6 UK Clothing Rental Sites & Platforms We Love

UK's clothing rental market and sharing economy is the future or fashion. It will empower us to wear lot more with far less impact.

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Why is renting clothes better for the environment?

Renting clothing from one of the many burgeoning UK fashion rental sites like the ones we’ve listed here is the least impactful way to wear clothes, all the while allowing you to change your style and make occasional wear much more affordable. It can also give the clothes you don’t wear a second life.

How does it work?

Simply download rental apps or try the various websites and platforms we’ve listed below. Read the T&Cs carefully if you’re renting out your clothes, ask questions about their laundry and delivery impact and shop away.

Quick links to the fashion rental sites in the UK

6 UK Clothing Rental Sites We Love

1. Wardrobe HQ

Rent and buy luxury fashion through Wardrobe HQs simple process of registering, buying and selling. From rentals of 4 to 14 days, Wardrobe HQ will also dry clean, iron, and give free returns for your preloved products.

2. HURR Collective

Enjoy HURR’s two free methods of making rentals easy. These methods include listing and managing your own pieces or letting HURR do it for you! If your item is on their Top 25 designers list and the company will take care of the whole process for you. Also find them in Selfridges.

3. Bag Butler

Enjoy one of the easiest clothing rental platforms in the UK to use, Bag Butler’s simple four step method of rent, reveal, return, and relax includes thousands of designer bags to choose from. Don’t spend thousands on a statement bag, borrow from a range of renters and live your best handbag life.

4. The Devout

Save and be in style with The Devout large viral wardrobe that’s perfect for finding pieces for every occasion. Join their website membership and shop thousands of brands and enjoy the perks of free delivery & collection, dry cleaning, and insurance too.

5. Reason to Rent

This featured rental website is making renting luxury clothing easy and affordable. Reason to Rent has carefully curated collections that will be laundered and sent to your doorstep for as many wears as you desire.

6. Garmentry

Garmentry does fashion rental in the UK for men, for them to rent and borrow clothing. Simply create an account, browse thousands of men’s brands, and when you’re done receive your items back or return to the lender and leave a review.

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