9 Of The Best Ethical & Sustainable Clothing Brands UK Has To Offer

Ethical & sustainable clothing brands in the UK have never been so accessible or affordable. Here are our favourites to love.

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The fashion industry has had its fair share of greenwashing.

The words ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’ tend to get thrown about by high street brands despite the lingering concern over worker’s rights, unsustainable materials and chemical dyes…

Luckily, sustainable fashion is becoming more than just a trend.

It’s now even easier to find affordable ethical & sustainable clothing brands in the UK that deliver effortless style with an eco-conscience whether it’s loungewear or something more sophisticated.

Sustainable fashion is no longer a hazy enigma but varied, modern and accessible. And the price is coming down too.

Top Picks For Sustainable Clothing Brands, UK

One of the most ethical clothing brands UK readers have access to, Yes Friends aims to make eco-friendly fashion accessible to all with their cheap, sustainable clothing made from organic materials.

Thought’s focus on organic materials and fair trade production, while maintaining a stylish range simply ticks all the boxes in our books.

we are. make the old treasured and loved again with the most sustainable clothing approach one can opt for – vintage and thrift – at your fingertips.

Want to make your wardrobe more ethical?

The pebble team have put together this guide to help make shopping for sustainable fashion brands in the UK easier.

Whether you’re looking for sustainable women’s clothes, men’s clothing, kids’ clothes, gender neutral, shoes or swimwear, discover these top sustainable fashion brands in the UK that have a positive impact on the planet.

Drop down to the end to learn more about how we what we look for when we hunt for sustainable brands.

Sustainable Clothing Brands UK

1. Thought

The best ethical clothing brands and their environmentally conscious clothes redefining sustainability in the fashion industry. Images by Thought
Images by Thought

Price Range | £5–£180 | Shop Thought

Materials Organic cotton, closed-loop processed bamboo, hemp, TENCEL, recycled synthetics, and minimal spandex.

What We Love | Thought is, well, thoughtful about every component of their business, from supporting ethical manufacturing to shipping the finished products to you in zero plastic, recyclable, and eco-friendly packaging.

Thought’s Ethical Clothes UK

Thought is a trendy UK sustainable clothing brand that believes you can look great and look after the planet simultaneously—a mission we can certainly get behind.

From trousers and tees to jumpers and jumpsuits, there’s a sustainably-made clothing option for everything, men and women alike.

We love this small brand’s smaller offerings—by which we mean its, ever-changing designs of socks and that make ideal gifts (or prezzies to yourself).

Thought’s Sustainability

Carbon Goals & Achievements | Thought is working towards using renewable energy sources and reducing energy consumption in its offices and warehouses.

Supply Chain | Members of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and Common Objective, this top UK ethical clothing brand supports ethical factories in China. Most garments are GOTS and Fair Trade-certified.

Pay It Forward | Thought has a long-standing relationship with TRAID, a charity retailer that supports global projects to establish a more sustainable fashion industry.

2. we are.

The best ethical clothing brands and their environmentally conscious clothes redefining sustainability in the fashion industry. Images by we are.
Images by we are.

Price Range £10–£80 | Shop we are.

Materials | All vintage fabrics and pieces

What We Love | For this eco-friendly clothing brand, affordable also means sustainable, since everything is completely vintage. Supporting them means giving unwanted duds a second chance at the runway.

we are.’s Ethically Made Clothing UK

we are. calls themselves the “specialists when it comes to vintage and second hand clothing”.

Looking for a Vintage Graphic Ski Coat in a retro purple color scheme that will have you standing out on the slopes of your next Swiss holiday?

Even their vintage designer pieces are incredibly affordable across this UK ethical brand’s clothing for kids, men, and women.

While you can shop online, UK locals should keep an eye on their website for upcoming events, namely their famous kilo sales for extra bang for your sustainable buck.

we are.’s Sustainability

Carbon Goals & Achievements | we are. was founded on the goal of keeping some of the millions of tons of clothing from landfills (where they’ll produce GHGs).

Supply Chain | Because this small brand’s offerings already existed in the world, we can rest easy knowing no new manufacturing is involved.


The best ethical clothing brands and their environmentally conscious clothes redefining sustainability in the fashion industry. Images by KOHR
Images by KOHR

Price Range | £15–£150 | Shop KOHR

Materials | Organic cotton, hemp, TENCEL™, and bamboo

What We Love | The company’s minimalist designs are versatile and a great starting point for any capsule wardrobe, which the brand champions throughout its blog.

