19 Zero Waste Online Stores To Level-Up Your Plastic-Free Lifestyle

The Best Bulk & Package-Free Stores Online To Stock Up On Eco-Friendly Essentials

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The zero waste movement has exploded over the last few years, and more of us are saying good riddance to plastic-covered essentials and embracing eco-friendly, reusable packaging.

However, with barely any plastic-free switches in grocery stores and fully package-free shops still few and far between, ditching the single-use can seem daunting.

These zero waste online stores mean an utterly package-free pantry, bathroom, and bedroom needn’t remain a fantasy. 

Bypass the plastic and order the bread and butter from the comfort of your own home. Here’s our pick of the best package-free stores online.

Our Curated List Of Online Plastic-Free Shops

In the last five years, package-free shops online (and physical, for that matter) have popped up all around the world.

While all have an admirable mission, some are simply better than others. We’ve looked across the US and UK to come up with a precise list of the best online bulk stores, eco-friendly grocery stores, and low-waste living resources currently available.

Online Plastic-Free Stores USA

1. EarthHero

These zero waste online stores mean an utterly package-free pantry, bathroom, and bedroom needn’t remain a fantasy. - Image by EarthHero
Image by EarthHero

About EarthHero’s Store

‘Sustainable shopping made simple’ is the tagline of our first zero waste store online—music to our ears. 

EarthHero debunks the rhetoric that living without plastic is difficult by providing thousands of sustainable items in one easy-to-navigate, zero waste outlet.

Frequent buyers even get early access to exciting new sustainable or zero waste businesses.

Just keep in mind that not every brand sold on EarthHero uses totally plastic-free packaging, but their sustainability specs on each product page make it super transparent which do or don’t.

EarthHero’s Online Zero Waste Product Range

Price Range | $–$$$$ | Shop EarthHero

In terms of sheer volume and variety, EarthHero’s vast range of eco-friendly items is by far the best around, including things like:

  • Biodegradable cotton swabs
  • Bamboo toothbrushes
  • Refillable glass spray bottles
  • Zero waste deodorant sticks

With new products added to the eco-friendly online shop regularly and an attractive rewards scheme, EarthHero is one of the best online zero waste shops in the US. 

2. EcoRoots

These zero waste online stores mean an utterly package-free pantry, bathroom, and bedroom needn’t remain a fantasy - Image by EcoRoots
Image by EcoRoots

About EcoRoots’ Zero Waste Online Store

Browse the best plastic-free alternatives to your favorite everyday products at EcoRoots

This no plastic shop online helps reduce waste in your daily routine, focusing on bath, beauty, home, and kitchen items.

EcoRoots’ Affordable Zero Waste Products

Price Range | $–$$ | Shop EcoRoots

The company’s bundles and zero waste kits—like the Complete Skincare Mini Kit—are a fantastic way to quickly restock your bathroom and zero waste kitchen cabinets with sustainable, non-plastic items. 

Other products from EcoRoots’ zero waste store include:

  • Hydrating lip balms
  • Handy shaving kits
  • Skin-loving deodorant creams
  • Planet-friendly dryer balls

All body and skincare are handmade in small batches in the US with vegan, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients, meaning no nasty surprises (inside or out) from one of the best zero waste stores online.

3. ZeroWasteStore.com

These zero waste online stores mean an utterly package-free pantry, bathroom, and bedroom needn’t remain a fantasy  - Image by ZeroWasteStore
Image by ZeroWasteStore

About ZeroWasteStore.com’s Plastic-Free Store

Going waste-free for the first time can be overwhelming. Luckily, ZeroWasteStore.com has created a handy quiz to help consumers create a sustainable cleaning routine from their affordable zero waste products.

Not only is everything shipped in plastic-free packaging, but comes courtesy of carbon-neutral shipping.

The 1% For the Planet member also uses its resources to protect our environment, donating over $15K to various non-profits, including WWF and Feeding America.

ZeroWasteStore.com’s Plastic-Free Product Range

Price Range | $–$$$  | Shop ZeroWasteStore.com

Some products are part of their own in-house ZWS Essentials line, while others are sourced from partnerships with the best plastic-free companies around.

After you’ve taken the quiz, you can browse the company’s eco-friendly online store and start building your low-waste lifestyle with item, such as:

  • Vegan dish blocks
  • Bamboo charcoal floss
  • Reusable paper towels
  • Plastic-free toilet brushes

Revamp your daily routine in one go with their all-in-one Zero Waste Starter Kit. Or choose one of their more targeted kits, for everything from dental hygiene to shaving to dishwashing. 

