Sustainable Jungle has purchased pebble magazine

Sustainable Jungle has acquired pebble magazine and will restore the popular eco lifestyle site.

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Earth Day, Apr 22, 2023 – Earth – Sustainable Jungle Pty Ltd (Sustainable Jungle), a leading online sustainable living publication, today announced that they have signed an agreement to purchase pebble magazine from Georgina Wilson-Powell, the original founder of pebble magazine and a well known sustainability expert, author, speaker and editor.

pebble magazine is an established eco lifestyle magazine that inspires and informs consumers and businesses on topics related to being more sustainable and ethical – what they call #everydayactivism. The publication has built up a passionate, loyal and global audience and offers a substantial knowledge base on a wide range of topics including fashion and beauty, food, zero waste, home and living.

Having spent the last five years bootstrapping and scaling the business, and having seen the publication successfully through the pandemic, Georgina Wilson-Powell has decided to step back and focus on her own books, sustainable consultancy and future land based projects.

Her third book, 365 Ways To Save The Planet, came out in March, and she’s already working with a number of global clients on various communications projects, as well as overseeing the content and marketing at the new Sustainability Show in the UK.

Sustainable Jungle is a mission driven online content website that focuses on encouraging positive change. The site shares sustainability related ideas, tips, tricks, products, brands and stories about people & organisations doing meaningful work to better our planet.

Joy McConnochie and Lyall Mabin, Sustainable Jungle’s founders, say the acquisition of pebble magazine will enable getting a much loved and important resource back online.

Having been fans and readers since early 2017, we’ve always thoroughly admired Georgina and what she has created with pebble magazine. We were fortunate to get to know Georgina through interviewing her twice on our podcast and she has built pebble magazine and its community on a foundation of integrity and the highest quality content. We’re thrilled to be able to play a role in bringing it back to the hugely important group of people who are out there in the trenches actually driving change every day. – Joy McConnochie

“We realise we have a legacy to uphold and big shoes to fill so we would very much love to keep Georgina involved in some way, depending on her capacity and on her other exciting projects.” – Lyall Mabin

“I’m thrilled to sell pebble magazine onto such a deserving business who share my passion in helping everyday people tackle the climate crisis, I couldn’t ask for a better home for it. After the stress of the last few years, I realised I needed to step away from running such an intense business for a while, and the fabulous pebble can carry on as it has become such a cherished place for sustainable ideas and information.” – Georgina Wilson-Powell

pebble magazine is now back online and the community will be kept in the loop as the Sustainable Jungle team continue to restore the site’s content and make a plan for its future. They invite ideas, thoughts, comments and feedback from the pebble magazine community.

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