9 Of Our Favorite Sustainable Sunglasses To Protect Your Eyes And The Planet

These Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Brands Design Ethical And Stylish Eyewear

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If you’re eyeing up a new eyewear purchase, it’s time to think about adding sustainable sunglasses to your wardrobe accessories. 

Much more than just ditching virgin plastics for sustainable materials, the best pairs are long-lasting, have high-quality UV protection, give back, and look good too. 

So, let’s take a clear look at the top eco-friendly sunglasses brands that shield our eyes and the planet. 

We Shed Some Light On Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Sunglasses 

For a trusty sidekick, no matter the outdoor adventure, Sunski has you covered with their stylish range of sustainable sunglasses for men, women, and children. 

Woodzee creates kick-ass recycled sunglasses in cool shades using biodegradable acetate and materials made from recycled skateboards. 

Have a specific pair of sunglasses in mind but can’t find them? Ecotech Eyeglasses creates bespoke eyewear in any color and design you can imagine. 

Conventional sunglasses straddle the line between fashion and function. While they’re essential for protecting our eyes against the sun’s harmful UV rays, they have a shady side. 

Thanks to fashion trends and poorly made designs, hundreds of millions of sunglasses are thrown away each year, sending plastic to landfills and polluting the environment. 

So, ditch unsustainable sunglasses for good and choose an ethical pair that celebrates slow fashion instead. 

Keep reading to discover our favorite sustainable sunglasses companies, and scroll to the bottom for a look behind the lens of how we chose them.

Our Curated List Of Ethical & Sustainable Sunglasses Brands  For Earth-Conscious Style

1. Sunski

If you’re eyeing up a new eyewear purchase, it's a great time to think about adding sustainable sunglasses to your wardrobe accessories.  - Images by Sunski
Images by Sunski

Price Range | $48–$98 | Shop Sunski

Materials | Sunski has created a recycled polymer material made from post-industrial scrap plastic called SuperLight, used in all their BPA-free sunglasses frames. 

What We Love | Sunski is an activist brand that puts people and the planet first. They’ve worked with a number of charities and grass-roots projects, including the Sunrise Movement and Earth Guardians. 

Sunski’s Sustainable Sunglasses

California-based Sunski are on a mission to create the best recycled material sunglasses for outdoor adventures. 

Shop fun, bold shapes and classic styles—both casual and sport sunglasses— for men and women. Little outdoor lovers are covered too, with Sunski’s BPA-free kids’ sunglasses. 

Browse their premium collection with elevated eco-friendly polarized lenses for extra protection in sunny weather. You’ll also find ultralight backcountry sunnies designed to protect your eyes against bright snow. 

We love the timeless design of Sunki’s Baia style. The Lennon-inspired pair gives a cool retro look with all-day comfort. Choose from a range of frame colors and try with a virtual try-on before you buy. 

Sunski Sustainability

Carbon Goals & Achievements | Every year, the brand measures emissions, reduces them where possible, and compensates whatever remains through verified carbon offsetting initiatives. They’re also climate-neutral certified. 

Pay It Forward | As a 1% for the Planet member, the brand donates 1% of sales to environmental charities around the world.

2. Woodzee

If you’re eyeing up a new eyewear purchase, it's a great time to think about adding sustainable sunglasses to your wardrobe accessories.  - Images by Woodzee
Images by Woodzee

Price Range | $49–$240 | Shop Woodzee

Materials | The brand’s ethically-made sunglasses contain a combination of recycled wood, acetate plant-based plastic, and some intriguing materials like recycled skateboard. 

What We Love | Woodzee has created a Recycle Program for their sunglasses. Once their recycled skateboard sunglasses (or whatever your pick) have reached the end of their useful life, customers can send them in and get 50% off their next pair of sunglasses. 

Woodzee’s Sustainable & Acetate-Free Sunglasses

Woodzee’s motto is “style in nature.” 

They’re all about stylish sunglasses that are kind to the planet. On their website, you can find sunnies from a select number of eyewear designers as well as their own Woodzee collection. 

Browse their plant-based acetate range or get a pair that tells a story with their recycled skateboard sunglasses.  

If you’re looking for sustainable sunglasses that are acetate-free, the Coronado Recycled Skateboard pair is a best-seller for good reason. Bold and one-of-a-kind, they’re entirely made from recycled skateboards!

