ethics (called Evolution3 for full transparency!).

What’s more, it has partnered with tip me to become the first UK brand to allow customers to tip the people who made their clothes.

100% of the tip goes directly to the garment workers, bridging the gap between customers and the people who made their clothes.

As for the denim itself, Yes Friends is using a mix of:

  • Organic cotton
  • Hemp
  • Biodegradable & recycled polyester

It also uses eco washing techniques such as lasers to minimise water and chemicals in production. This will ensure the denim has a low EIM score (Environmental Impact Measurement).

The jeans will be available in Mom, Straight, Slim and Regular fits for timeless styles that never go out of fashion.

You can get them in sizes ranging from 8-18 for women and 28-38 for men.

The denim jackets will be available in sizes XS-XXL.

Yes Friends sustainable jeans review

Yes Friends uses a manufacturer that scored 100/100 from Fair Wear Foundation

How to buy £39.99 sustainable jeans

The Yes Friends sustainable jeans and jacket are available to pre-order until the 25th May.

To bring this denim to life, we need your help. They need to sell 2,500 jeans and jackets this month. So pre-order your denim today, and let’s make ethical affordable together!

Pre-order Yes Friends denim now.

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