11 Places Selling Vintage Clothing Online For Your Next Second Hand Score

These Vintage Online Stores Are An Endless Source Of Sustainable Second Hand Gems

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Shopping for vintage clothing online is a sustainable way to inject unique and sustainable style into your closet.

The Internet is an ode to convenience, you don’t even need to get off your couch to hunt down rare finds in far away brick-and-mortar thrift stores. With the click of a mouse, you can score your dream Go Go dress without having to go go anywhere.

Whether you’re after refurbished jewelry, retro designer dresses, or a whole new outfit, these cool vintage clothing websites have your back (and feet, legs, or whatever else you’re outfitting).

Our Favorite Online Stores To Buy Vintage Clothing

For sheer volume of vintage finds (along with a healthy selection of modern styles), start with thredUP. With options from over 55,000 brands, your problem won’t be learning where to buy vintage clothing online, but choosing what to buy.

If you’ve been dreaming of a Gucci handbag with a budget that’s well…less than a Gucci, Vestiaire Collective is the place to go for a bargain on vintage high-end fashion.

Offering some of the rarest vintage finds on this list, browse Rokit Vintage for fabulous online vintage clothes from the ‘40s to the ‘00s.

Fast fashion is notorious for its continuous conveyor belt of trends and new season must-haves.

While fast fashion clothing sadly isn’t circular, you may have noticed that trends have a habit of coming back around every twenty to thirty years or so. And some items—like denim jackets or a well-made trench coat—never go out of fashion.

Rather than descending on fast fashion brands for cheap knock-off low-rise vintage jeans of the ‘90s or miniskirts of the ‘60s, why not buy the real thing and cherish them forever?

That’s exactly where online vintage clothing stores come in.

Vintage shopping online (or in person) gives a new lease of life to second hand clothing and prevents them from ending up in landfills. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to explore unique styles with your own creative twist.

So, scroll down and find a curated list of our fave places to buy vintage clothes online and read more about why it’s a more sustainable way to shop.

1. thredUP

Shopping for vintage clothing online is a sustainable way to inject unique and sustainable style into your closet. Images by thredUP
Images by thredUP

Price Range $–$$$ | Shop thredUP

thredUP’s Vintage Clothing Range

thredUP is on a mission to modernize thrifting.

Easily one of the best online vintage clothing stores, they’ve developed a system which enables them to recirculate clothing from 52.6 million sellers at an enormous speed and scale.

While they’re not exclusively vintage-focused, with prices up to 90% off the retail value, vintage lovers still can bag themselves a bargain.

For instance, if you’re looking for 80s vintage clothing online, be sure to snag one of their acid-wash denim jackets with retro car graphics painted on the back.

That’s thanks to their utterly impressive range of women’s, maternity, kids’ and men’s vintage clothing online, each category boasting thousands of styles from over 55,000 brands, “Gap to Gucci”.

Browse vintage clothes online and on the app, shop the latest trends and outfits (secondhand style), and get daily style recommendations.

If you’re looking to sell vintage clothing online, US customers can send in pre-loved items via a Clean Out Kit and earn cash or shopping credits on anything sold.

2. Etsy

Shopping for vintage clothing online is a sustainable way to inject unique and sustainable style into your closet. Images by ShopOlga Vintage and French75Vintage
Images by ShopOlga Vintage and French75Vintage

Price Range $-$$$$ | Shop Etsy

Etsy is a marketplace with an eclectic mix of vintage products from sellers around the world. You’ll find everything from quirky ’80s jumpers to authentic ’20s embellished jackets.

There’s something for every style preference and price point on this online platform, but here are a couple standouts sure to have some vintage gems:

ShopOlga Vintage

ShopOlga Vintage is an Etsy star seller specializing in elegant vintage wear from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s—although you can find pieces pre ’40s and early ‘00s.

The boutique mainly sells vintage women’s clothing and accessories, with some menswear and antique baby clothes.

Styles tend to be traditional (think: long gowns and skirts, statement jewelry, and fisherman’s knits).

If you find shopping for used clothing online tricky, know that ShopOlga makes it a little easier by beautifully photographing each piece on mannequins to help you envision it worn.

