Radically seasonal cafe opens in London

Natoora's organic empire takes a huge leap forward with one of the most sustainable and transparent cafes in London. We take a closer look.

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Cult organic deli brand Natoora have not only expanded into a fifth store in London but they’ve also expanded to offer a fully traceable and sustainable cafe in west London on Elgin Crescent.

As well as supplying the best sustainable chefs in New York and London, their new grocery store’s cafe sources everything through their existing supply chain, with complete transparency on every ingredient. Each one can be traced back to an sustainable farmer, producer or grower across Europe.

Natoora want to open up a conversation to talk about provenance, sourcing and our overall food system and a delicious cafe seems like a sensible way to do it.

Image Take a closer look at the Natoora Counter

“The Natoora Counter is completely revolutionary within the industry and yet was a very natural progression for us. All the work we’ve done to our supply chain doesn’t stop at a restaurant door. Nobody else has dared to address the food system at this level, tackling so many facets simultaneously with such clarity of vision,” says Natoora’s CEO Franco Fabini.

“We are determined to create a better future of food and this involves everyone, the consumer as well as the farmer.

With Natoora Counter we are creating demand for flavour, seasonality and traceability and then putting everything back into the right people on the right farms, so that the system will correct itself.”

The Natoora Counter cafe has embraced ‘radical seasonality’, reclaiming the idea of seasonality to something that’s immediate and changeable so the dishes on offer change daily and made to order to reduce food waste. Plus all takeaway packaging is compostable and the fresh fruit and veg in the grocery section comes without packaging.

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