9 Eco-Friendly Yoga Props & Accessories For Every Sustainable Yogi

Practice Prana The Ethical Way With These Sustainable Yoga Accessories

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Upgrade your yoga practice at home with some eco-friendly yoga accessories

The best yoga props aren’t just here to help you stretch—they’re also stretching the limits of what we consider a sustainable practice.

From mats and blocks to bags and kits, these sustainable, ethical yoga accessories are for every yogi and practice level. 

A Quick Namaste To The Best Yoga Props For The Planet

Your mat itself is arguably the most important item on your eco-friendly yoga accessories list. Liforme makes innovative anti-slip yoga mats which are PVC-free, biodegradable and made from natural rubber. 

UK-based Ekotex Yoga takes a holistic approach to sustainability from its plastic-free packaging to GOTS-certified organic yoga bolsters and props.

For sustainable and fashion-forward yoga accessories, Yoga Design Lab makes recycled yoga blocks, mats, and more out of ocean-bound plastic bottles.

Yoga has been around for thousands of years, but it still holds true to its purpose, to unite the body, mind and spirit as one.

Yoga has many physical, mental and emotional benefits that include the reduction of symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

But a lot of yoga equipment out there isn’t so namaste. Mass-produced mats and foam blocks are made with PVC which is toxic to manufacture and pollutes the environment once discarded. 

It’s hardly a karmic energy any of us want for our yoga sessions. 

Luckily, brands have stepped up to the plate (or mat, in this case!) to create sustainable yoga props and accessories which are planet-positive and invite good energy. 

Read on to find our favorites then scroll to the bottom to find out how we chose them. 

1. Liforme

Eco-Friendly Yoga Props by Liforme
Images by Liforme

Price Range | $23–$266 | Shop Liforme 

Materials | The entire range of yoga mats is PVC-free. They’re made from biodegradable natural rubber with a thin layer of eco-polyurethane and non-toxic glues. 

What We Love | Liforme was born to align yoga equipment with yoga’s planet-friendly principles. They innovated the yoga mat to combine eco-friendly materials with a unique patented three-layered construction. 

Liforme’s Eco-Friendly Yoga Props & Yoga Mats

Looking for a high-performance yoga mat that’s sustainable and long-lasting? 

Look no further than Liforme. Their innovative mats feature a three-layered construction which is moisture-wicking, durable and slip-resistant. 

All mats have the original body alignment system with easy-to-follow lines that guide your flow. They come with a complimentary bag

Choose from block color mats or add a unique style with patterns like the Cosmic Moon Yoga Mat which allows you to downward dog to the cosmic energy of the lunar cycle. 

Liforme’s Sustainability 

Carbon | They offset all unavoidable carbon from shipping by planting trees through Tree-Nation. To date, they’ve planted over 300,000 trees. 

Thoughtful Packaging | All yoga mats and accessories are packaged in plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging from supply chain to delivery. 

Pay It Forward | Environmental charity Friends of the Earth is Liforme’s official charity partners. They’ve raised and donated over $375,000 to support their work.

2. Complete Unity Yoga

Eco-Friendly Yoga Props by Complete Unity Yoga
Eco-Friendly Yoga Props by pebble magazine and Complete Unity Yoga

Price Range | $12–$770 | Shop Complete Unity Yoga

Materials | All yoga props and accessories are made using natural and biodegradable materials like jute, cotton and cork. Not a scrap of plastic in sight. 

What We Love | Complete Unity Yoga was created by yoga teachers who were frustrated with the lack of sustainable and stylish yoga and meditation equipment available. 

Complete Unity Yoga’s Sustainable Yoga Accessories

Complete Unity Yoga is your one-stop shop for all your yoga props and accessories. Come here for blocks, bolsters and meditation cushions and browse their bestselling Non-Slip Jute Yoga Mats, which are made through zero waste manufacturing.

We own one ourselves, and adore how the combined jute and natural rubber material makes for an extra grippy mat that stays put throughout the whole of our practice.

These mats are available in two different thicknesses (2mm and 4mm) so you can find a cushioning style that suits you. There’s even a travel version for yoga on the go. 

If you already have a mat, consider enhancing your practice with an eco-friendly yoga bolster made of natural fabric and buckwheat hull filling or a cork alternative to yoga blocks.

Complete Unity Yoga’s Sustainability 

Thoughtful Packaging | Most products are packaged in FSC-certified kraft paper and cardboard.

Pay It Forward | They donate 5% of profits to Helping Hands for India, a charity which provides free education to children in rural India. 

