UK B Corps Punch Above Their Weight

The UK is becoming a global hub for businesses making a positive impact and the surge in B Corps based in the UK is testament to this.

The latest study shows that an incredible one in seven ‘Best For The World’ businesses are based in the UK for their exceptional impact.

What are B Corps?

Simply put, B Corps are recognised by global non-profit network B Lab as some of the highest positive impact businesses in the world. They are a mark of a business that puts people and the planet before profit.

As Chris Turner, Executive Director at B Lab UK, commented:

“B Corporations are proving that businesses flourish when they are committed to aligning the interests of all stakeholders: society, the environment, and their shareholders. Best for the World is the B Corp movement’s opportunity to spotlight the businesses who are pioneering business as a force for good.

UK B Corps are scored on five main impact areas:

  • Environment
  • Community
  • Customers
  • Workers
  • Governance

Due to the incredible impact that B Corps have on the planet and people, B Corps are in the global top 5% for their size.

And as it turns out, a lot of these incredible B Corp companies are UK based.

How many B Corps in the UK?

Currently, there are almost 800 B Corps with 165 UK businesses meeting the high standards of environmental and social influence.

The B Corp UK companies recognised as Best For The World 2022 are outstanding in their social and environmental impacts.

And it seems like it’s not going to stop any time soon as the UK has one of the largest and fastest growing B Corp communities in the world.

One in seven ‘Best For The World’ businesses are based in the UK.

This incredible stat means that around 20% of the UK’s B Crops have been featured in the Best For The World list.

One of the great B Corps outside of the UK recognised as being in the top 5% of 5000 companies was, for their overall mission, ethics, and transparency.

Alongside and other UK brands that received a Best For The World 2022, there are an astounding 65 different companies that received it based on their Governance.

This includes PlutoOxfordSM and B-People Group Ltd, all of which also were acknowledged for putting their workers first.

Another brand that received multiple acknowledgments were Y.O.U Underwear, who were awarded a Best For The World for their environmental impact and for providing critical services (like education, healthcare, and finance management).

You can find the full list of companies here.