9 Favorited Sustainable Christmas Decorations You Can Deck The Hall With

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decor To Fa-la-la-la In Love With This Holiday Season

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Deck the halls with boughs of…eco-friendliness?

As the holiday season approaches, bringing with it warmth and wonder, let’s not forget the other big W it brings: waste.

Bid farewell to excessive waste and embrace a greener, more planet-friendly festive spirit with some of the best sustainable Christmas decorations to come from Santa’s workshop.

Get ready to sleigh the sustainability game with our tips for decking your halls in a way that’s both festive and gentle on the planet.

Wondering, “How can I decorate my Christmas sustainably?”

Look no further than these top picks. 

The Top Recycled & Natural Christmas Decorations

Welcome To The Woodshop has all your Christmas tree woes answered with minimalist wooden, reusable trees you can set up year after year.

For adorable Christmas villages made in the USA using carbon-neutral paper products, Belgian Paperworks beats it all.

If you’re in the UK, Joyful Array has a gorgeous array of recycled Christmas ornaments made from clever recycled materials like book pages and sheet music.

Holidays are traditionally wasteful—but to that, we say, it’s time to make some new traditions!

And there are plenty of other brands out there lending a holly jolly helping hand.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decor USA

1. Welcome To The Woodshop

Sustainable Christmas Decorations by Welcome To The Woodshop
Images by Welcome To The Woodshop

Price Range | $35–$425 | Shop Welcome To The Woodshop

Materials | Solid oak, pinewood, and steel, which are salvaged whenever possible.

Values| Low waste, handcrafting, Made in the USA

What We Love | When it comes to sustainable Christmas trees, we’re torn between loving the reusability of artificial trees and hating the plastic they’re made of. We love that we don’t have to choose between the two with their reusable, sustainable wooden decorations

Welcome To The Woodshop’s Eco-Friendly Decorations

What is the most eco-friendly way to have a Christmas tree?

Welcome To The Woodshop thinks it’s one that’s both biodegradable AND reusable.

Made from wood, oak, pinewood, and steel, these handcrafted natural Christmas trees—like the minimalist chic Beaded Heirloom™ Wood Christmas Tree—are easy to assemble and come in a variety of sizes. The branches can twist in all directions, allowing you to add your own personal style to your space.

They’re durable enough to be used as natural outdoor Christmas decorations, though it’s still recommended you keep them in a dry, protected location.

Welcome To The Woodshop’s Sustainability 

Carbon | In addition to carbon-neutral shipping, they prioritize making Christmas decorations from recycled materials when they’re available.

Sourcing & Supply Chain | If you love Mom-and-Pop workshops almost as much as Santa’s workshop, you’ll be pleased to know owner Aaron McKay makes everything himself in Montgomery County, PA.

2. Belgian Paperworks

Sustainable Christmas Decorations by Belgian Paperworks
Images by Belgian Paperworks

Price Range | $28–$238 | Shop Belgian Paperworks

Materials | Acid-free archival French watercolor paper, recycled paper offcuts, and LED tea lights.

Values| Low waste, handcrafting, Made in the USA

What We Love | We love the fact that this shop takes the classic Christmas village concept, tosses away all wasteful plastic, and offers heirloom quality paper decor you’ll treasure year after year.

Belgian Paperworks’ Sustainable Christmas Decor

BelgianPaperworks offers a range of eco-friendly Christmas decorations that are both sustainable and stylish, drawing inspiration from classic and timeless Christmas village decor.

The Half-Timbered Christmas Village is an absolutely gorgeous piece of sustainable decor for your mantle, featuring a cozy little village illuminated by efficient LED tea lights.

If you’re looking specifically for Christmas decorations from recycled materials, the London and other Christmas tree ornaments are made largely using recycled paper offcuts from their larger pieces.

