First Impressions: Why Sustainable Packaging Is Important And How To Choose It

Packaging gives a vital first impression about a product and brand. noissue shares why this matters and gives us tips on how to choose the best sustainable packaging.

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That moment, unwrapping a purchase, the ritualistic ceremony is one we all encounter, now deliveries are the norm.

Now unboxing is a phenomenon; the texture, the tangible sensation is as much of the thrill of shopping as the item purchased.

Packaging matters; it is the first touchpoint of your brand.

It’s a sensual experience, all part of the pleasure of purchasing, with many consumers considering their spend choice not simply based on the sustainability of the product, but the sustainable packaging ethos too.

Provenance matters too.

To thrive, not simply survive, a brand’s economic and environmental survival depends on making the right choices from the start.

Unboxing that leaves as little trace as possible is the way to go.

Why sustainable packaging matters

We are all increasingly conscious of how our everyday actions impact the environment and the choices we make with our purchases feel like we can make a difference.

For those with fledgling brands, it’s even more poignant to be mindful of our actions and the legacy we leave behind, if any trace at all. This is no time for an in-between.

Our actions as brands make a difference. Ideally, we must try to enhance the system and improve where we can, not leaving a deep footprint, or none at all.

This is where noissue has done the groundwork to support brand owners.

noissue is on a mission to make sustainable packaging accessible to businesses, brands and makers, to support the reduction in waste by offering packaging that is

  • reusable
  • compostable
  • made from recycled materials

noissue has all the packaging for small businesses covered. Whether it be:

  • compostable mailing bags
  • custom boxes/drawstring bags
  • or tissue paper

Not only that, noissue also has low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ’s), making them the best partner for developing small businesses that can’t commit to larger volumes. It can also cater to large order volumes too.

The investment made upfront with branded sustainable packaging, fosters customer loyalty, creating a lasting impact, which in turn grows into a connected and invested fan base.

Get it right from the start, showcase your wares and your green credentials by being transparent and authentic in your business and you’ll have not just one-off customers, but respected loyal fans, and most importantly, trust.

Here are 5 pointers towards choosing eco-friendly packaging and making a solid first impression.

5 Tips For Choosing Sustainable Packaging

1. Stand for what you believe in; stand out

Showcase your values through the choices made at the development of your brand and lead by example.

The brand ethos must be apparent in everything you do, from your aesthetic, social media interactions to the tissue paper packaging and mailer bag.

Choosing to align with a partner such as noissue, means not only will your recycled packaging be considered, but their culture and values align with yours too.

Collaboration is the way to establish change and the noissue community is there to support you and your brand to reduce the impact of your packaging.

Brands grow via a connected and invested fan base with a strong identity and noissue can support you to stand for what you believe, whilst standing out with the most refined recycled packaging unboxing experience possible.

The B Corp hair care company Davines takes care of customers and the environment. Passionately producing high end care products while maintaining a strong ethical and sustainable ethos.

Davines is clear in their achievements and their goals, proudly declaring that they stand up for what they believe in. They use noissue to help demonstrate this in their packaging.

2. Transparency and visibility are key

To build trust and brand loyalty means leading by authenticity with visibility.

noissue is not only a great example but also a great foundation for all small business packaging needs.

noissue is open and shares their supply chain partners, they offer all partners the use of the Eco alliance badge.

The Eco Alliance supports suppliers and the cyclical process, so whether it be paper-free packaging, recycled or even your tissue paper, there is peace of mind that communities are supported along the chain, every step of the way.

Highlight your green credentials with pride and invite conscious consumers to spend with you by highlighting your Eco Alliance too.

Shoppers are proving they want to spend more money with businesses that clearly communicate their environmentally conscious directives.

Visibility of your sustainable packaging offers the transparency consumers are drawn to; those small businesses showing that they are trying their best.

Read more about why transparency is important at What Is The Green Claims Code?

noissue client, Rosso Coffee, is clear in their sustainable and ethical sourcing, being proud of their coffee varieties and their relationship with the producers.

Rosso Coffee clearly outline where, who and how their coffees are made and sourced – the epitome of transparency.

3. Choose compostable options, but communicate them properly

Cardboard packaging and compostable mailing bags are great sustainable packaging solutions for small businesses wanting to make a difference.

What is compostable packaging?

The benefit of compostable packaging is that it is typically made from plant-based or biopolymers and can be broken down in a home environment.

To be certified home compostable, the product must break down in home compost within 180 days and 90 days in commercial composting conditions.

no issue’s compostable packaging includes their cardboard and paper products.

Compostable cardboard packaging and paper products are easily broken down and help with the carbon-nitrogen ratio.

These products tend to have chemical compounds removed from the product, making them a great addition to garden compost heaps.

For small businesses communicating to their customers that their packaging can be processed and broken down at home is quite a shift. Brand communication is key to ensure these products don’t end up in landfill or recycling.

For those without home composting, there are community compost sites locally or some recycling plants offer the larger commercial composting alternative.

Returning to planet and people is at the heart of the material company Spoonflower, a noissue client.

Not only do they pledge to reverse sustainability problems, reducing waste wherever possible, but they also help independent and local designers.

Supporting and celebrating creative communities, while making sure the planet thrives – Spoonflower creates a great standard for other businesses to follow.

4. Recycle and keep it cyclical

An easy way to communicate your green credentials and ensure your brand is making a difference, is by using recycled packaging which can help your customers engage too.

For many consumers, this is the easiest route and most essential route for a sustainable brand to showcase its values.

What is recycled packaging?

Recycled packaging is cyclical, making previously used materials already in the system part, a new item and back into circulation.

Choosing products made from recycled materials doubles the life span of resources and ensures the cycle is maintained. It redefines growth and consumption and is a huge systemic shift for all of us as small households, to small businesses.

By conserving natural resources and preventing pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials, recycled materials are the most obvious choice for sustainable brands and noissue offer a variety of recycled content products.

It supports long term resilience in an otherwise sensitive chain of finite sources.

Not only that, recycling supports the noissue community and supply chain, providing not only environmental benefits but social too.

Check out pebble’s guide to What Is Greenwashing? And How Can You Avoid It?

Innovating and recycling come hand in hand, as is shown with noissue client, the Book Playbox, the children’s book subscription that also doubles up as an arts and crafts project.

Recycling doesn’t mean that the products aren’t bold, fun and exciting. The Book Playbox encourages kids to use their creativity while also using a variety of materials that could otherwise be thrown away.

5. Invest in reusable packaging

The age of reusable packaging is upon us.

The concept itself isn’t new, with many savvy consumers having reused and repurposed items for decades, however, the stronger drive is now coming from the brands directly.

Out of all the sustainable packaging for small businesses, this option can seem more costly but branded reusable packaging has a built-in second use as it also acts as marketing that lives on, once the package is opened.

We all have that tote that’s beautiful in its own right and gets used daily. Community is paramount and noissue can help you with this solid win.

They provide reusable bags and totes which can be customised to showcase your business name, logo or illustration, and then be reused by the recipient.

The noissue bags are a great sustainable option as they are made from 100% GOTS certified cotton.

With their New Again Programme, noissue client, Mon Coeur, repurposes and up-cycled used kids clothes to prevent waste going to landfill.

Standing for carbon neutrality and protecting the planet, the New Again Program allows Mon Coeur to create zero waste!

Being both innovative and sustainable, Mon Coeur, proves that just because things go to the landfill, doesn’t mean it has to be waste.

Want to learn more and find options to elevate you on the green scale and suit your small business needs?

noissue has a handy step by step solution to help you on your way.

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