KOHR’s Eco Friendly-Clothing UK

KOHR is an organic fashion brand still in its infancy, but they’re already a core (get it?) wardrobe name for its elegant line of minimalist basics., .

Featuring soft and satisfying textures (like waffle and rib knits), their line of unisex tops and bottoms may be small, but it somehow manages to cover all the athleisure basics.

We want to curl up and live in the Oversized Waffle Shirt, made of 100% organic and undyed cotton—meaning that crisp clean white look is as sustainable as it is stylish.

It’s also one of the few sustainable fashion brands outlining its manufacturing costs to openly discussing its profit margins.

KOHR’s Sustainability

Carbon Goals & Achievements | KOHR’s suppliers use renewable energy sources and carbon-neutral shipping methods. All products are made to order in the UK, minimizing the brand’s carbon footprint.

Supply Chain | All KOHR’s suppliers’ mills and factories are GOTS certified, and they conduct regular checks to ensure safe working conditions, fair wages, and equal rights.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | KOHR is a female-founded, woman-owned sustainable company offering unisex designs in sizes S–XL.

4. Yes Friends

The best ethical clothing brands and their environmentally conscious clothes redefining sustainability in the fashion industry. Images by Yes Friends
Images by Yes Friends

Price Range | £9–£65 | Shop Yes Friends

Materials | Fairtrade and organic cotton, and recycled materials

What We Love | Possibly the most affordable sustainable clothing brand UK customers have, offering ethical and eco-friendly t-shirts for under £10, they’re on a mission to prove sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be expensive.

Yes Friends’ Sustainable Clothes UK

Yes Friends will have you saying “yes tees” to their collection of t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, jeans, underwear, and accessories.

Pair one of their famous organic tees with the Mom Mid Wash Organic Jeans, which put a sustainable spin on everyone’s favorite essential with an 80% cotton and 20% hemp blend.

Be sure to check out the brand’s “Future Collection”, allowing customers a glimpse of and say on what Yes Friend does next.

Yes Friends’ Sustainability

Carbon Goals & Achievements | Yes Friends uses a wind and solar-powered factory to make its t-shirts and hoodies. The brand estimates its t-shirt saves around six kilograms of CO2 compared to a conventionally-made t-shirt, without using carbon offsetting.

Supply Chain | The factories Yes Friends works with have several industry-leading certifications and audits, including Fair Trade Certified, GOTS, Fair Wear Foundation, BSCI, and WRAP. The brand’s jeans cut and sew factories is one of the few denim factories in the world to pay living wages.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Men’s and women’s offerings range from 3XS–4XL in most tops and XS–XXL bottoms.

5. Beaumont Organic

The best ethical clothing brands and their environmentally conscious clothes redefining sustainability in the fashion industry. Images by Beaumont Organic
Images by Beaumont Organic

Price Range | £30–£250 | Shop Beaumont Organic

Materials | Organic cotton, organic linen, TENCEL Lyocell, hemp, organic wool, and recycled fabrics

What We Love | Minimalist silhouettes, fun patterns, and cozy essentials all made of recycled or natural fabrics? What’s not to love about a slow fashion focused brand like this?

Beaumont Organic’s Sustainable Clothing UK 

Beaumont Organic produces socially conscious clothes designed to see you through each season (of the year and life).

The items are versatile and contemporary with minimal silhouettes, as seen in the playful Lois-Sue Stripe dress— – right at home with the luxurious and modern woman.

It’s not just adults the brand sets its sights on, though. Beaumont Organic’s adorable baby collection offers a selection of rompers, baby knickers, and tops made from natural materials that complement its popular hand-woven Moses basket.

Beaumont Organic’s Sustainability

Carbon Goals & Achievements | 87% of Beaumont Organic’s garments are spun, woven, dyed, sewn, and finished using suppliers within a 300-mile radius of Braga, Portugal, minimizing the brand’s carbon emissions.

Supply Chain | The brand carefully selects its factories to ensure they treat workers equally and pay fair wages. It has a complete directory detailing each factory’s processes and ethical approach.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Beaumont Organic is female-founded and women-run, focusing on producing socially conscious clothing in XL–L sizes.

Pay It Forward The Beaumont Organic Foundation supports local communities in Fiji, donating 1% of its annual profits to bettering education and healthcare.

6. Plant Faced Clothing

The best ethical clothing brands and their environmentally conscious clothes redefining sustainability in the fashion industry. Images by Plant Faced Clothing
Images by Plant Faced Clothing

Price Range | £5–£70 | Shop Plant Faced Clothing

Materials | Organic cotton, recycled polyester, TENCEL™, bamboo, linen, and recycled garment labels.

