January LUST LIST: 18 sustainable brands that will make you smile

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January LUST LIST: 18 sustainable brands that will make you smile


Welcome to the first LUST LIST round up of 2019! And as always, let us introduce you to a range of new and established brands that are putting their best green, and plastic free, feet forward and embody everything we love about being stylish and sustainable.

From plastic free coffee pods to menswear that packs a punch

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Sun 20 Jan 2019

Hairsticks from SAYA Design

Hairsticks, SAYA Designs

Stop looking for those dratted hairbands that leave home of their own accord and invest in a beautiful, sustainably made hairstick, courtesy of SAYA Designs. Inspired by traditional hairsticks and forest conservation in Indonesia, SAYA Designs use waste tree roots from the archipelago and have them handcarved by artisans into functional, beautiful hairsticks. As well as keeping this craft alive, each one bought plants 10 new endangered trees. Our choice? The Double Pandans are a duo carved from tamarind and rosewood.

Vegan mayonnaise Rubies in the Rubble

Vegan mayo, Rubies in the Rubble

Have you heard of aquafaba? Condiments with a conscience, Rubies in the Rubble, have whipped up a super delicious vegan mayo made out of the protein-rich water left over from cooking chickpeas.

Say what? Yup, not only is one of our favourite food brands figuring out ways to waste less ingredients, it’s creating a creamy and smooth mayonnaise that vegans and anyone doing dairy-free will love.

Even better, we’ve got an exclusive 30% off the entire condiments range at Rubies, whether it’s relish, ketchup or mayo that’s your jam. Use the code “LOVERUBIES” for 30% off your entire order.

Vegan friendly organic supplements

Supplements, Fushi

It's that time of year when we all need as much help fighting off the dreaded coughs and colds as possible. Enter Fushi, a British herbal supplement company based on the founder's Ayurvedic family recipes. Take the purest organic, cold-pressed oils and freshly infused herbs, sourced from the world's most ethical producers and blended in London and you've got a secret weapon this winter. 

Munchie Seeds vegan snacks

Munchy Seeds

Are you a snacker or a sprinkler, that is the question? Munchy Seeds make single serve, sweet and savoury, mixed seeds bags that come supercharged by flavours like honey, chilli and sesame. Wolf down a bag on the go to keep energy levels up or sprinkle them onto soups, salads, smoothies and anything else that will fit in a bowl.

Recyclable coffee pods

Coffee pods, Colonna

Can't give up your coffee pod fix? How about making it greener? Colonna Coffee now offer fully recyclable pods which contain the world's most award winning independent coffees. This Bath start up, founded by a three time UK Barista champion make the Nespresso compatible pods solely out of aluminium so there's no plastic to mess up the recycling process.

Little Moons Vegan mochi

Mochi, Little Moons

Award-winning mochi-makers Little Moons have developed a vegan version. Loved by vegan A-listers like Kendall Jenner, this Japanese ice cream ball brand has created a Belgian chocolate option within a gluten free, rice flour dough that's all plant-based. Think of it like a chilled Belgian truffle and then realise like a truffle, one is never enough…

Shore, seaweed puffs

Seaweed puffs, Shore

Swap your crisps for Scottish made, supernutrient packed, seaweed puffs from Shore. Hand harvested, the seaweed is turned into four delicious flavours inspired by Japan and Thailand, there's over 6g in each pack. We're a bit partial to the Lime, Chilli & Coconut but each is low in calories, a source of protein, high in fibre and gluten free and vegan-friendly. Hurrah!

White and green vegan friendly candle

Candle, White & Green

While the nights aren't quite as dark as they were, there's still plenty of long evenings ahead. Soothe away stress at the end of a long week, with one of these fab eco-friendly candles from ethical homewares store White & Green. Made from 100% vegetable oil, the vegan friendly candle comes in a hand-poured glass jar that has around 22 hours of burn time. As with everything White & Green, the emphasis is on subtle and the range of scents (we love the lemongrass) say true to this.