3. Yoga Design Lab

Eco-Friendly Yoga Props by Yoga Design Lab
Images by Yoga Design Lab

Price Range | $18–$118 | Shop Yoga Design Lab

Materials | Yoga Design Lab’s materials include recycled PET from ocean-bound plastic bottles, renewable cork and responsibly sourced natural rubber. 

What We Love | The sustainable yoga brand combines fashion-forward yoga accessories that are gentle on the planet. Not sure which yoga mat is right for you? Find your perfect fit with a quiz!

Yoga Design Lab’s Eco-Friendly Yoga Blocks & Bolsters

Discover yoga bolsters, wheels, blocks, bags, mats, yoga towels and yoga straps all with striking colors and designs that complement your sun salutations. 

Shop by eco-friendly material or mix and match your yoga equipment by pattern. 

If you’re a yogi who is always on the move, you can get your favorite healthy yoga mat in a travel size. The YDL Combo Travel Yoga Mat is ultra-lightweight and compact so you can take it with you wherever you go. 

Made from recycled bottles and natural rubber, it’s slip-resistant and features an absorbent, microfiber towel layer. 

Yoga Design Lab’s Sustainability 

Sourcing & Supply Chain | The brand claims to work with socially responsible factories though we don’t know specifics regarding certifications and locations. We’ll be reaching out for clarity.

Thoughtful Packaging | They use recycled kraft paper labels and boxes for packaging. 

4. Shakti Warrior

Eco-Friendly Yoga Props by Shakti Warrior
Images by Shakti Warrior

Price Range | $14–$109 | Shop Shakti Warrior

Materials | Their eco yoga accessories are made with natural and ethically sourced hemp, cork, and rubber, and dyed with water-based inks if dyed at all. 

What We Love | Shakti Warrior is a female-founded, mother-daughter business from India. They want you to send them your old yoga mat so they can turn them into flip-flops for underprivileged children. In return, you get a 10% discount on your new mat. 

Shakti Warrior’s Sustainable & Ethical Yoga Accessories

Shakti Warrior’s yoga equipment includes clothing, meditation cushions, bolsters, blocks, straps and mats, all ethically made from sustainable materials. 

The brand incorporates spiritual symbols throughout their line, like the best-selling Chakra Hemp Mat which is designed to open your chakras and allow pranna to flow. 

It helps you find emotional and spiritual peace while supporting your practice with non-slip performance and cushioning. 

Shakti Warrior’s Sustainability 

Carbon | Shakti Warrior plants a tree for every mat sold. Their production released no toxic chemicals into the environment and their yoga mat recycling program prevents landfill emissions.

Sourcing & Supply Chain | We know their yoga mat bags are made through the skills training Samarpan Foundation but we’ll be touching base regarding their other manufacturing locations.

Pay It Forward | Shakti Warrior has partnered with the Institute of Learning, Culture and Art (ILCA) to provide jobs for socially disadvantaged women. 

5. My Yoga Essentials

Eco-Friendly Yoga Props by My Yoga Essentials
Images by My Yoga Essentials

Price Range | $20–$100 | Shop My Yoga Essentials

Materials | Their range of mats is made from high-quality hemp linen and natural rubber. Their bags feature water-repellent cotton canvas with a polyester lining. 

What We Love | My Yoga Essentials was created by women for women with the aim to help yogis of all levels find their zen in their busy lives. Their earth-friendly equipment focuses on fun with creative patterns and prints. 

My Yoga Essentials’s Eco-Friendly Yoga Accessories

The brand is a specialist in natural rubber yoga mats, cork accessories and yoga bags. They also sell leggings and sports bras in a range of prints and styles. 

If you’ve got your eco-friendly yoga gear but need a place to store or carry it, check out their collection of yoga mat bags. 

Opt for the BIG Bag in Jewel Paisley, Navy Leaf or ZigZa prints. This oversized style has zip-up pockets, a pouch for your water bottle and comfortable carry handles. 

It can hold rolled mats up to 30″ wide with plenty of room for all your eco-friendly yoga blankets and bolsters, along with a plastic-free water bottle (or two, if you’re heading to hot yoga!).

My Yoga Essentials’s Sustainability 

Carbon | The brand is a seller on Etsy, a marketplace which offsets all carbon emissions from packaging and delivery. Etsy is also powered by 100% renewable energy. 

Pay It Forward | My Yoga Essentials has donated a portion of profits to charity partners, including Oceana which works to restore the world’s oceans. 

