Fairtrade Flowers Are Now Available In These UK Florists

This Fairtrade Fortnight, it's even easier to buy and send Fairtrade flowers in the UK. Here's how and where to find ethical flowers.

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As Fairtrade Fortnight approaches, Fairtrade have announced that Fairtade flowers are now easily accessible from a range of sustainable florists across the UK. It also has launched Fairtrade roses which are grown in Equador.

Find Fairtrade flowers now stocked in Lavender Green, PM Flowers, Floom, Old Oak Florist and Fairynuff. They are the first partners to provide customers looking for ethical flowers with quality flowers grown to the highest environmental standards.

In addition, Fairtrade flowers are available to buy via Moonpig and Arena flowers, who have been rated the UK’s No.1 most ethical florist five years in a row and all of their roses come from Fairtrade farms in Kenya.

In January Lidl became the latest retailer to launch a range, whilst Co-op was the first to sell 100% Fairtrade roses and Sainsbury’s, M&S, Aldi, Morrison’s and Asda all stock Fairtrade blooms as well. 

Anna Barker, Flowers Senior Supply Chain Managers, of the Fairtrade Foundation, said: “We’re absolutely delighted that this innovative partnership has launched. These wonderful florists produce the most stunning bouquets and by sourcing Fairtrade, they can provide their customers with beautiful and fully sustainable blooms. 

I’ve visited many farms and seen how Fairtrade really transforms the lives of the people who grow, harvest, pack and care for your flowers. This is the first time Fairtrade flowers from Ecuador will be sold in this market and the community is so happy to be growing roses for the UK.”

Fairtrade flowers raised £1.3million in 2019 for investment in social projects to benefit the workers behind the blooms. Fairtrade flowers are sourced from 64 certified flower farms with nearly 58,000 workers involved.

In addition to ensuring workers and farmers’ rights and investing in training and support, Fairtrade makes sure that 10% the cost of each flower sold goes into the Fairtrade Premium, which is then invested locally by communities of workers, depending on their need.

What is Fairtrade Fortnight?

Fairtrade Fortnight runs from 25 February – 8 March in 2020. It is a two week celebration of all things Fairtrade, which supports fair wages, environmental protections and women’s rights across food, cotton, gold and many other industries.

There are a whole series of Fairtrade Fortnight events this year around the role of women farmers in the chocolate industry. 

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