4. Package Free Shop

Zero Waste Online Stores - Image by Package Free
Image by Package Free Shop

About Package Free Shop

This next zero packaging store online goes above the usual market offerings with its own in-house package-free versions of many everyday items.

The site also ships everything 100% plastic-free and offers carbon-neutral shipping.

Package Free Shop’s Zero Waste Shop Range

Price Range | $–$$$ | Shop Package Free Shop

Package Free Shop’s stylish alternatives to our favorite daily products include:

  • Reusable bamboo cutlery sets
  • No packaging stain stick for clothes
  • Natural refillable shampoo
  • Organic multipurpose cleaning sprays

We appreciate the waste-free versions of more tricky-to-swap items, such as zero waste lube, and even a sustainable cocktail bundle

5. Ecoternatives

Zero Waste Online Stores - Image by Ecoternatives
Image by Ecoternatives

About Ecoternatives’ Store

Bringing sustainable island living to the masses, Ecoternatives offers 1400+ ultra-affordable zero waste products online, from pet products for your furry friends to personal care and pampering items for you.

With many items to choose from, this low-waste shop online proves it’s easy to dip your toes into the welcoming sand of sustainable living.

For each purchase, they donate to other zero waste-minded organizations, like those tackling cleanup of the the monstrous Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Plus, they partner with many brands that are members of 1% for the Planet or have their own charitable initiatives. For instance, if you buy Eco Living’s fluoride-free Toothpaste Tablets in their infitiely recyclable bag, you’re also helping support Eden Reforestation Project.

Ecoternatives’ Zero Waste Store Range

Price Range | $–$$ | Shop Ecoternatives

Inspired by the plastic polluted beaches of his Hawaiian hometown and a desire to create a business with a positive impact, Aidan Riehl founded Ecoternatives to tackle both goals.

Consumers can choose from kitchen, bathroom, and shower items like:

  • Dissolvable multi-surface cleaning tablets
  • Refillable mouthwash
  • Plastic-free hairties
  • Reusable period products

All products are sustainably and ethically sourced from like-minded brands and companies.

6. SuperBee

Zero Waste Online Stores - Image by SuperBee
Image by SuperBee

About SuperBee

SuperBee is most famous for its high-quality, reusable beeswax wraps that are a fantastic replacement for planet-harming plastic coverings.

The company has expanded since its initial launch to include various plastic-free alternatives, so you can now do your zero waste shopping online all in one place.

And because they’re a social enterprise that creates all their own products by providing fair, gainful employment in Thailand, there’s no better way to get that sustainable buzz.

SuperBee’s Zero Waste Store Range

Price Range | $–$$$ | Shop SuperBee

Reusable wraps and food storage bags are far from the only thing this Certified B Corp and plastic-free brand makes.

The SuperBee movement has avoided over 2.5 million plastics parts, thanks to other products including: 

  • Reusable paper towels
  • Reusable laundry detergent substitutes
  • Toothpaste tablets
  • Reusable facial rounds

7. Life Without Plastic

Zero Waste Online Stores - Image by Life Without Plastic
Image by Life Without Plastic

About Life Without Plastic

Life Without Plastic is a Certified B Corp zero waste online store that provides plastic-free essentials for daily living.

Life Without Plastic also prides itself in being a pioneering, expert voice in the zero waste industry—the founders have even written a book by the same name to provide an accessible source guide to easy plastic-free living.

Life Without Plastic’s Zero Waste Products Online

Price Range | $–$$ | Shop Life Without Plastic

Indulge in self-love without the waste, choose food storage containers free from plastic, and keep your home spic and span with zero waste cleaning products.

Some of our favorite items include:

  • Unbleached natural sea sponges
  • Double cotton flour bags
  • Stainless steel ice pop molds
  • Plastic-free sandwich flip bags

The self-branded products are made from high-quality, sustainable materials, including bamboo, organic cotton, stainless steel, and ethical wool.

8. The Refill Shoppe

Zero Waste Online Stores - Image by The Refill Shoppe
Image by The Refill Shoppe

About The The Refill Shoppe

Save on packaging waste at The Refill Shoppe, a picture-perfect waste-free shop online that sells beautifully packaged refillable home and body products.

The Refill Shoppe’s Online Zero Waste Product Range

Price Range | $–$$ | Shop The Refill Shoppe

The Refill Shoppe makes eco-living look chic without compromising on quality. Dive into indulgent self-care items, such as:

  • Bath oils
  • Bath tea
  • Rosewater toner
  • Hair serum

The brand’s ‘Sudscription’ service works by shipping refillable pouches to customers so they can decant the product into their chosen container. When they need more, they simply post the pouch in the return envelope after selecting their new products or scents.