Belgian Paperworks’s Sustainability

Certifications | FSC Cradle-to-Cradle, Climate Neutral

Carbon | The Belgian Paperworks studio is powered by geothermal energy and shipping climate neutral (as are some of their paper suppliers).

Sourcing & Supply Chain | Anne Lovau, a member of the American Guild of Paper Cutters, makes everything in her studio in Sonoma County, California. She chooses to source from climate conscious mills and suppliers.

Thoughtful Packaging | On request, Belgian Paperworks will swap protective plastic sleeves for paper ones.

3. Salty Sea Studios

Sustainable Christmas Decorations by Salty Sea Studios
Images by Salty Sea Studios

Price Range | $14–$38 | Shop Salty Sea Studios

Materials | Solid and balsa wood, faux holiday lights, yarn, upcycled mason jars, faux snow, twine, and recycled book pages

Values | Low waste, handcrafting, Made in the USA

What We Love | Salty Sea Studios adds a sustainable twist to classic pieces of Christmas decor, like snow globes made from upcycled mason jars and without all the toxic liquid chemicals inside.

Salty Sea Studios’ Recycled Christmas Decor

From upcycled snow globes to quaint holiday scenes, this eco-friendly Christmas decoration brand is a go-to for those who love those classic holiday pieces, but want them done in a more sustainable way.

While not all their products feature 100% recycled or natural materials, the Snowflake Tree Garland makes for the perfect recycled Christmas ornament or mantle liner, featuring a balsa wood base topped with recycled book pages.

Salty Sea Studios’ Sustainability 

Carbon | As an Etsy seller, Salty Sea Studios ensures everything is shipped carbon-neutral.

Sourcing & Supply Chain | All items are handmade, either individually or collaboratively, by shop owners Shanna and Erik in Fallbrook, California.

4. Fleurs De Simone

Sustainable Christmas Decorations by Fleurs De Simone
Images by Fleurs De Simone

Price Range | $10–$15 | Shop Fleurs de Simone

Materials | Real dried plants (like ferns and junipers), silk, twine, pinecones, and natural wood vines

Values | Low waste, handcrafting, Made in the USA

What We Love | We’re always partial to rustic holiday decor, and the fact that theirs is handcrafted in the USA using natural materials is the juniper berry on top!

Fleurs de Simone’s Sustainable Ornaments

If you think the same sounds fancy, just wait until you peep Fleurs de Simone’s small but elegant collection of mini sustainable holiday decorations and ornaments.

Looking for a sustainable wreath but don’t have time to DIY?

Their Mini Dried Flower Wreath has all the charm of a full-size wreath in a 100% natural, palm-sized package. Hang it on your Christmas tree, dangle it from the ceiling, attach to the wrapping paper over your eco-friendly gifts, or place around some centerpiece candles for a lovely natural Christmas table decoration.

Fleurs de Simone’s Sustainability 

Carbon | As an Etsy seller, you can be sure your holiday decor will come to you courtesy of carbon-neutral shipping.

Sourcing & Supply Chain | Each piece is lovingly handcrafted by Simona in her Newberg, Oregon home.

5. BulleEtBallon

Sustainable Christmas Decorations by BulleEtBallon
Images by BulleEtBallon

Price Range | $15–$53 | Shop BulleEtBallon

Materials | 100% sheep wool dyed with natural dyes and solid wood

Values | Low waste, handcrafting, fair trade

What We Love | BulleEtBallon makes Christmas decorations sustainable by making them both reusable and completely compostable, thanks to their range of 100% natural materials.

BulleEtBallon’s Natural Decorations For Christmas

BulleEtBallon offers a range of eco-friendly Christmas decorations that are sure to impress, from handmade wool garlands to solid wood ornaments (and a blend of the two).

Their standard Garland Felt Balls work perfectly as natural Christmas tree decorations, while those like the lettered Falalala Garland have more effect when hung on the wall.

BulleEtBallon’s Sustainability 

Carbon | Orders are shipped carbon-neutral.

