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UK Travel Ideas

Discover the UK more sustainably. From eco-hotels to slow travel ideas, across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Dog Friendly Glamping: Cornwall's Best Spots


UK Travel Ideas

Travel and exciting holidays don't have to always mean going abroad.

From luxury sustainable hotels and country estates to finding truly off the beaten track camping spots, the UK has an incredible array of experiences to give you that proper holiday feeling without leaving the country.

And a domestic holiday is more sustainable.

Here's why:

  • You're not hopping on a plane - which is the most carbon intensive thing you can do.
  • You'll be supporting a local economy in your own country, keeping your hard earned money supporting people that need it here.
  • You'll likely to use less single use plastic as you won't be passing through an airport or ferry terminal. And you'll be able to take more reusable items with you like coffee cups and picnic kits.
  • Embrace the Uk's incredible countryside with walking and cycling holidays that have a much lower carbon impact.

How to reduce your holiday's carbon emissions

All holidays produce carbon emissions, just as everything we do does.

It's not just about whether you fly or not fly - there are a lot of ways we can reduce our impact no matter if you're going away for a weekend or for a year.

If you're staying in the UK and having a flight free holiday there are lots more ways you can reduce your carbon emissions.

  • Take the train rather than driving
  • Have a cycling or walking holiday
  • Use public transport to move around once you're at your holiday destination
  • Book into an eco-hotel (check out our eco-hotel reviews)
  • Get off grid completely and go wild camping
  • Eat seasonally and choose dishes made of local ingredients
  • Support restaurants that source food locally
  • Take your own zero waste kit to reduce the need for single use plastic
  • Take reusable, plant based toiletries
  • Support local conservation efforts by booking tours or donating to nature reserves or other experiences

Here at pebble we focus mostly on slow travel and plane free ideas for your next holiday and we love to bring you experiences that feature the best of the outside world, from dog-friendly glamping escapes to wild swimming spots.

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