6. Scoria

Eco-Friendly Yoga Props by Scoria
Images by pebble magazine

Price Range | $22–$110 | Shop Scoria 

Materials | The range of yoga mats and props features biodegradable or recycled materials with a minimalist design. These include sustainably harvested cork and rubber with cotton canvas storage bags. Their products are dyed using REACH-certified dyes.

What We Love | Female-founded Scoria is on a mission to #UnleashTheChildWithin by creating cork yoga equipment that inspires the imagination and promotes inclusivity.

Scoria’s Eco-Friendly Yoga Equipment

Scoria invites you to unleash your inner child every time you start your yoga session with a combination of clean materials and playful patterns that adorn all of their cork yoga mats.

Kids can start young with their own cork yoga mat with designs like unicorns and spaceships. Adults can find mats with geometric patterns, nature and wildlife. You can also shop for soft meditation cushions, bolsters and a yoga wheel. 

Complement your yoga routine with a set of three cork massage balls (2 x 1.95″ diameter and 1 x 3.15″ diameter). 

They’re smooth and firm to help you reach trigger points or sore muscles. A reusable canvas bag and a set of instructions are included. 

They also sell cork yoga blocks, but if you’re wondering, “What can I use instead of yoga blocks?”, their Illuminate Cork Yoga Wheel is one of the coolest yoga block alternatives we’ve come across with so many uses.

We use ours for everything from enhancing the difficulty of balance poses to getting some soothing spinal stretching after a long day at our desk.

Scoria’s Sustainability 

Carbon | Cork tree farms are a massive carbon sink, due to the fact that cork trees consume extra large amounts of CO2 to regrow the bark that gets shaved to become Scoria’s cork eco-friendly yoga accessories.

Sourcing & Supply Chain | Scoria’s cork is sourced from Portugal, their rubber from Vietnam, and their finished products are made in China. They claim all partners are ethical but don’t have any third-party certifications that we know of.

Pay It Forward | Scoria is a partner of Right to Play, a nonprofit which empowers children in some of the most difficult and dangerous places on Earth through teaching life skills and career education. A portion of proceeds from every product supports Indigenous youth in Canada. 

Thoughtful Packaging | All packaging is plastic-free.

7. Mukha Yoga

Eco-Friendly Yoga Props by Mukha Yoga
Images by pebble magazine

Price Range | $30–$205 | Shop Mukha Yoga

Materials | Materials include recycled PET plastic, cork, organic cotton, natural rubber and hemp. 

What We Love | Mukha Yoga is dedicated to handpicking the best sustainable yoga accessories and clothing to help you connect with your yoga routine in a more meaningful way. 

Mukha Yoga’s Sustainable Yoga Accessories

Find all your favorite sustainable yoga brands in one place from clothing to equipment, saving you time and shipping fees. 

The marketplace works with yoga brands that adhere to sustainability, diversity and transparency throughout their range to help make yoga inclusive for all. 

Elevate your practice with a Printed Yoga Bolster from the eco-friendly yoga and meditation brand, Hugger Mugger. 

Available in two colors, the bolster has a cotton outer layer and foam inside. It has handles for easy lifting and it provides firm comfort and support. 

Mukha Yoga’s Sustainability 

Carbon | The marketplace offsets their carbon footprint by donating to tree planting initiatives. 

Sourcing & Supply Chain | Mukha Yoga does make a handful of their own products but they’re mostly a marketplace for other yoga brands, meaning a variety of different supply chains are behind these products. 

Thoughtful Packaging | Mukha Yoga has partnered with Prana’s Responsible Packaging Movement to help vendors make the switch from plastic packaging to eco-friendly alternatives. 

8. Yogamatters

Eco-Friendly Yoga Props by Yogamatters
Images by Yogamatters

Price Range | $15–$350 | Shop Yogamatters

Materials | Yogamatters stocks a range of yoga brands committed to using sustainable materials like jute, rubber, natural cork and recycled plastic with non-toxic dyes. 

What We Love | Yogamatters believes yoga should be accessible to all which is why they’re committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. Come for sustainable, ethical yoga accessories and stay for the online community of yogis from a variety of backgrounds.

Yogamatters’s Sustainable Yoga Equipment

Shop for mats by material, brand or style and find props for both yoga and meditation at any level. 

You can browse their collection of yoga books or keep your gear clean with a yoga mat cleaner. 

Finding the right yoga equipment can feel overwhelming if you’re just starting out. The Yogamatters Beginners Eco Yoga Kit covers all your bases with all their best-selling eco accessories to set you on your yoga journey.