With all liquids and powders sold by the fluid ounce, The Refill Shoppe boasts affordable zero waste products ideal for all budgets.

9. A Drop In The Ocean

Zero Waste Online Stores - Image by A Drop In The Ocean
Image by A Drop In The Ocean

About A Drop In The Ocean’s ZW Store

Washington-based A Drop In The Ocean is a zero waste online shop that offers boutique-style plastic-free home products for all areas of your life. 

Customers can access A Drop In The Ocean’s refillable scheme no matter where they live, from hand soap to laundry detergent. 

Customers can also leave empty containers on their porches for pickup on delivery day to make bulk shopping online even more effortless—a hassle-free and planet-friendly way to receive your daily essentials.

PS: Take their EcoWarrior Ocean Archetype quiz for curated recommendations and eco living tips to best suit your lifestyle.

A Drop In The Ocean’s Plastic-Free Products

Price Range | $–$$ | Shop A Drop In The Ocean

It specializes in bulk refills of everyday home and personal care items, and sustainable alternatives to everyday disposable items like: 

  • Mouthwash crystals
  • PVA-free dishwasher pods
  • Dish soap bars
  • Period underwear

Online Plastic-Free Stores UK

10. Jungle Culture

Zero Waste Online Stores - Image by Jungle Culture
Image by Jungle Culture

About Jungle Culture’s UK Store

Browse functional, eco-friendly, zero waste products from Jungle Culture, a UK online plastic-free shop with an ethical supply chain.

The site sources items directly from independent artisans and makers worldwide, promoting a fair and honest approach to manufacturing. 

By building relationships with the local communities it works with, Jungle Culture is a zero waste online store that cares deeply about its impact.

Jungle Culture’s Plastic-Free Products

Price Range | $–$$ | Shop Jungle Culture

Jungle Culture focuses on low-impact, sustainable living, encouraging customers to switch to environmentally-friendly alternatives, including:

11. Battle Green

Zero Waste Online Stores - Image by Battle Green
Image by Battle Green

About Battle Green‘ Plastic Free Online store

Battle Green is a zero waste brand with several impressive accolades, including Best Buy at the Natural Beauty Awards for its vegan cosmetics.

Customers can choose between paper and aluminum zero waste packaging options, making them perfect for refilling and minimizing waste.

Battle Green is passionate about everyone beginning their zero waste journey, whatever their budget. 

It is another online zero waste shop that puts its money where its values lie—the company proudly supports many environmental and animal-focused charities. 

Because they sell on Etsy, you get not only plastic-free shipping., but carbon-neutral shipping as well.

Battle Green’s Zero Waste Products Online

Price Range | £–££ | Shop Battle Green

Create a zero waste home, bathroom, and beauty regime with Battle Green’s selection of:

The beauty, skin, and body care items are all handmade in Wales with plant-based, cruelty-free ingredients. 

12. Life Before Plastic

Zero Waste Online Stores - Image by Life Before Plastic
Image by Life Before Plastic

About Life Before Plastic

The game is in the name. This online plastic-free shop is all about shopping without single-use plastic. 

The company is big on supporting small and local creators that align with its ethical ethos—perfect for those looking for zero waste brands that are also guilt and cruelty-free.

Life Before Plastic’s Zero Waste Store Range

Price Range | £–££££ | Shop Life Before Plastic

Life Before Plastic works with over 100 independent UK-based zero waste companies, stocking collections ranging from bathroom products to baby care. Highlights include:

  • Ethical teas and coffee
  • Eco-friendly laundry detergents
  • Vegan beauty, haircare, and skincare
  • Sustainable essentials for making your first steps into zero waste living.

Get your hands on gorgeous natural soy wax candles, sink into an eco-friendly bean bag chair, and treat your loved ones with unique, plastic-free gifts.

13. Zero Waste Bulk Foods

Zero Waste Online Stores - Image by Zero Waste Bulk Foods
Image by Zero Waste Bulk Foods

About Zero Waste Bulk Foods’ Grocery Store

Discover delicious foods and cupboard essentials on your next virtual zero waste grocery shopping trip at Zero Waste Bulk Foods.

It’s bulk shopping online without the premium cost or hassle of hunting down a packaging-free store.