Sourcing & Supply Chain | Their products are crafted by a Fair Trade certified women’s work studio in Nepal using locally sourced wool.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decor UK & Europe

6. By Amber & Rose

Sustainable Christmas Decorations by Amber & Rose
Images by Amber & Rose

Price Range | $9–$51 | Shop By Amber & Rose

Materials | Recycled glass jars, recycled metals, sustainable felted wool, and recycled newspaper

Values | Low waste, handcrafting, fair trade

What We Love | By Amber & Rose offers a quirky range of eco-friendly Christmas decorations made of recycled items or natural materials.

By Amber & Rose’s Zero Waste Christmas Decorations

From beautiful wreaths made from recycled paper to handmade felted reindeer ornaments made from upcycled fabrics, these unique and charming creations will make yours the most unique Christmas tree on the block.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly Christmas tree decorations to top off all your tree trimming efforts, pop one of their Recycled Newspaper Angel tree toppers on top and be reminded of the joy of recycling every time you look up to see it.

By Amber & Rose’s Sustainability 

Carbon | In addition to carbon-neutral shipping through Etsy, this brand partners with suppliers who have implemented solutions to reduce their impact—like solar integration, rainwater harvesting, and wastewater treatment systems.

Sourcing & Supply Chain | Everything comes straight from their UK-based workshop, though their materials are sourced from global, fair trade organizations, like Aaha Felt and the Association for Craft Producers (ACP).

7. Joyful Array

Sustainable Christmas Decorations by Joyful Array
Images by Joyful Array

Price Range | $4–$63 | Shop Joyful Array

Materials | Upcycled and vintage paper (book pages and sheet music), high-quality artisan paper, metallic foil, and baker twine.

Values | Low waste, handcrafting

What We Love | Aside from those made of metallic paper, the majority of Joyful Array’s zero waste Christmas tree decorations are compostable—just be sure to remove the string first.

Joyful Array’s Eco-Friendly Holiday Decorations

Perhaps one of the most aptly named shops on this list, Joy Array offers a positively joyful array of origami eco Christmas decorations.

We’re talking Whimsical Vintage Sheet Music Stars ornaments, metallic origami stars (the next best thing to biodegradable tinsel), and more, in any color scheme you can imagine.

She even makes a hanging origami fern that’s positively adorable. This piece of sustainable decor isn’t limited to just the Christmas season either, though you could certainly add some ornaments or lights for a festive vibe.

Because everything is paper-based, note that these aren’t suitable for use as eco-friendly outdoor Christmas decorations.

Joyful Array’s Sustainability 

Carbon | Orders come via carbon offset shipping.

Sourcing & Supply Chain | Shop owner Hannah makes her delightful environmentally friendly Christmas decorations in Liverpool.

8. Origami Bloom

Sustainable Christmas Decorations by Origami Bloom
Sustainable Christmas Decorations by Origami Bloom

Price Range | $6–$33 | Shop Origami Bloom

Materials | Recycled paper and non-recycled luxury paper

Values | Low waste, handcrafting

What We Love | We’ve always believed simplicity and sustainability go hand in hand, so we love that Origami Bloom embraces simplicity with their minimalist, reusable eco-friendly ornaments.

Origami Bloom’s Eco-Friendly Christmas Ornaments

How do you make sustainable Christmas tree decorations?

You fold them!

Origami stars make for some of the most sustainable ornaments, and they’re Origami Bloom’s specialty. 

The Christmas Tree Baubles not only make for a colorful and reusable way to decorate your Christmas tree, they’re also made of 100% recycled paper.

Or you can always DIY paper baubles if you’d prefer.

In addition to recycled Christmas ornaments, Origami Bloom also offers star bottle ornaments and garlands, but these trade recycled paper for higher quality luxury types.

Origami Bloom’s Sustainability 

Carbon | Orders are shipped carbon-neutral.

