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Eco Hotel Reviews

Discover your next sustainable stay here, eco-hotels have never looked so good.

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The number of hotels which are choosing to look after the planet and their people is growing and eco hotels are becoming more widespread at every budget level, from solar powered hostels to seriously luxurious private retreats and resorts.

What is an eco hotel?

An 'eco-hotel' is a hotel that is one that is reducing its impact on the environment and has either been designed to be eco-friendly from the start, or has worked hard to make an older building as eco-friendly as possble.

Sustainability should be woven through everything from its purchasing policies to ensuring fair wages, from no single use plastic to acting as a guardian of its land.

What makes a hotel sustainable?

There are many ways a hotel can be sustainable and it's not enough to just wash towels less or not offer plastic straws.

A sustainable hotel is one that ensures it makes environment as a priority in a number of ways. Here are some to look out for:

  • Reducing its water, carbon and energy usage
  • Has a responsible waste strategy
  • Employs sustainable architecture
  • Doesn't use single use plastic as much as possible
  • Uses renewable options as much as possible
  • Support and promotes the local economy
  • Engages, drives or funds local conservation
  • Employs and pays fairly
  • Helps guests access other eco-friendly intiatives, restaurants, experiences
  • Reduces its food waste
  • Offers sustainable, seasonal or local menus
  • Supports biodiversity on its grounds in rhythm with the local climate

We ensure that any hotel we review fits in with a number of these criteria and is actively on a journey to improve it's sustainable footprint.

Greenwashing in hotels

Sadly, as in many industries, there are many hotels who allude to being sustainable without actually having a roadmap or journey to get there.

It's not enough to not serve water in single use plastic or no longer stock minature toiletries and at the moment it's often up to us as guests to do our research to ensure the accommodation we're booking really is green.

A truly sustainable hotel will want to shout about its achievements, both consumer facing and beind the scenes and the more information it shares, often the more sustainable it really is.

Don't be afraid to ask questions before you book or ask for verification.

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