Zero Waste Bulk Foods’ Range

Price Range | £ | Shop Zero Waste Bulk Foods

Delivering groceries to homes across the UK in washable and reusable bags, this online bulk store is excellent for convenient refilling and produce in non-plastic packaging, such as:

  • Nuts
  • Pasta
  • Cereals, muesli and granola
  • Beans and pulses
  • Seeds and grains
  • Herbs and spices

These guilt-free zero waste groceries come at reasonable prices, especially considering their organic, natural, and eco-friendly qualities. 

14. Plastic Free Zone

Zero Waste Online Stores - Image by Plastic Free Zone
Image by Plastic Free Zone

About Plastic Free Zone

Plastic Free Zone was started with a passion to reduce the amount of plastic ending up in our oceans.

The online zero waste shop believes small yet mighty sustainable swaps can make a difference and even offers a selection of custom and personalized products that make excellent gifts. 

Plastic Free Zone’s Zero Waste Online Range

Price Range | £–£££ | Shop Plastic Free Zone

Everything is plastic-free and uses only zero waste packaging for shipping, with products like:

  • Paper tape
  • Soap nuts laundry detergent 
  • Bamboo shampoo bar trays
  • Stationery

15. Eco Replenishers

Zero Waste Online Stores - Image by Eco Replenishers
Image by Eco Replenishers

About Eco Replenishers

Searching for affordable zero waste products can be challenging. Luckily, Eco Replenishers is a budget-friendly, package-free grocery store that provides sustainable alternatives straight to its customers’ doors.

Although the company has a physical store in Loughborough, UK, online shoppers can still take advantage of their zero waste grocery delivery.

Eco Replenishers send out food orders in environmentally friendly, plastic-free packaging, usually at a fraction of the price you’d pay in a supermarket.

Eco Replenishers’ Plastic-Free Products

Price Range | £–££ | Shop Eco Replenishers

Replace staple items in your pantry, home, and bathroom, with planet-loving products and household cleaning solutions, like:

  • Herbs and spices
  • Baking ingredients
  • Toilet paper
  • Teas and coffees

Eco Replenishers stock plastic-free versions of hair and body care such as shampoo, soap, and Organic Lavender Eye & Face Cream, alongside everyday food essentials like rice, beans and pulses, and even salt. 

16. Acala Online

Zero Waste Online Stores - Image by Acala Online
Image by Acala Online

About Acala Online’s Zero Waste Store

Your plastic-free pursuit doesn’t need to end at your beauty regime.

Acala Online ensures your brows, lashes, lips, and skin look luscious and don’t harm the planet—one of the most complex parts to master on the plastic-free path.

The company was founded by passionate environmentalist Hanna, who quickly turned Acala into one of the leading names in affordable zero waste products for your skin, body, and hair.

Acala Online’s Zero Waste Product Range

Price Range | £ | Shop Acala Online

Give up your go-to product and switch to Acala’s zero waste supplies, including:

  • Bright blushers that won’t cost the earth
  • Eco-friendly bronzer for a sun-kissed look
  • Thirst-quenching face masks
  • Luxurious hand creams made with sustainable ingredients

Acala also has a DIY beauty section for those of us with sensitive skin, where you can purchase the DIY kits and concoctions needed to craft your own personalized products.

Parents are covered, too, thanks to Acala’s range of low-waste baby products, featuring plastic-free breast pads, paper towels, pacifiers, baby bottles, and everything diaper-related.

17. EarthBits

Zero Waste Online Stores - Image by EarthBits
Image by EarthBits

About EarthBits

EarthBits is a family-run business with a difference. Born out of a desire to help reduce waste, pollution, and plastic, this zero waste online store fully vets all its suppliers and items to ensure their sustainability. 

All EarthBits’ packaging is plastic-free and made from recyclable materials, and the company makes sure all products are durable and high-quality—meaning you’ll avoid further waste by not needing to replace items as often.

The company also never sells products it wouldn’t be proud to use. Most of the stock is eco-friendly alternatives the EarthBits team uses and loves daily.

EarthBits’ Zero Waste Product Range

Price Range | £–££  | Shop EarthBits

Browse plastic-free products such as:

  • Zero waste makeup
  • Non-plastic bags for shopping zero waste
  • Cute plastic-free gift sets for perfect presents

18. Eco Sal

Zero Waste Online Stores - Image by Eco Sal
Image by Eco Sal

About Eco Sal

This no plastic store online aims to make plastic-free and zero waste living affordable and achievable for all.

The website has created a welcoming community where questions (no matter how big or small) are encouraged, so anyone can adopt this lifestyle and continue learning. 