Sourcing & Supply Chain | Products are made by shop owner Amanda in her Nottingham workshop.

Thoughtful Packaging | Origami Bloom prioritized sustainable materials for packaging, which means they’re largely plastic-free or recycled.

9. Busy Puzzle

Sustainable Christmas Decorations by Busy Puzzle
Images by Busy Puzzle

Price Range | $12–$98 | Shop Busy Puzzle

Materials | High-quality varieties of solid wood (such as maple) finished with water-based inks and non-toxic linseed oil, and velvet fabric

Values | Handcrafting

What We Love | Buzy Puzzle is an artisanal haven that boasts a kaleidoscope of handcrafted wonders that seamlessly blend whimsy and elegance, all using natural materials and slow, handcrafting methods.

Busy Puzzle’s Natural Wood Christmas Decorations

From intricately designed puzzle-inspired ornaments that tickle the imagination to beautifully crafted seasonal centerpieces and candle holders that redefine festive charm, Busy Puzzle offers a unique tapestry of decor that transforms spaces into personalized wonderlands. 

If you’re looking for natural Christmas mantel decorations, you can’t go wrong with one of their eco-friendly advent calendars

We especially love the gorgeous Nativity Set, which is a delight for kids and parents alike.

Busy Puzzle’s Sustainability 

Carbon | Like other Etsy sellers on this list, all shipping is fully carbon offset.

Sourcing & Supply Chain | All Busy Puzzle products are handcrafted by the shop owners in Ukraine.

Our Considerations For Choosing The Best Sustainable Holiday Decor

To ensure an effortlessly eco-friendly festive season, we created a brief guideline to the criteria we used to select these brands.

That way, if you’re out and about shopping and wondering, “What are environmentally friendly Christmas decs?” you can refer to this and find out.


The most eco-friendly Christmas decorations are made from sustainably harvested natural materials. Christmas decorations with natural materials are also often compostable, which make our zero waste holiday dreams come true.

Recycled holiday decor is also a great way to reduce waste and create a unique look for your home. 

Many companies now offer recycled Christmas tree ornaments made from materials such as old newspapers, magazines, and soda cans. These ornaments not only look great but also help to reduce the amount of waste in landfills.

Certifications are the bow on top to ensure that the materials used in the decorations are sustainable.


Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Cradle to Cradle, Climate Neutral 


The temperatures may be getting cold, but don’t forget the earth is getting warmer, so it’s necessary to shop from brands with a solid handle on how they plan to offset and, ideally, reduce their carbon footprint.

Sourcing & Supply Chain:

Fair trade employers are preferred to ensure that the people making the Christmas decorations and gifts are treated fairly. By choosing products from fair trade employers, consumers can help break generational cycles and ensure workers receive the rights they deserve.

Thoughtful Packaging:

If we opt for sustainable holiday decorations, we certainly don’t want them wrapped in something as unsustainable as plastic packaging.

Even though they’ll be dressing up our homes, we prefer to see them dressed down in simple, minimalist packaging that’s either compostable, recyclable, or reusable.

Pay It Forward:

Businesses that give back to people in need are preferred, especially during the season of giving. While small Etsy shops are exempt from this criterion, large businesses are expected to have community and charitable giving programs.

Closing Thoughts On The Most Sustainable Christmas Decorations

If you’re like us, just looking at this list of sustainable decor has you in the festive spirit.

But before you get too carried away with buying boughs of holly to deck your halls, remember that the most sustainable decorations are the ones you already own. Before purchasing new decorations, consider using what you already have or swapping with friends and family. 

Or, if you find yourself with a little extra time this festive season, you can always opt for homemade sustainable Christmas decorations. In fact, we have an entire list of DIY decoration ideas for Christmas just waiting for you.

By making small changes in our holiday decorating habits, we can all contribute to a more sustainable future.

So please, give us the simplest gift of all by sharing this article so we can encourage more people to adopt eco-friendly decorating practices.