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DIY Wrapping Paper: How To Make Your Own This Christmas

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DIY Wrapping Paper: How To Make Your Own This Christmas

1 Servings
Prep time: 10 mins
Cook time: 40 mins

Reduce the huge amount of Christmas wrapping paper waste, and make your own DIY wrapping paper this year.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Sun 22 Nov 2020

So much paper is wasted at Christmas each year as it’s eagerly torn off and put straight into the bin – recycling if we’re lucky. And remember anything with glitter, foil or with sellotape on it can't be recycled.

Reduce the waste this year by creating your own DIY wrapping paper using recycled or scrap paper.

Save newsprint throughout December to reuse and wrap your gifts or buy a roll recycled parcel paper and print it yourself.

brown wrapping paper wrapped present with string christmas decoration ingredients from the top down

Recycled parcel paper
Small potatoes
Paint or vegetable ink
Small dish or plate
Knife for carving
Pen/pencil for marking shape
Rosemary / foraged leaves and berries

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