Second hand clothing platform launches in the UK

Spain's Micolet, a platform that sells second hand clothes, has launched in the UK. Having already sold 500,000 pre-loved items, it could become a serious player in the fight against fast fashion.

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Micolet has been facilitating Spain’s second hand clothing lovers for a while now but it has expanded into the UK (and other European markets), so we can all pick up a pre-loved bargain.

More than 2,000 clothes arrive at the platform’s headquarters in Spain every day. They’re then evaluated, cleaned, sorted and photographed and put up for sale on the website. Clever algorithms work out a fair price – the brand want to see the clothes sold and move through the system to find new homes. So far half a million pieces have been shipped to new owners.

José María del Moral, cofounder of Micolet said: “So many beautiful items are being accumulated and forgotten about in people’s wardrobes; with the majority being thrown away before they’ve had any kind of proper use. It’s our mission at Micolet to give these pieces a new life, and make the fashion industry more sustainable one garment at a time.”

But it’s not just old crap, there’s a range of styles and prices for all sorts of women’s clothes, from DKNY and TopShop as well as exclusive pieces of luxury designers like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent – mostly sold at 70% less than the original price.

At a time when the UK is sending 11 million items of clothing to landfill A WEEK, it’s time to look at alternatives to buying new every time. Could Micolet be your secret weapon to put together the ultimate second hand capsule wardrobe?

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