If the shoe fits: How this new brand is saving land by the foot

Say hello to possibly the most comfortable boat shoes - yes boat shoes are back - out there by Two Degrees. The reason why we love them? They ensure 1,000 square feet of endangered land is protected for every pair bought.

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Step this way Sir. 

Luke Gibson at Two Degrees has spent the last 18 months researching the most comfortable shoes on the planet, and in doing so, wants to help protect the planet from people stamping all over it, ruining it with deforestation.

Image Forget messing around in boats, these boat shoes save the planet

The shoes come with active memory cushioning and anti-microbial OnSteam® comfort lining and a new all around perforation system (which means you can ditch the socks, hurrah). The hypoallergenic European leather is tanned using a revolutionary new bio process, free from heavy metals and the durable soles are made from recycled material. 

In short, these shoes would be wasted on boats.

Following the success of TOMS, One for One campaign, Two Degrees offers Feet for Feet – every pair bought secures 1,000 square feet of endangered land through the World Land Trust.

It goes to show there’s a need for men’s brands especially that reduce their impact on the planet and give back.Two Degrees have raised over three times as much money as they needed on a Kickstarter initiative, backed by nearly 450 people.