Come here to browse ‘50s satin clutch bags and a matching Silk Organza cocktail dress with a gorgeous lace bodice that will see you through the wedding season and beyond.

If you’re taking a jaunt up the aisle yourself, you may just find yourself returning for the gorgeous ‘70s wedding dresses that are a fraction of the cost of brand new bridalwear.

It’s a win for your wallet and a win for your sustainable wedding!


French fashion is legendary, but vintage French fashion is better still.

French75Vintage is a Canadian online vintage clothing boutique with an impeccable eye for rare vintage pieces from as early as the 1850s right up to the 1990s.

This is the place to go if you’re looking for a Victorian three-piece Polonaise walking outfit to help you live out your Jane Austen fantasies, or a ‘60s Barbie pink cocktail dress complete with adorable rose appliqués nested in the small of the back.

Everyday vintage pieces are also available here with their collection of ‘70s blouses, opera coats, and corduroy jackets.

Specializing in vintage women’s clothing online, the boutique offers rare and wonderful styles at an affordable price. Shop here for statement closet staples that are bound to turn heads.

3. Depop

Shopping for vintage clothing online is a sustainable way to inject unique and sustainable style into your closet. Images by Depop
Images by Depop

Price Range: $–$$$ | Shop Depop

Depop’s Vintage Clothing Range

Depop is one of the top vintage clothing websites for those looking for a blend of retro and contemporary style.

Browse well-known classic brands and up-and-coming labels alike for an absolute steal of a price.

The London-based second hand clothing site provides a platform for individual sellers to clear out their closets and make some money at the same time. It’s free to sign up and start keeping your unwanted garments in the circular economy.

As for shopping, you can find everything from everyday vintage men’s clothing online—like graphic band tees and retro powder blue corduroy caps—to womenswear worthy of a night on the town.

Don’t miss out on shoes when you’re browsing second-hand. Depop has a great selection of good-as-new sneakers from top brands like Adidas and Nike (though most of these don’t really fall in the vintage category).

4. Vestiaire Collective

Shopping for vintage clothing online is a sustainable way to inject unique and sustainable style into your closet. Images by Vestiaire Collective
Images by Vestiaire Collective

Price Range: $$–$$$$ | Shop Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective’s Vintage Clothing Range

Vestiaire Collective is for those who love clothes but hate waste and overconsumption. The online store allows individual sellers to buy and sell vintage clothes online sustainably.

The marketplace is the place to go for vintage designer clothing online at an excellent price. Discover luxury labels in womenswear, menswear, shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, and childrenswear.

You can easily spend a happy few hours getting lost among vintage Dolce & Gabbana or finding a treasure trove of Prada silk shirts in every pattern from solid ivory white to 70s disco chic circles.

For a timeless vintage piece that will always be on trend, look no further than the Burberry trench coat—Vestiaire currently has about 500 of them!

5. Beyond Retro

Shopping for vintage clothing online is a sustainable way to inject unique and sustainable style into your closet. Images by Beyond Retro
Images by Beyond Retro

Price Range: $–$$$ | Shop Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro’s Vintage Clothing Range

From humble beginnings as a single warehouse-turned-retail store, Beyond Retro is now the leading vintage retailer across the UK, Sweden and Finland.

Their vintage clothing online UK store allows shoppers to browse anything from specific products to trending styles. It’s a goldmine for eclectic fashion hunters.

Say hello to the Fairycore aesthetic with its femme fatale corset tops and handkerchief dresses or dive into the Rare Edit. Handpicked by experts, you’ll find highly coveted vintage items such as ‘50s varsity jackets and fringed leather jackets.

If there’s one item of clothing to look for here, it’s denim. Beyond Retro has a dedicated denim shop selling everything from denim jackets to vintage Levi jeans for an excellent price. Besides, what screams “90s vintage clothing online” more than a pair of light wash high-waisted mom jeans?

6. Patagonia Worn Wear

Shopping for vintage clothing online is a sustainable way to inject unique and sustainable style into your closet. Images by Patagonia Worn Wear
Images by Patagonia Worn Wear

Price Range: $–$$$ | Shop Patagonia Worn Wear

Patagonia Worn Wear’s Vintage Clothing Range

Patagonia is a firm favorite among shoppers looking for sustainable outdoor gear, but did you know you can buy it second hand as well as brand new?