What We Love | Plant Faced Clothing naturally provides some of the best ethical vegan clothing UK buyers could ask for, thanks to not only their sassy ethical image and product vibe, but because of their small-batch manufacturing.

Plant Faced Clothing’s Affordable Vegan Clothing UK

Approved by the animal-loving Miley Cyrus, Plant Faced Clothing manages to mix ethical fashion and streetwear looks into its sustainably-made clothing.

Bold lettering and graphic designs go hand in hand for a recognizable and vegan message, with some items sporting puns and vegan jokes.

A personal favorite of ours is the groovy Oat Is The Goat Hoodie, which looks as comfortable as knowing you’re not wearing animal fabrics.

Plant Faced Clothing’s Sustainability

Carbon Goals & Achievements | Plant Faced Clothing plants one tree for every item sold to help reduce its footprint

Supply Chain | Nearly 100% of the brand’s clothing is made in Fair Wear or WRAP-certified factories, though we’re not certain where these are located. It ensures all workers are paid living wages, work reasonable hours, and have safe, healthy working conditions.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Plant Faced Clothing is non-binary-owned and equal opportunities employer offering XS–3XL sizes garments.

Pay It Forward | The ethical alt clothing brand raises awareness for and donates to several initiatives, including animal rights charities and sanctuaries, Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF), WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organization, and more.

7. Culthread

The best ethical clothing brands and their environmentally conscious clothes redefining sustainability in the fashion industry. Images by Culthread
Images by Culthread

Price Range | £50–£395 | Shop Culthread

Materials | Recycled polyester, organic cotton, recycled wool, TENCEL, recycled nylon, and recycled cashmere

What We Love | With so much textile waste out there, we love that Culthread is taking it and turning it into fresh new garments. Combined with their own waste reduction initiatives, they’re tackling fashion trash on two fronts.

Culthread’s Sustainable Clothes UK

Culthread was born out of frustration at the fashion world’s women’s coat offerings. Their founder wanted a stylish, practical, ethical, and cruelty-free jacket that felt empowering, so, she made one herself from sustainable fabrics.

The brand’s best-selling puffer jackets—like the Faraday Short Puffer—made from 100% deadstock fabrics are its standout product.

Who doesn’t love a multi-pocketed item ensuring fabrics are multi-use??

Culthread’s Sustainability

Carbon Goals & Achievements | Culthread has several initiatives to reduce the impact of its production waste and transport (minimizing deadstock fabric, reusing materials, and reducing packaging size). It primarily uses carbon-neutral couriers.

Supply Chain | Culthread’s atelier workers in Vietnam are paid above the local living wage and have other benefits such as sick leave, health insurance, maternity/paternity pay, annual leave, and compassionate leave, and are represented by a grassroots trade union.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Culthread is female-founded and works to empower women through partnerships, like its support of Dress for Success Greater London. Sizes run XS–L.

Pay It Forward | The ethical women’s clothing brand supports several nonprofits and charities, including Crisis.org, Collective Aid, and the Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary.

8. People Tree

The best ethical clothing brands and their environmentally conscious clothes redefining sustainability in the fashion industry. Images by People Tree
Images by People Tree

Price Range | £20–£200 | Shop People Tree

Materials Organic cotton, TENCEL™ Lyocell, linen, wool, recycled materials

What We Love | In addition to being one of the most sustainable affordable clothing brands the UK has to offer, People Tree combines natural, traditional materials with distinctly modern designs that can easily be mixed and matched for reduced consumption.

People Tree’s Affordable Ethical Women’s Clothing UK

People Tree is one of the UK’s most popular ethical clothing brands, focusing on sustainable women’s clothing that crosses the seasons.

Its essentials range is ideal for making the perfect capsule wardrobe, featuring vegan leggings, organic vest tops, and basics made from natural fibers.

The fall essential Jasmine Cardigan may look (and feel!) like super soft cashmere, but rest assured, its fuzzy fabric is thanks to 100% organic cotton.

People Tree’s Sustainability

Carbon Goals & Achievements | People Tree aims to reduce its carbon footprint throughout its supply chain through various sustainable practices, like using more organic growing methods, less machinery, and eco-friendly suppliers.

Supply Chain | The brand sources over 90% of its products and materials from Fair Trade groups. All Producer partners are monitored by People Tree for ethical and social standards and are audited by the brand or by one of its nominated 3rd party certifiers.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | 95% of People Tree’s staff are women, including all managers and 60% of its board.

