Powered by plants: 9 exciting vegan food brands for on the go

No longer considered weird or a fringe movement, new research by the Vegan Society suggests we’re slowly moving towards being more vegan. We’re finally embracing plants and all their nutritional powers.

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One in five of us has cut down on meat and nearly one in eight of us choose dairy and meat free when eating out. Shops and restaurant have seen a 51% increase in customers asking for vegan options so what about food options when you’re in a rush?

We’re loving these new vegan brands coming through in the UK, especially vegan snack brands who make it easier to just plump for plants on the go. 

While we’re not a vegan magazine, we totally support eating more plants to reduce the stress of industrial farming on the planet.

So with that said, tuck in plant lovers. And let us know which are your favourites over on the pebble pod!

Plenish Nut M*LK

Dairy free, nut milk brands are coming thick and fast but Plenish are all organic, with no sweeteners or additives. There’s just filtered water and natural salt. The brand reckon their nut M*LKS contain three times as many nuts as their competitors but we’ll let you go nuts for that or not.

BOL Foods

It’s all veg pots and vegan soups over at BOL Foods who want to make eating more plants as easy as grabbing a sandwich on the go. Tuck into everything from Mexican to Moroccan fresh veg pots or pick up a new ‘Super Soup’ which are packed with three of your five a day. Based around plant powered stocks these warming jars have extra powers, like the Mushroom & Miso Energy Boosting Super Soup.

La Cremerie

Who knew yoghurt could be so damn pretty? New London brand La Cremerie look too good to eat. But everyone can spoon them in, they’re made with organic rice and selected ferments so they’re suitable for vegans. Low in sugar and fat they pack the same probiotic punch as normal yoghurt. Oh and they taste pretty good too.


You might have seen Hippeas around, they’re creeping into more and more newsagents as the healthier option to the recently shunned crisp. Made from protein and fibre, Hippeas are vegan certified and organic and contain four grams of protein per bag. And even better, a salt and vinegar flavour has just been released.


Giving Quorn a run for its money is Oumph. A new soy based protein that comes in fillets, chunks or strips. You can saute, boil, grill, deep-fry or just barbeque the living daylights out of it. As well as plain it comes in three flavours – thyme and garlic, kebab and the vegan equivalent of pulled pork. It makes the shift away from meat much less painless.

Oatly’s Creme Fraiche

So f***ing fraiche. Are we allowed to say that? Sorry, but that’s how excited we are about this. It’s a lot like crème fraiche, but Oatly use oats instead of cream to give you a different take on one of the most flexible ingredients in the modern kitchen. Gives the same great performance as a traditional crème fraiche and it tastes amazing.


Nom’s gluten free, vegan snack bars already have a legion of fans and a Great Taste award. And having tasted the Cacao and Raspberry we can see why. Founder Steph Croft-Simon, created the bars after suffering with food allergies so everything is organic and refined sugar free. It’s also Soil Association and Vegan Society certified and tries to make all of its packaging recyclable.

Abbot Kinneys

Abbot Kinneys keep things simple. They use the best organic almonds and coconuts to create yoghurts and frozen yoghurts that are all about the plants. There’s no added sugar and they can tick off the ingredients on their hands. Creamy, delicious vegan treats.

MOMA Porridge

MOMA are becoming the go to people for vegan porridge. Its on the go pots just need a splash of hot water for a warming, nourishing breakfast. MOMA use crushed almonds to replace the milk powder and the delicious new Almond Butter & Salted Caramel version also includes dates and coconut sugar rather than anything refined. It’s good soul food.

Botanic Lab

Botanic Lab is taking plant milk to the next level with its enhanced drinks, infused with high functioning ingredients. And all 100% derived from plants and refined sugar free. Choose from Coffee Damiana which mixes coffee flavours with coconut or Chocolate Yerba Maté. Yerba Maté is known as having the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate all in one. Stick us down for a crate, we’ve just found our new elevenses kick.