In a bid to ‘give gear a second chance’, Patagonia’s Worn Wear program allows customers to trade in their old gear as long as it’s in good condition. You’ll then get credit to use on a new Patagonia purchase.

As for what you can buy, Patagonia’s Worn Wear range is extensive for men, women and even children.

If you’re often racing against growth spurts when buying sustainable kids’ clothing, opt for Patagonia’s gently used jackets and send them back when they no longer fit.

For this online thrift store, vintage clothing isn’t the standard, but every so often, you can score one of those highly coveted 90s Synchilla Snap-T pullovers—you know, the ones that look like an expressionist painting canvas and will have you the envy of the trailhead.

7. Ragstock

Shopping for vintage clothing online is a sustainable way to inject unique and sustainable style into your closet.
Images by Ragstock
Images by Ragstock

Price Range: $–$$$ | Shop Ragstock

Ragstock’s Vintage Clothing Range

Ragstock is one of the longest-running retailers of vintage clothing online the USA has to offer.

While also selling new items, make a beeline for the vintage tab on their website and browse pieces by decade (‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s) or by product.

You’ll find an extensive range of affordable vintage clothing, including super cute dresses, graphic sweatshirts, denim, faux fur coats, and tops.

Check out the Vintage Drop, one of the best places to get first dibs on second-hand seasonal trends.

The monthly collection has everything from sports tees to cottage-core ‘90s jumpers and full-length ‘70s prairie dresses that are perfect for summer weekends away.

8. Rokit Vintage

Shopping for vintage clothing online is a sustainable way to inject unique and sustainable style into your closet.
Images by Rokit Vintage
Images by Rokit Vintage

Price Range: $–$$$$ | Shop Rokit Vintage

Rokit’s Vintage Clothing Range

Rokit puts new meaning to “vintage 90s clothing websites” considering that’s not only a large part of what they sell, but when they were founded.

They’ve been on the scene for over three decades now, so it’s safe to say they know how to source and hand-pick retro treasures for eco-friendly shoppers.

It’s a fantastic platform to shop styles and iconic vintage labels for a steal. With regular sales of up to 75% off, it’s no wonder they’re one of the best places to find cheap vintage clothes online.

Get all your everyday essentials, browse vintage accessories or dive into their extensive denim range by type of wash or style.

You can also shop by collection, such as Y2K and Gorpcore, or get inspiration by era from the ‘40s to the ‘00s.

A staple of any wardrobe has got to be a denim jacket, like the 80s Levi’s Type III Denim Blue Jacket. Cool, versatile and timeless, you’ll be reaching for it again and again.

9. Frea Vintage

Shopping for vintage clothing online is a sustainable way to inject unique and sustainable style into your closet. Images by Frea Vintage
Images by Frea Vintage

Price Range: $–$$$ | Shop Frea Vintage

Frea Vintage’s Vintage Clothing Range

Frea Vintage is a boutique vintage seller that’s all about timeless elegance. Think: raffia tailored suits,floral blouses, and cozy Icelandic knits.

If you didn’t think your favorite ugly Christmas sweater could actually be cute, their understated Coogi style knits might change your mind.

It’s also a great place to look for vintage bags, shoes, jewelry, brooches, sunglasses, silk scarves and watches. Each new curated piece is expertly styled on the seller’s Instagram to help you get a sense of how to wear it.

An outfit isn’t complete without an elegant timepiece, and Frea Vintage pulls it out of the bag with their featured collection of antique watches from the likes of Raymond Weil and Seiko.

10. Goldsmith Vintage

Shopping for vintage clothing online is a sustainable way to inject unique and sustainable style into your closet. Images by Goldsmith Vintage
Images by Goldsmith Vintage

Price Range: $-$$$$ | Shop Goldsmith Vintage

Goldsmith Vintage’s Clothing Range

Goldsmith Vintage has become a best-loved London vintage fashion retailer thanks to their top-quality collections from well-known brands. The company is also LGBTQ-owned and proudly committed to social justice and sustainability.