Pay It Forward | The People Tree Foundation supports farmers and artisans and raises awareness for environmental issues. It supports various community projects focused on local development and conservation.

9. Fanfare Label

9 Of The Best Ethical & Sustainable Clothing Brands UK Has To Offer
Images by Fanfare Label
Images by Fanfare Label

Price Range | £55–£235 | Shop Fanfare Label

Materials | GOTS-certified organic cotton, OEKO-TEX Standard and recycled cotton, linen, deadstock fabric, wool off-cuts, recycled paper buttons and recycled polyester

What We Love | Fanfare Label uses recycled and deadstock materials to create circular fashion pieces that stand out. You can also send in your old jeans to be upcycled or revamped with a custom design.

Fanfare Label’s Sustainable Clothing UK 

Fanfare Label is a circular fashion brand that makes statement pieces out of recycled and deadstock fabrics. There are no seasonal collections or trends here, but rather contemporary clothing you can wear forever. 

From embroidered jeans and sequin blazers to utility cargo trousers and edgy suits, there’s a circular fashion outfit for every occasion.  

We love the recycled High Waisted Patchwork Jeans which can be dressed up or down with heels and a top or your favourite jumper. Each patchwork design is unique and made from recycled materials.

Fanfare Label’s Sustainability

Carbon Goals & Achievements | They keep manufacturing local to reduce emissions in transportation by sea or air. A pair of recycled jeans saves 34 kg of CO2 emissions.

Supply Chain | All Fanfare Label’s garments are ethically handcrafted in East London, a short walk from their studio. They provide jobs for people in the local community and pay them a fair living wage as a minimum.

Pay It Forward | Every year on Anti-Slavery Day, Fanfare Label works with human trafficking charities to help tackle slavery in fashion supply chains.

Our Considerations For Choosing The Best Sustainable Clothing Brands in UK

What makes a UK clothing brand sustainable?

Sadly, there are no clear industry standards when it comes to sustainable fashion. However there are ways to hunt for brands who are truly putting their efforts where their planet is and doing things different to the status quo.

We use our proprietary set of criteria to take a holistic look at a brand’s sustainability performance.


First we look for independent certifications. While far from perfect they can really help separate the leaders and laggers on sustainability. Key certifications to know about:

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OEKO-TEXB Corporation, Climate Neutral CertifiedFair Trade CertifiedWorldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), Sedex, and Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), bluesign®, Global Recycled Standard (GRS),  Fair Labor Association (FLA),  Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Regenerative Organic CertifiedTM (ROC), Fair Wear Foundation

Fabrics & Materials: 

The UK’s most sustainable fashion brands use materials that cause the least amount of harm, though it’s not always that easy to tell what these are and the research is constantly changing.

Currently we prioritise brands who use natural, organically farmed fibers like organic cotton, hemp and linen. We also approve of semi-synthetic fabrics like lyocell and modal, assuming they’ve been processed in a closed loop system and the raw materials have been sourced sustainably.

Materials like nylon and polyester are often used, especially for activewear and swimwear. When these are used, we like to see recycled materials and efforts made to minimise microplastics.

Carbon Goals & Achievements: 

The fashion industry is a big offender when it comes to global emissions. It’s every business’s responsibility to be addressing their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, in turn putting pressure on their up and downstream supply chains.

We want to see that UK’s sustainable clothing brands are taking meaningful steps to address their emissions through active reduction and offsetting where reduction is not possible.

We do recognise that many smaller brands are a long way off this, but this is where we’re headed.   

Supply Chain: 

Responsible and ethical fashion brands in the UK should demonstrate that they’re aware of their impact in their supply chain.

We prioritise companies who demonstrate supply chain transparency and take measures to ensure their factories maintain and even exceed fair labor practices. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: 

Sustainable clothing should be available and welcoming to everyone. We want to see brands accommodate inclusive sizing & marketing.

We love to include brands who are women or minority owned.

Pay It Forward: 

Not always the easiest to do on a small budget but we love to see brands helping their communities in some way.

Closing Thoughts On The UK’s Best Sustainabele & Ethical Clothing Brands

The UK has been one of the leading markets in the world for driving sustainable fashion so it’s no surprise that ethical and sustainable clothing is becoming more common in the UK and is available at a range of budgets.

Know of a sustainable fashion brand based in the UK that should be on the list? Give them some love and us a shout!

And of course, we’d love for you to share this list of the best sustainable clothing brands UK has to offer with your British mates.