10 Best Clothing Apps For Ethical And Sustainable Fashion

Make shopping for sustainable fashion easy with these top 10 clothing apps we love.

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If you’ve thought of it there’s an app for it. And sustainable fashion is no different.

The pebble team have rounded up 10 of the best clothing apps that help you curate an ethical wardrobe.

Whether it’s shopping for preloved clothing, finding new clothes by ethical brands or recycling unloved pieces in your wardrobe, there’s an app to make that happen.

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10 Best Clothing Apps For Ethical And Sustainable Fashion

1. Good On You

Search your favourite brands and see their ethical rating, discover ethical brands and get exclusive offers, and share your thoughts on their products!

The app has over 3000 ethical brand ratings and offers from highly rated brands as well.

It is a verified source with more than a million people using it to shop ethically and share their views on popular brands.

Each brand is rated on a 1 to 5-star scale and you can find a shop that’s missing by just hitting a button.

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Good On You is a verified source for ethical fashion

2. Depop

Buy and sell used clothing on this major international platform. Depop is a great way to recycle your old clothes into someone else’s new wardrobe.

Find vintage, new, and popular brands across this popular marketplace. Over 27 million people use Depop and you can do so too by downloading and starting your own shop.

Next time you want to get rid of your clothes, think of Depop, the best clothing app where you can make money and support the environment.

Depop is a great app to shop for preloved clothing

3. reGAIN

Get rewards for recycling with great discounts on clothing and food.

All you have to do to gain access to these rewards is drop off at least 10 pieces of clothing at the closest UK drop off point.

reGAIN gives you the option to donate through them to charities or their recycling platform. There are over 25 thousand drop off points across the UK making it easy to donate unwanted clothing.

In return, you get access to discount codes, coupons and doing better ethically makes it worth it.

Drop of unwanted clothes and get vouchers in return. It’s a win-win!

4. Buycott

Start by searching and joining your favourite brands on this clothing app and rate how much you believe in them.

Scan the barcodes while you shop across clothing, accessories, beauty products and even food and then the app will tell you how well they correspond with your beliefs.

Share with the millions of others that use Buycott.

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Buycott is the app where you can voice your ethics

5. Fat Llama

Borrowing clothes is another great way to help reduce waste and be ethical. You can rent almost anything from – and to – people nearby at great prices with Fat Llama.

Earn money too by safely renting out your clothes and other items to people who need them short term.

Each person is thoroughly background checked and you can see their reviews, response rate, acceptance rate, and verified information.

Think Fat Llama before throwing out or purchasing something new.

Earn money on the side by renting your clothes with Fat Llama

6. Thrift+

Shoppreloved pieces from the best brands and the best quality on this secondhand clothing app.

Use various search tools and categories to find your favourite items, brands, best prices, and more.

Team members of Thrift+ are constantly searching and picking the best donated fashion for you. You can stay constantly updated on the latest clothing drops so it scratches that shopping itch but it’s all preloved.

Signature ThriftBags are shipped directly to your door so you can donate your clothes too.

Find top-quality preloved clothes with Thrift+

7. DoneGood

Shop ethical brands, clothing, homeware and gifts too! Search items on DoneGood by category and find brands that are good value and eco friendly.

Search their thousands of brands and see how they support your values and encourage others to shop for environmental products.

DoneGood lets you shop homeware as well as fashion

8. Renoon

Get into your own groove of sustainable fashion with Renoon, an app that helps you combine your style and ethical values.

The sustainable clothing app allows you to share what’s important to you in terms of ethical values while you shop.

You can explore over 100,000 products, see detailed ethical info and keep track of your positive impact too.

There is also the option to rent or sell preowned items as well and follow other people’s accounts for more products.

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Keep track of your positive impact with Renoon

9. Ecoture

Ecoture is a simple shopping app for sustainable and cruelty free fashion, accessories, and beauty with great prices and fast shipping.

At the touch of a button, you’ll find trendy and affordable products. Search by category or turn on notifications for alerts on your favourite brands, deals and more.

It’s never been easier to swap your fast fashion brands for similar ethical fashion brands and start to make a difference when you shop.

Sustainable and cruelty free fashion is made simple with Ecoture

10. Swipewise

Download Swipewise for sustainable shopping and your favourite vintage pieces. It’s an eco-friendly community buying and selling pre-worn clothing in great shape.

The app has a rating system for purchases and other customers for feedback and advice when shopping. Your new preloved clothes will arrive fast and with detailed information.

One of the best apps to sell clothes, you can snap a pic of your unwanted items and sell them in under 30 seconds by chatting directly with traders and buyers.

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Love a vintage find? Shop on Swipewise!

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