Plastic free travel bottles Patternity

Travel bottles, Patternity

Does your travel kit need a zero waste makeover? We fell in love with these cute mini liquid bottles from pattern pioneers Patternity and pod, who create reusable, recyclable alternatives to plastic products. These 100ml screw cap bottles are perfect for decanting skincare, shampoo and so on and come with screw on pump attachments.

Check out our feature with more tips on How to Travel Plastic Free.

Organic menswear by Lyme Terrace

Menswear, Lyme Terrace

Organic menswear isn't always the easiest to find but if you were disappointed with that fast fashion sweater from mum for Christmas, Lyme Terrace is a London brand with a difference, that's worth bookmarking. Think simple T-shirts, sweatshirts and brushed cotton shirts that are made to last. These guys combine modern shapes with traditional tailoring and a transparent supply chain. Job done.

Bamboo underwear, Boody

Pants, Boody

We can't get enough of Boody's bamboo eco-friendly briefs. Smooth and soft they feel ridiculously luxurious for a mid-priced underwear range. These high waist briefs are seam free, breathable, moisture wicking and are made from rayon derived from bamboo. Make 2019 the year you stop buying fast fashion underwear and treat your skin to something that won't fall to pieces.

Spare Snacks food waste

Crisps, Spare Snacks

Snack happy this spring with the revamped Spare Snacks (formerly Spare Fruit) who make air-dried crisps from wonky veg and pair them with bold flavours like Beetroot & Apple Cider Vinegar or Pear & Ginger. Tackle food waste, fill your belly with fruit & veg and get that lick your fingers crisp joy. A trinity of happiness we reckon. Who said plants were boring?

Ethical bedding towels Dip and Doze

Towels, Dip & Doze

Fairtrade and organic cotton bedding brand Dip & Doze has upped the game and brought in a range of super soft, muted tone towels, that will compliment any bathroom. We're loving the towel hook to hang these babies up after bath time. Dip & Doze is exactly what we want to do this Christmas. Now where are the bath salts?

Body oil, Olverum

Cult bath oil brand Olverum has released a Dry Body Oil that looks to replicate its multi-generational success. 30 cold-pressed botanical oils are hard at work here including raspberry seed oil, which is rich in antioxidants and Alaria esculenta extract, which helps boost making collagen. It's perfect for dry winter skin that needs a bit of me time.

organic bath salts by Made BY Coopers

Bath salts, Made by Coopers

Soothe yourself into 2019 with Made By Coopers organic range of bath salts and skincare. This is a modern apothecary who are plastic free, vegan friendly, make everything by hand in Sussex and are inspired by Ayurveda. Say hello to therapeutic grade essential oils and flower hydrolats in combinations that are designed to make your body and soul hum with joy.

metal, plastic free razor from the friction free shaving co

Razor, Friction Free Shaving Company

Say no to single use....razors. The Friction Free Shaving Company has developed an award-winning metal razor service for women that comes in a letterbox sized box. Their Gift box comes with everything you need, including shaving scrub and balm, a handy travel bag and spare blades or sign up for a monthly subscription. This will be the last razor you buy.

Ethical socks, arvin goods

Socks, Arvin Goods

Sometimes you need to step back and get the essentials right. Arvin Goods do just that. They focus on basics that are reasonably priced and suitable for all. Think beanies, undies and socks - all of which we're loving. Socks come in five styles (including functional gym socks), all the colours and are made from waste material, reclaimed cotton.

Natural skincare Amudaf Skincare

Exfoliating mask, Amudaf Skincare

Soothe tired, end of year faces with some sumptuous organic skincare. Amudaf have an incredible Organic Skin Renewing Enzyme Exfoliating Mask (hello pineapple and papaya extracts) that's just thing to slap on and sit back as you're focusing on some me time between Christmas and New Year. Let's embrace 2019 fresh-faced and fancy free.

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