Woodzee’s Sustainability

Carbon Goals & Achievements | Woodzee aims to reduce the carbon footprint of their products in landfill through recycling schemes, eco-friendly packaging, and repairs. 

Supply Chain | The biodegradable sunglasses are designed in California and made in China. It’s unclear which factory they use. 

3. Proof Eyewear

If you’re eyeing up a new eyewear purchase, it's a great time to think about adding sustainable sunglasses to your wardrobe accessories. - Images by Proof Eyewear
Images by Proof Eyewear

Price Range | $85–$120 | Shop Proof Eyewear

Materials | Proof makes all their affordable, ethical sunglasses from a combination of sustainably sourced wood, biodegradable cotton-based acetate, and recycled aluminum. All sunglasses are BPA-free.

What We Love | We’re impressed by Proof Eyewear’s commitment to being global citizens by doing good around the world. Their socially conscious business model has supported child soldier rehabilitation, disaster relief, reforestation initiatives, and eye clinics. 

Proof Eyewear‘s Ethical Sunglasses

One of our favorite ethical sunglasses brands, Idaho-based Proof Eyewear, creates sunglasses designed to look good and do good, too. You’ll find a style you like from the wide range of colors and frame shapes. 

Every pair of sunglasses is made from the same biodegradable cotton-based acetate and plants five trees per purchase. 

The popular Ada style comes in a choice of three colorways, a unisex style, and a sleek retro shape. 

Proof Eyewear’s Sustainability

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Health and vision are top community initiatives for Proof Eyewear. They host health screening clinics in underprivileged countries and donate glasses to those in need. 

Pay It Forward | For every frame purchased, the brand plants five trees through One Tree Planted

4.  Tens

If you’re eyeing up a new eyewear purchase, it's a great time to think about adding sustainable sunglasses to your wardrobe accessories.  - Images by Tens
Images by Tens

Price Range | $120–$133 | Shop Tens 

Materials | Tens’ handcrafted eco sunglasses are made from plant-based acetate from Italy. 

What We Love | When it comes to sustainable sunglasses, UK brand Tens is one of the most unique brands around. They allow you to put your own filter on everyday life. Their lenses are inspired by professional photography, offer 100% UVA & UVB protection, and are handcrafted with sustainable materials. 

Tens’ Eco Sunglasses

See the world differently in a pair of Tens’ eco-friendly sunglasses.

They’ll drench your world in rich, warm tones to make you feel that little bit better about the environment around you.

It’s not just all rose-tinted glasses, Tens use both plant-based and 100% biodegradable acetate from wood pulp and natural cotton fibers to help make the world a better place.

Choose the unisex Bronson frames for that retro look with scratch and impact-resistant lenses that block 100% of harmful UV rays.

Tens’ Sustainability

Supply Chain | For eco-friendly sunglasses made entirely in Europe, Tens’ are designed in Scotland and developed in Lyon, France. 

Pay It Forward | Tens works with Scottish charity Tiny Changes to raise awareness of mental health in young people. 

5. Ecotech Eyeglasses 

If you’re eyeing up a new eyewear purchase, it's a great time to think about adding sustainable sunglasses to your wardrobe accessories.  - Images by Ecotech Eyeglasses
Images by Ecotech Eyeglasses

Price Range | $89–$229 | Shop Ecotech Eyeglasses 

Materials | All of their non-toxic sunglasses are made from plant-based bio acetate, which is free from phthalates. They incorporate recycled materials like reclaimed steel in their recycled metal sunglasses temples.

What We Love | Ecotech Eyeglasses is in control of their entire supply chain right from production, so they can monitor their carbon impact and factory safety. All eyewear designs can be customized entirely too. 

Ecotech Eyeglasses‘ Non-Toxic Sunglasses

Ecotech Eyeglasses runs their own production line, so you can find eyewear and sunnies of every different color and shape.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can use the bespoke made-to-order service and get your very own unique pair of sunglasses. 

You don’t have to go down the made-to-order route to find a personalized style if you don’t want to. All of these environmentally friendly sunglasses have personalization options. 

Take the 003 Raybee – Ultra Green Series, which allows you to customize the frame and lens colors. You can modify the size to fit kids too.

