These are 2018’s most sustainable restaurants

The results are in. The Sustainable Restaurant Association has revealed its Top 20 shortlist for the annual Food Made Good Awards. Is your favourite ethical eats on here?

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Each year the Sustainable Restaurant Association judges its members for the annual Food Made Good awards. This year the top 20 list includes pubs, restaurants, cookery schools and universities.

Restaurant wise, pebble favourite Poco in Bristol, made the shortlist. As did The Culpepper and Farmstand in London (see our Farmdrop review here). In Wiltshire, the pub The Wheatsheaf at Chilton Foliat, scrubbed up as did Cafe St Honoré, in Edinburgh and Daylesford Organic (both its restaurants in London and Cotswolds and cookery school).

The SRA’s rating assesses businesses across all aspects of their policies and operations and their influence across ten key themes under the headings of Sourcing, Environment and Society. Together these define a ‘good’ restaurant or foodservice business.

The winners will be announced next month at an awards ceremony in London.

Raymond Blanc, OBE, President of the SRA, said “The Food Made Good Awards shortlist always delivers incredible examples of what the leaders in our industry are doing to create a better food future. Whether it’s chefs creating beautiful new menus that celebrate vegetables or finding new ways of using less plastic, the Food Made Good Awards are the perfect way to celebrate the people and businesses using food as a force for good. I would urge all chefs and restaurateurs to take inspiration from these sustainability pioneers and follow their lead.”

The top 20 shortlist of the year’s most sustainable restaurants

  • Artizian Catering Services, London
  • bartlett mitchell, London
  • The Bay Fish & Chips, Aberdeenshire
  • Cafe St Honoré, Edinburgh
  • The Cookery School at Daylesford, Cotswolds
  • The Culpeper, London
  • Daylesford Organic, Cotswolds and London
  • Eden Caterers, London
  • Farmstand, London
  • The Gallivant, East Sussex
  • Kai, Galway
  • Loam, Galway
  • ODE-truefood, Devon
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • Petersham Nurseries, London
  • Poco Tapas Bar, Bristol
  • Relæ, Copenhagen
  • Vacherin, London
  • The Wheatsheaf at Chilton Foliat, Wiltshire
  • University of Winchester