Here, you can shop anything from vintage Valentino to iconic street style and original sportswear from the likes of Champion, Adidas, Reebok, Nike, and Fila.

Good news for non-UK shoppers, they have an extensive online vintage store and ships worldwide. Get your hands on sweatshirts, jeans, jumpsuits, dresses, accessories, and more. You name it, you’ll find it!

Plus, if you need to update your athletics gear, make Goldsmith Vintage your first port of call. You’ll find everything from basketball jerseys to velour tracksuits and Fila sports tops. Gym day has never looked so stylish.

11. Thrifted

Shopping for vintage clothing online is a sustainable way to inject unique and sustainable style into your closet. Images by Thrifted
Images by Thrifted

Price Range: $$–$$$ | Shop Thrifted

Thrifted’s Vintage Clothing Range

Thrifted believes in circular fashion, not fast. They know that the recycling and reselling of fashion are more important than pushing trends and cool looks—although they certainly manage to do both.

The popular online vintage thrift store has specialized sections for its vintage offerings to make navigating their extensive range of online used clothing a lot easier.

Collections cover designerwear, sportswear, accessories and sunglasses.

As a starting point, their practical and stylish retro hoodies come in a range of colors, styles, and throw-back graphics from top-name brands.

Already an excellent place to find vintage clothing online cheap, even more affordable vintage fashion can be found in their Outlet.

Why Is Vintage Clothing Sustainable?

Tapping into the concept of a circular economy, shopping vintage online clothing is essentially a way of recycling fashion and preventing further waste production by bringing life to pre-loved and pre-worn products.

The obsession with constant newness in fast fashion is incredibly damaging to the planet, but we can rectify this by shopping from the diverse and plentiful selection that already exists.

As an antidote to fast fashion, vintage embraces creativity and the opportunity for restyling, upcycling and personalization without causing harm to our environment.

If the most sustainable thing is something you already own, then the most sustainable way of buying clothes is to buy what’s already been worn.

A top tip for mastering the art of shopping for vintage clothes online is to pay closer attention to measurements rather than going by what size it says on the label.

Vintage sizing can differ from modern clothing. If in doubt, reach out to the seller or customer service and ask for garment measurements. No sense in spoiling the sustainability and excitement of your unique vintage clothing online experience by having to send something back.

What Are The Benefits of Vintage Shopping?

As well as being better for the planet, vintage fashion offers a huge array of benefits for you.

Consuming less means consuming better, and shopping wisely is often about finding those timeless pieces you know you’ll wear for years to come. Better for the environment and for your wallet.

Trench coats, denim jeans, and classic button-up shirts are just some examples of styles made fashionable in the past that are still going strong today. With endless ways to restyle them, who can’t call that a smart purchase?

Vintage can certainly adapt in ways a lot of brand new fashion can’t, and there’s no better feeling than owning that treasured piece you’ll continue giving love and new life to.

Better still?

You don’t need to visit a brick-and-mortar store to find your unique vintage gems. There are some excellent places to shop virtually, as you can see in this curated list of the best websites for vintage clothing.

Closing Thoughts On Shopping Vintage Clothing Stores Online

It’s time we adopted an ‘in with the old and out with the new’ mentality when it comes to our clothes.

On a global scale, 92 million tons of textile waste is produced every year. By shopping vintage clothing websites for men, women, and kids, you keep garments in circulation for longer, which alleviates the pressure of fashion on the planet.

Plus, delving into the retro finds of decades past often brings up pre-loved pieces that are much better quality than the flimsy knockoffs of today that cut corners to save on production costs.

But good quality doesn’t mean it comes with a high price point. Finding cheap vintage clothing online happens more often than you might think, particularly on designer wear.

The beauty of vintage goods is that it gives you the opportunity to get creative and express yourself through clothes, which is exactly what fashion should be about. And when those trends make an inevitable resurgence, (looking at you, flares) you’ll be ready and waiting.

Thanks to an increasing number of second hand retailers and marketplaces rivaling mainstream fashion brands, it’s never been easier to shop vintage clothing online. So, start rifling through those virtual hangers!