The kit includes an Eco Rise Yoga Mat, Cork Brick, Cork Block and D-ring Yoga Belt available in a choice of two colors. Add a set of Yogaru 108 Asana Yoga Sequencing Cards to help you find your flow. 

Yogamatters’s Sustainability 

Carbon | Where possible, they use sea freight instead of airfreight to transport goods. They also use as little energy as possible in their offices. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Yogamatters works to ensure that everyone feels represented in the yoga community no matter their background. 

9. Ekotex Yoga

Eco-Friendly Yoga Props by Ekotex Yoga
Images by Ekotex Yoga

Price Range | $9–$292 | Shop Ekotex Yoga

Materials | All fabric goods are GOTS-certified cotton and all fillings are natural. Some yoga mats include PVC but they’re all Oeko-Tex II and Made in Green certified. 

What We Love | UK-based Ekotex Yoga creates beautiful, ethical and durable yoga mats and props that support yogis as much as the planet. All products and packaging are free from single-use plastic. 

Ekotex Yoga’s Eco-Friendly Yoga Blocks

For affordable eco yoga accessories, UK-based yoga equipment Ekotex Yoga makes props and mats with the environment in mind. 

Find an organic cotton yoga blanket and eye pillow for some peaceful Savasana or learn to limber with the assistance of their cork yoga blocks and bolsters.

The brand has a yoga mat collection made from reclaimed PVC but there are natural rubber versions here too. 

The Cork Essentials Kit is a bundle featuring a block, brick and strap to take your yoga practice to the next level. They’re sturdier than foam or plastic and you can choose from a range of strap colors. 

Ekotex Yoga’s Sustainability 

Sourcing & Supply Chain | All cotton products are sourced by suppliers which have been independently inspected and are certified safe and ethical. Staff in the UK are paid the real living wage as a minimum. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Their warehouse operates within school hours to accommodate working parents. 

Thoughtful Packaging | They use minimal packaging to cut down on waste. Products are packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes and recycled brown paper. They use zero single-use plastic. 

Pay It Forward | The brand regularly donates to food banks and anti-trafficking charities including Yoga Stops Traffick.

Our Considerations For Choosing Sustainable Yoga Accessories

Wondering, “How do I choose yoga equipment that’s safe for my practice and the planet?”

We’ve created a set of criteria to help us separate brands that practice the mindfulness they preach from the ones with negative energy. 

Sustainability is about mindfulness, understanding how our actions affect the environment and others around us, and showing gratitude by taking care of what we have. 

We know that, like any yoga practice, sustainability is a work in progress. It doesn’t have to be perfect and not every box needs to be ticked, but we like to see brands show up and take action on their environmental footprint. 

Certifications: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OEKO-TEX®, Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)

Fabrics & Materials:

Many standard yoga accessories are cheaply made with plastic and foam. Most mats are made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which isn’t biodegradable and is a highly-toxic human carcinogen.

All sustainable yoga props thus need to be PVC-free at the very least. We prefer them to be plastic-free altogether, but we’ll allow things like recycled yoga block made from recovered ocean plastic, as long as it’s tested to be BPA-free

Sustainable brands often use cotton, jute, rubber and cork throughout their range but they must be responsibly sourced and not contribute to deforestation. 

Carbon Goals & Achievements:

With climate change being a very real threat to our life support systems, it’s no longer enough for sustainable brands to disregard their carbon footprint. 

We like to see responsible brands mitigate their emissions with offsetting schemes alongside taking steps to reduce their impact overall. 

Supply Chain:

Brands should work with ethical and certified suppliers throughout their supply chain. It’s not enough to create accessories out of eco-friendly materials if factory workers are not treated well or compensated fairly for their labor. 

On the whole, we want to see more brands be transparent about their supply chains from farm to factory. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:

Sustainable brands should champion yoga as an activity for all. We like to see inclusive messaging, accessible products and a good range of sizes and budget options throughout their collections. 

Pay It Forward:

Giving back isn’t essential for eco-friendly brands, but it’s nice to see them take an active interest in the environment and local communities. 

Closing Thoughts On The Best Eco Yoga Accessories

Alongside mental and physical discipline, yoga encourages mindfulness and helps foster a deeper connection with ourselves and the natural world. It’s only right that yoga equipment reflects those values. 

Sadly, there are still many products on the market such as yoga mats that are made from PVC, which is both harmful to humans and to the environment.

However, there are plenty of brands and companies around the world that responsibly make environmentally friendly yoga products.

Know another yogi? 

Don’t forget to share this list and help them on the path to ethical and eco-friendly yoga accessories.