Best Sustainable Drinks Brands: Buying Guide

Get expert buying advice from the pebble team, with our buying guide on our favourite sustainable drinks, from ethical coffee to gin refills and everything in between. Shop pebble’s top recommended sustainable drinks brands.

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Whether it’s organic coffee or a cocktail, a good drink shouldn’t cost the earth.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to now there are sustainable drinks brands pioneering new ways to be more eco-friendly from their recycled packaging to ethical production and ingredient sourcing.

On that note, the pebble team have put together a guide to the best eco-friendly drinks brands from soft drinks to craft beer, wine, spirits, tea, coffee and more.

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Best Sustainable Drinks Brands From Soft Drinks To Spirits

Seltzer Time

Need an on-the-go boost? Jitterbug is the new vegan soft drink with health benefits.

The two flavours of Lemonade Swing and Berry Hop are ideal for having neat, over ice, or even as a mixer in cocktails.

These seltzers are refreshing and sweet without added artificials.

Apple cider vinegar is the active ingredient in the soft drinks, providing great health benefits for digestion, gut health, and immunity.

Retailing at £2.29. Available at Holland & Barrett.

Tea-se Me

teapigs has taken its tea to the next level with its new range of kombucha cans.

Combining Mao Feng green tea, Rwandan black tea and live cultures, the brand has created a delicious drink packed with flavour and natural goodness.

Choose from three flavours: original kombucha, ginger and lemongrass and peach and mango. Or go the whole hog and get a taster pack!

From £1.99. View on teapigs.

Safe Water

Celebrate water this World Water Day with Water in a Box.

This 100% British spring water comes in a recyclable carton that doesn’t pollute the oceans.

It’s designed to be lightweight, has a resealable bio-based cap, and also comes in Lemon & Lime, Strawberry, and Peach & Orange.

In March, 2p from every carton sold will be donated to the charity’s search for a solution for the two billion people living without access to safe water.

From 89p. View Water in a Box.

Pod Life

Say hello to eco and biodegradable coffee pods you can rave about. Ethical coffee brand, Rave, has created 100% biodegradable and compostable coffee pods for an end to plastic waste.

Rave has also reduced emissions in transport by roasting coffee beans and packing them in pods all under one roof.

This gives it more control over the supply chain and ensures the freshest possible coffee.

From £3.25 for a pack of 10. View on Rave.

Splash Out

Add some sustainable sipping to your weekend with Hunter & Grey’s premium pre-mixed craft cocktails.

Each cocktail is made with fresh and top quality ingredients and all packaging is fully recyclable too.

Choose from 250ml or 500ml of favourite cocktails including Pornstar Martini, Mojito, Espresso Martini and Strawberry Daiquiri and get them delivered straight to your door. Personalised gift ideas are available too.

6 x 200ml bottles of single flavour cocktails from £24.99. View on Hunter & Grey.

Sustainable Sipping

Upgrade your sustainable cocktail hour with premium gin brand Bullards Spirits.

The brand has created beautiful bottles for life for each of its gins. Once empty, you can top it up with your favourite gin using its new eco-friendly refill pouches that you post back to the distillery to be recycled. Or take it a step further with a gin subscription.

Gins to try include the classic London Dry Gin, Old Tom Gin, Coastal Gin and Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin.

Gin refills from £35.00. View on Bullards Spirits.

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Health Kick

Coffee with a health kick? Look no further than Exhale.

A single cup of their coffee is packed with the same amount of antioxidants as a punnet of blueberries.

Plus, it’s vitamin-rich with antiviral, cardio-protective and antibacterial properties. The coffee is organic, sustainably produced and packed in plastic free and compostable packaging.

Choose from Espresso Roast, Medium Roast and Decaf.

£7.95 for 225g coffee pouch. View on Exhale Coffee.

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Juice It Up

In need of a new pick-me-up?

We’re loving The Berry Company’s delicious exotic fruit juices packed with antioxidants and without added sugars or sweeteners.

The brand is committed to minimising its environmental impact by sourcing locally where possible, using ingredients without harmful chemicals and renewable energy in production.

The Superberries juice will be keeping us going.

From £16.00 for 12 x 330ml. View on The Berry Company.

Kettle On

Stay warm this winter with the world’s first carbon-negative tea by Greenypeeps.

The brand removes over twice the carbon that each of its products emits and works with the Carbon Consulting Company to run carbon analyses on each stage of production.

Brews include a zingy energising tea, a lively revitalising tea, a soothing after-dinner tea and a calming bedtime tea.

£4.30 for 12 x 15 tea bags. View on Greenypeeps.

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Hey Presto

Need a cosy cuppa? Independent ethical coffee brand Presto has launched a new blend ready for you to enjoy.

The Intense Roast Coffee Bag is a sure-fire way to start your day on the right foot.

Presto coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified, a 1% For The Planet member and all packaging is recyclable.

It’s a perfect and easy way to warm up chilly mornings.

£10.99 for 40 bags. View on Presto.

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Feel Fruity

Need a hand to stay hydrated?

Meet Spruce, the natural fruit powder that’s here to help you drink more water. Forget squash in a bottle and use these handy packets when you’re on the go to make water more interesting.

It’s made with real fruits and 100% natural ingredients.

Plus, it’s sugar-free, vegan and packed full of vitamins and the packaging is plastic free too.

The subtle flavours are designed to complement water.

Choose between Wild Child, Garden Party or Mellow Yellow.

From £18.00 for 3 boxes. View on Spruce.

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Get Juicy

Eat well and feel good with Organibox, the organic fruit and veg box delivered to home.

Offering single boxes and flexible subscriptions, Organibox delivers fresh organic ingredients to make nutritious juices every day of the week.

Each box is packed with seasonal fruit and veg which you can mix and match to create your favourite juice combinations.

You can also download the app to get tips on tackling food waste.

From £19.95 for a juice box. View on Organibox.

Let’s Mango

Need a new soft drink to get you through the week? Meet Remedy’s brand new Mango Passion Kombucha.

Smooth, sweet and with a hint of passionfruit tang, this drink is vegan, gluten free, natural and contains no added sugar.

It’s bursting with live cultures (good bacteria), organic acids and tea polyphenols instead.

It comes in a recyclable glass bottle too. Easy.

£2.99 each or £24.99 for 12. View on Remedy.

Animal Lover

For something a little stronger, new craft beer brewery on the scene, Fauna, makes great tasting beer to support African wildlife.

Partnering with three small charities, each of Fauna’s delicious beers support conservation programmes dedicated to endangered species.

Choose from a refreshing Cheetah larger, a juicy Wild Dog IPA or low-alcohol Pango Table Beer. All of their beers are vegan too.

£2.70 each or £24 for 12. View on Fauna.