Bag It Up: Help Fight Hygiene Poverty In The UK

Do you have a hoard of unused toiletries? Perhaps even an unopened gift set or two from last year's office Secret Santa? "It’s In The Bag", the latest campaign from The Hygiene Bank, is your chance to pay it forward and make life a little more comfortable for someone living on the streets this Christmas. Keep reading to find out how to donate your unused toiletries as part of this brilliant Charity Christmas campaign.

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These final few months of 2019 are a great time to clear out the cabinets, in preparation for a fresh start in 2020. Still, do you draw a blank about what to do with all those unused, perfectly good but unwanted bits of makeupdeodorant and razors gathering dust on your window sill? 

Clearing out does not have to mean ditching and wasting perfectly good items. There are plenty of people who will more than appreciate your products and you have until the end of November to donate them.

Hygiene Poverty In The UK

Ever heard of hygiene poverty? It’s the hidden plight of many and something that is so rarely talked about, causing tens of thousands to suffer in silence. Because it is considered a taboo topic, it is discussed far too infrequently, meaning people suffer from it in silence.

When you are struggling to get by, it is frighteningly easy to slip through the cracks of society and fall below the poverty line. A sequence of seemingly insignificant circumstances, like family break ups, illnesses or job losses can escalate. They can quickly render people unable to make ends meet.

In this scary situation, hygiene might seem like the least of the worries. Yet, it is hugely important. Being unable to afford basics like a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and sanitary items presents a host of problems.

Hygiene And Humiliation

Hundreds of people have to make the horrible choice between eating and heating or staying clean because they can’t afford both. If you are homeless, it is even harder to maintain your personal hygiene, making it so difficult to re-enter society. 

Supplying these people with just a few simple items can help them drastically improve and maintain their confidence and self-esteem and get back on track.

This scene in Ken Loach’s film, I Daniel Blake, epitomises the unfair and tragic nature of this issue.

Bag Up Your Unused Bathroom Items

The Hygiene Bank is helping to alleviate hygiene poverty and its stigma with their It’s in the Bag’ campaign

Getting involved in this Christmas charity campaign is a simple way that you can help someone in need to feel dignified, at a time of year when many of us take this for granted.

How To Get Involved 

1. Simply find a secure bag you no longer use and fill it with new and unused hygiene items like deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap and sanitary items. If you have extras, like lipstick or moisturiser, put them in as well.

2. Take your bag to your local drop off. You can find a list of drop off points here. 

This campaign only runs until the end of November, so make sure you drop off your bag before then.

At pebble we hate waste as much as we love giving back, so we’re having a Christmas cupboard clear out too. 

We will be posting about all the unused bits and pieces we’re donating on our social media this Christmas. Check out the #ITSINTHEBAG and use it to show what you are passing on too. 

Do you run your own toiletry brand? 

Get in touch to find out how you can donate products to The Hygiene Bank and give the gift of dignity this Christmas.

If you are freshening up the cupboards and draws…

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