6 Ethical Winter Coats To Keep You Warm For Years

Need to keep warm on those long walks we're all doing this year? Here are our favourite ethical and sustainable coats to invest in.

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It’s that time of year again but how do you stay warm and uphold your strict eco-credentials without hauling your organic bedding around or having to wear your great great great uncle’s expedition coat that you found in the attic?

To make this dilemma easier, we’ve picked out some of the best eco-friendly coats and winter jackets available, so you can stay warm & look good on those long winter walks.

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What to look for in an eco-friendly winter coat

Outer layer

It’s important to find a winter coat that keeps you warm and dry. The thing is many coats and jackets with a waterproof outer layer are usually made out of synthetic materials like polyester which is derived from plastic.

On top of that, these jackets are then sprayed with waterproofing PFCs which are synthetic chemicals that don’t biodegrade.

Luckily, the tide is turning against PFCs in favour of more natural water repellents. Also, if you’re looking for waterproof outer layers, choose brands that use recycled synthetic materials like Raeburn and Ecoalf.


Another key feature of an ethical coat? What it’s stuffed with to keep you warm! Choose jackets with ethically sourced down stuffing or coats made from ethical wool.

If you want to stay clear of animal materials altogether, brands like Culthread make coats with a Thermore Ecodown® lining. All 100% vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty free!

6 Ethical Winter Coats To Keep You Warm For Years

1. Raeburn

Celebrate the beauty of nature while also showing the world the clear and present dangers of global warming by wearing the Raeburn Glacier Puffa, a sustainable winter coat suitable for both men and women.

Featuring a haunting but beautiful print of fragmented glaciers, this jacket will not only keep you super warm as temperatures plummet but will make a great conversation starter for any budding climate activists.

Based in the heart of east London, Christopher Raeburn has been upcycling clothing way before the term ‘sustainability’ became cool.

As he grappled with society’s obsession to overconsume and overproduce, he found comfort upcycling old military clothing, parachutes and deadstock into beautifully innovative new clothing with integrity and attention to detail.

Today he still gives surplus materials, products and artefacts a new lease of life. He’s also introduced a whole host of innovative fabrics and technology which place the planet first.

The 100% certified RÆCYCLED polyester, RÆCYCLED PET plastic bottles and recycled fill that make this Raeburn Glacier Puffa so appealing.

2. Lowie

The Lowie double layered eco wool coat will definitely keep you warm this winter.

Its unstructured silhouette, heritage feel and neat round collars make you feel like you’ve just stepped out of Bridgerton after a brisk walk with the Duke & Duchess of Hastings.

Based in South London with shops in both Herne Hill & Crystal Palace, Lowie is a sustainable womenswear label with an unwavering appreciation for the environment.

Founded by designer Bronwyn Lowenthal, each piece is thoughtfully made with the planet and sustainability at the forefront.

60% of clothing is made from raw materials such as organic cottonlinen and deadstock.

30% is manufactured with upcycled or recycled materials, with low impact manufacturing techniques and next to no plastic used – all while supporting the local community.

On top of that, all Lowie clothing comes with free repairs for life. So now they’ll be no excuse to not pass down this winter coat in perfect condition.

3. Ecoalf

The first fashion brand in Spain to be certified B CorpEcoalf is fully committed to the planet while producing the most sustainable clothing with no compromise.

Well known for their astute catchphrase, ‘There is no planet B’ and all the pioneering work they have accomplished in helping to clean up the oceans.

The Eco Alf Foundation has collected and recycled more than 6,000 tonnes of marine waste (including fishing nets and plastic water bottles) since it started.

This has involved more than 3,000 fishermen in 40 ports around the world!

Wearing any coat from the Ecoalf collection made from recycled polyester and recycled plastic bottles will fill you with pride.

By choosing to use your purchasing power for the good of the planet, you have played your part in helping to clean the oceans without having to lift a finger.

4. Rave Review

These colourful clashing coats from Rave Review will have you grinning to yourself all winter.

You’ll feel safe in the knowledge that you will be seen a mile off and found – were you to get caught in the middle of a winter storm.

The founders, Livia Schück and Josephine Bergquist work with secondhand blankets, curtains, duvets and deadstock from all over Sweden and hope to one day own their own fully sustainable factory.

Each piece is unique and there’s limited stock (they never overproduce), which makes these coats highly covetable, let alone the top-notch eco-credentials.

5. Gucci x The North Face

Travel back in time to the ’70s when climate change seemed but a distant future and the oceans were still relatively clean with this new collection by Gucci x The North Face.

It features not only padded coats and quilted jackets but also tents, luggage, sleeping bags and shoes.

Archival fabrics from The North Face’s material library have been upcycled to give them a second life while designs have also been based on original concepts from the ’70s.

All packaging is made from 100% recyclable paper and cardboard from sustainably managed forests, with the addition of any boxed packaging featuring handles to avoid the need for plastic bags.

With the combination of floral prints and super bright colours, these winter coats will definitely transport you to happier times during any dark winter days. They will last a lifetime too.

6. Culthread

The Chepstow coat by Culthread is so soft and cosy, you’ll want to wear it all the time, even around the house.

Made from the highest quality vegan fur and 100% PET recycled lining, this ¾ length coat comes in a soft oatmeal hue or wild Danson animal print (our favourite).

Founded in 2019 by Rina Einy, Culthread is a vegan, sustainable women’s outerwear brand with four main values – no animal cruelty, eco-friendly, handmade and quality.

Each Culthread coat is guaranteed cruelty-free and vegan, handmade from 100% recycled fabrics (excluding fastenings and fake fur) with Thermore Ecodown® lining – (100% post-consumer recycled plastic).

Packaging is minimal and each customer receives their order in a beautiful reusable canvas laundry bag, made from recycled materials.