Ecotech Eyeglasses‘ Sustainability

Carbon Goals & Achievements | The brand innovates eco-friendly designs such as the Ultra G collection. The no-frills design is quicker to make and produces fewer carbon emissions. 

Supply Chain | Their sunglasses are made in their factory in China, and they have plans to relocate to the US. 

Pay It Forward | A percentage of each sale is donated to the Helen Keller Foundation, which works to raise awareness about Vitamin A deficiency. 

6.  Warby Parker

If you’re eyeing up a new eyewear purchase, it's a great time to think about adding sustainable sunglasses to your wardrobe accessories.  - Images by Warby Parker
Images by Warby Parker

Price Range | $95–$195 | Shop Warby Parker

Materials | All vegan sunglasses are made from high-quality materials, including custom-designed cellulose acetate sourced from a family-run Italian factory, organic dyes, and lightweight titanium and polycarbonate lenses. 

What We Love | Warby Parker believes in vision for all, so they’ve set up the Warby Parker Impact Foundation, a public charity to help people access eye care in the US and worldwide. 

Warby Parker‘s Vegan Sunglasses

Warby Parker’s collection of sustainable sunglasses for women and men is effortlessly cool. 

If you’re looking for sustainable prescription sunglasses, they’ve got you covered with the option to choose different prescription lens types and colors depending on your needs. 

The Nestor sunglasses flatter most face shapes and have a distinct gold frame detail, which stands out from the crowd. 

Choose between oak or go bold with green. Both colors are made from hand-polished cellulose acetate and stainless steel.

Warby Parker‘s Sustainability

Carbon Goals & Achievements | They run an annual impact report as benchmarked by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework to monitor their environmental footprint. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | They have implemented a racial equity strategy within the company and beyond. 

Pay It forward | Through their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program, the brand has donated over 13 million pairs of glasses, within the US and across the globe. 

7. Szade

Sustainable Sunglasses - Images by Szade
Images by Szade

Price Range | $75–$95 | Shop Szade

Materials | Every pair of Szade frames includes recycled materials from a range of pre and post-consumer plastic waste sources. Their lenses aren’t recycled, but designed to be robust and shatterproof.

What We Love | Melbourne-based brand Szade makes ethical, sustainable sunglasses that are accessible to all. They implement a tiered pricing system and keep prices reasonable to reach a wider community

Szade‘s Sustainable Sunglasses

Szade is all about bold, statement frames with an edge throughout their sunglasses collection. Keep it simple with their signature all-black styles, or follow a different vibe with metallics and jaded greens. 

If you’re looking for sunglasses made from recycled materials, Szade’s Booth collection for men and women gives a clean, angular silhouette that’s effortlessly fashionable. 

Choose a classic look with Pinta Tortoise brown shades, or give it a twist with a white frame and ice-blue lenses. 

Szade‘s Sustainability

Supply Chain | All materials come from production partners who are GRS-certified, which ensures ethical labor throughout the supply chain. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Szade is proud to be a brand for everyone with affordable, ethical sunglasses to suit different budgets, lifestyles, and needs.

8.  Peep Eyewear

Sustainable Sunglasses - Images by Peep Eyewear
Images by Peep Eyewear

Price Range | £56–£186 | Shop Peep Eyewear

Materials | Peep’s sustainable eyewear are refurbished and secondhand, so they’re made from a range of different materials. They all come with a new case and cleaning cloth made from recycled plastic.

What We Love | One of the best independent sunglasses brands, UK-based Peep Eyewear is your go-to for vintage and secondhand sunnies. It’s a big tick for sustainability as it keeps preloved sunglasses in circulation, which means no new resources are needed. 

Peep Eyewear‘s Ethical Sunglasses

Mixing yesterday’s designs with today’s modern lens, Peep Eyewear are your go-to for vintage sunglasses. Shop different eras from the ‘60s to the ‘90s, or bag a designer pair from labels like Gucci. 

Peep source stand-out vintage frames and restore them to their former glory. They also help customers embrace the slow fashion movement by offering repair and refurbishment services to extend the life of their eyewear.

If you’re looking for those special, stand-out details, check out their unique range. There’s no need to buy new designer sunglasses when you can get vintage eyewear like these aviators from Tommy Hilfiger. 