The Eco Sal blog is chock-full of tips and guides perfect for those who need inspiration on their zero waste journey.

Eco Sal’s Zero Waste Shop Range

Price Range | £ | Shop Eco Sal

At the beginning of your plastic-free pursuit? 

Eco Sal is a zero waste online shop ideal for those starting their eco-friendly lifestyle with items like:

They’re palm oil, plastic, and cruelty-free, ticking several sustainable boxes. 

19. Plastic Freedom

Zero Waste Online Stores - Image by Plastic Freedom
Image by Plastic Freedom

About Plastic Freedom’s Zero Waste Store

Plastic Freedom is your one-stop eco shop for zero waste and plastic-free. 

A hobby that turned into a sustainable phenomenon, the company was started on the bedside table by a woman with a dream.

With regular sales and competitions, Plastic Freedom proves that no matter what you’re looking for, a plastic-free or zero waste option is within your budget.

Each visit to this online zero waste store like opening an Aladdin’s cave of sustainable treasures. Beware—you’ll spend hours gawking at the rare and unusual eco-friendly delights.

Plastic Freedom’s Plastic-Free Product Range

Price Range | £0.60 – £1,799.98  | Shop Plastic Freedom

Now, the ever-growing site regularly sources surprising environmentally-friendly versions of every day and specialist products, such as: 

Why Switch To Package-Free Online Stores?

Why shop at zero waste shops anyway? Yes, litter looks unsightly, but is buying your essentials sealed in a protective layer of plastic so bad?

The short answer is (unsurprisingly) yes.

Roughly eight million pieces of plastic enter our oceans daily, and we currently have between 82–358 trillion microplastics on the planet. 

These tiny plastic waste pieces were estimated to weigh 1.1–4.9 million tonnes in 2019.

The even worse news is that this plastic isn’t going anywhere. A plastic bottle can last up to 500 years in the marine environment and gradually fragment into smaller pieces over time. 

Almost all plastic produced since 1950 is still sitting in our planet’s landfills.

Wildlife, including fish, dolphins, and seabirds, mistake the plastic for food and ingest it with deadly consequences. Plastic packaging can also get entangled around the creatures, trapping them and preventing them from breathing or moving.

It’s not only animal welfare we should be concerned about, either. Roughly one in three fish caught for human consumption now contain plastic, meaning we’re eating it too.

Plastic in seawater absorbs chemicals such as PCBs and DDTs, substances linked to endocrine disruption and even some cancers. These chemicals become more powerful as they go up the food chain.

With all those mind-blowing and frightening statistics, going low or zero waste is a no-brainer. 

Switching to reusable packaging helps conserve resources and minimize waste and pollution. With around 42% of GHG emissions caused by the production and use of goods, reducing packaging and choosing sustainable products is crucial. 

By transporting our essentials in paper sacks, glass mason jars and bottles, jute bags, and biodegradable materials, we avoid the unnecessary extraction of raw materials for packaging.

The zero waste lifestyle goes far beyond saying ‘bye’ to plastic. It’s a vital component of the circular economy, encouraging people to reuse, repair and repurpose things rather than buy new ones. 

Many zero waste goods are designed to last much longer than their plastic-ridden, unsustainable counterparts. Though they might sometimes come with a higher price point initially, you’ll save money by replacing items less often in the long run.

Zero waste grocery shopping is also great for tackling food waste. 

Roughly 22% of all municipal solid waste in the US is food, making it the most significant contributor to US landfills. By buying only what you’ll need and use, you avoid throwing away unwanted or spoiled produce. 

Community-based zero waste strategies benefit everyone and everything. No-packaging stores  (online or in person) create jobs, improve the economy, encourage people to work together, and reduce our impacts.

Less plastic trash in the ground, more usable space, and reduced chance of toxins in the atmosphere make for a healthy and happier planet.

Closing Thoughts On Zero Waste Online Stores

Gone are the days when shopping zero waste was reserved for those with more financial means or who were fortunate enough to live near a specialist refill shop.

As our list of the best online stores for zero waste living proves, this lifestyle (or your version of it) is for everyone—no matter your budget or where you’re on your sustainable journey.

Just remember perfection isn’t the goal. Continuous improvement is.

Embrace low impact living and find your new favorite zero waste shops. It all starts with a fun browse through our top waste-free stores online for some key sustainable inspo. 

A few quick clicks later, you’ll be well on your way to switching entirely to a zero waste existence. Something our planet (and your wallet) will no doubt thank you for.