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Organic restaurant Farmstand is starting to reclaim the idea of fast food. Forget the traceable beef burgers or gourmet hotdogs of late and turn to delicious veggie-laden dishes, served up in a flash, that disguise how healthy they are under lashings of taste. It's lunchtime heaven.

Georgina Wilson-Powell 9 February 2017

The food

Sustainably sourced food is where it’s at for a lot of restaurants but Farmstand dishes it up with love. And there’s little room for pretension when you’re lining up to get the last of the how-can-it-be-so-good broccoli with tahini and sesame seeds (seriously how can it?).

The premise is simple but effective, a small selection of hot and cold main dishes such as Slow cooked beef brisket, mushrooms and tamari coupled up with two sides (Roasted sweet potatoes, ginger and coconut yoghurt or Onion squash, corn and heritage tomatoes) like a threesome on your plate. Or rather a recyclable box (which costs a very reasonable £7.50). Veggies get to eat like kings here but there’s no shame ladled on for plumping for chicken or salmon. There are gluten free brownies for those that can’t keep the health kick up for more than a meal.

No matter which way you choose, you end up with a rainbow of goodness that can be enjoyed in the bustling cafe or smuggled back to the office before anyone tries to have a taste. Having a decision-dallying day? Just grab a ready to go box.

Broth lovers are well looked after at Farmstand

It's the kind of food that makes you warm inside (from knowing you've eaten well)

The drinks

As you’d expect the drinks here have as fine a pedigree as the food. The coffee comes from cool London chain Workshop (it’s roasted in Bethnal Green), the beer’s from Crate in Hackney and the juices are from Kent. There’s even a couple of organic wines that a) taste lovely and b) won’t break the midweek bank.

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“No matter which way you choose, you end up with a rainbow of goodness”

The vibe

Forget smug married couples. In 2017 it’s all about smug lunchtime finds that will feed an Instagram addiction. Happily Farmstand can help with that. The cafe’s light and airy (thanks to the plain brick decor, mid-century lighting and plenty of plants) but if you want a table around lunchtime go early. It’s not the kind of place you’ll loiter all afternoon but it’s welcoming enough - no one’s willing you out the door the moment the last morsel has been munched.

Why Farmstand is one of our favourite places in London

Farmhouse brings the outside in, there's an indoor greenhouse along the stairs

The sustainability bit

  • All the food at Farmstand comes from UK producers and is seasonal. All the ingredients are ethically grown or produced, there’s no GM anything and refined sugar isn’t given a look in.
  • Chicken, lamb, beef and fish - it all comes from British family suppliers and is completely traceable.
  • All of Farmstand’s packaging is 100% biodegradable allowing it to be carbon neutral, even down to the forks.

When to visit

Breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s delicious any time. But not on Sundays. Even these guys are allowed a day off. Close to Seven Dials and Covent Garden it’s a good shout for a healthy weekend lunch if you’re in Zone 1.

Where is Farmstand?

Find it on Drury Lane, a short walk from Covent Garden tube.

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