Peep Eyewear‘s Sustainability

Carbon Goals & Achievements | The brand uses a green renewable energy supplier, LED light bulbs, and the studio

Supply Chain | Through third-party verifications, they ensure no forms of modern slavery, no child labor or forced labor in their supply chain. All suppliers need to meet the highest ethical standards. 

Pay It forward | For every pair of cute eco-friendly sunglasses or eyeglasses sold, Peep Eyewear plants a tree in the UK with Trees for Cities. 

9. Bambooka

Sustainable Sunglasses - Images by Bambooka
Images by Bambooka

Price Range | £29–£59 | Shop Bambooka

Materials | The sustainable eyewear frames are made from natural Chinese bamboo, complete with polarized lenses. All glasses come in a free EVA case made from bamboo. 

What We Love | Bambooka is a progressive nonprofit fashion brand run by volunteers who donate 100% of profits to their partner charities. They sell sunglasses instead of asking for donations so people can feel empowered through their purchases. 

Bambooka‘s Ethical Sunglasses

Natural, light, and strong, Bambooka’s sustainable polarized sunglasses are handmade using a species of giant bamboo. It grows so fast that its carbon dioxide absorption far outperforms wood.

Each pair of sustainable wooden sunglasses sold provides an eye test and vision correction in five African countries and supports ‘PEPE,’ a charity that seeks to help people identify and meet their own needs by teaching basic life skills.

We love the Sahara style, inspired by the sand dunes in The Great Desert in Africa.

Bambooka‘s Sustainability

Supply chain | Bambooka’s manufacturers are Ecoglasses and Lucent, which source materials from China. However, they are transparent about their supply chain, and work closely with contacts on the ground to ensure workers are paid and treated fairly. 

Pay It forward | Bambooka is a not-for-profit company that sells sunglasses to support charitable causes, including vision aid and teaching life skills to African rural communities.  

How Did We Choose The Best Sustainable Sunglasses?

So, what are the most sustainable sunglasses? How did we choose from the hundreds of brands out there? 

We’ve created a list of criteria to aim for to help us get a clear view of the best eco-friendly sunglasses brands. 

Sustainability is a work in progress, and not every brand can tick every box, but they should at least have the blinkers off and strive towards a brighter future. 


Climate Neutral, Global Recycled Standard (GRS) 

Fabrics & Materials: 

Plastic is one of the key materials in sunglasses. While we’re not against it entirely, we would ideally like to see recycled sunglasses (like those made of recycled ocean plastic) or biodegradable acetate versions. 

They should ideally also have an end-of-life plan for the sunglasses so they don’t end up in landfills. 

We’re happy to see vintage plastic sunglasses as it’s keeping them in circulation. 

And of course, the best sunglasses are compostable sunglasses, or those made of natural materials like reclaimed wood or bamboo. Plus, wooden styles aren’t just eco-friendly; they look unique, too!

Carbon Goals & Achievements:

With climate change’s imminent threat, it’s not enough for brands to pull the wool over their eyes about their carbon impact. Brands offsetting their carbon emissions is a start, but those taking steps to minimize it is much better. 

For us, that means designing sunglasses made from recycled materials instead of virgin plastic, as the process is less carbon-intensive. 

Supply Chain: 

What makes these sunglasses sustainable is the ethical treatment of workers in the company’s supply chain. Overall, we would like to see more transparency. 

It’s comforting to know we’re wearing better, more sustainable sunglasses, so we ideally look for brands carrying out third-party audits and doing factory visits to ensure suppliers are compliant with their ethical standards. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: 

We like to see brands that recognize their duty of care towards their communities. 

This can look like supporting marginalized groups in their local community, increasing diversity in their workforce, or improving inclusivity in their products. 

Pay It Forward: 

Giving back isn’t essential to being a sustainable brand, as we know it can be costly. 

However, we’re pleased to see many brands supporting initiatives that help to eliminate avoidable blindness around the world.

Closing Thoughts On Affordable Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes against the sun’s UV rays—but why just protect your eyes when you can also protect our global community of people and the planet?

Conventional sunglasses also lead a double life as fast-fashion accessories. They’re often poorly made, have dubious eye protection, and make it less than a season—if that. 

Even if you avoid fast fashion stores, sunglasses still have an average lifespan of about two years before the UV protection wears out. 

Many sunglasses contain plastic, so when you throw out your old pair of sunglasses, they’ll end up incinerated, in landfills, or in the ocean, which all pollute the environment.