Is this the world’s first zero waste bra?

Say hi ladies (and gents) to the Very Good Bra. We all love a zero waste project and the Very Good Bra takes ethical underwear to the next level. This closed loop product shows that there's nothing we can't rethink to be more eco-friendly.

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This Australian female entrepreneur wants to change the way we look at our undies. There are two billion women on the planet owning on average nine bras each, that’s 18 billion of them headed towards landfill…something needs to change.

Rather than buying and throwing away when the elastic finally goes, Stephanie Devine, a Sydney lingerie designer has found a way to create a cradle to cradle which can dissolve back into nature once you’re done.

Fully funded on Kickstarter in just three days, the Very Good Bra uses Tencel farmed from Eucalyptus (which is naturally anti bacterial) plus tree rubber elastic sourced from sustainable forests, offering wire-free support, along with cadmium free metal, organic inks for labelling, organic thread for stitching, and it has been dyed to meet Global Organic Trading Standards. Phew!

“The bra is so clean, you could bury it in your garden at the end of its lifespan and it would leave no toxic waste”, said founder Stephanie Devine.

The zero waste Very Good Bra is available in 24 sizes with early bird delivery expected in August 2018, and a next run landing in October.

“For me this isn’t about one bra, I want to develop a brand to cover a broader, inclusive range of zero-waste, low waste and recycled basics for both men and women,” said Devine.

“The immediate support we have received from global backers is extremely humbling and shows that so many of us want to make better buying choices. Together we can start cleaning up the fashion industry and help protect our fragile planet for future generations.”

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