5 gorgeous British sustainable brands you need in 2018

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5 gorgeous British sustainable brands you need in 2018


Make 2018 the year you support local brands, who make everything from skincare to shelves with sustainable materials, and lots of love. All over the UK there are thousands of businesses repurposing and rediscovering materials to make new products or developing organic recipes to create all-natural skincare.

New eco-department store Wearth London is championing British brands who are all vegan, eco-friendly and beautiful.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Fri 10 Nov 2017

Fed up of plastic waste or not knowing where your stuff was made? Wearth London specialise in being upfront about each brand's values, so you can shop by choosing labels, such as Plastic Free or Vegan Friendly. 

We chat to them about five of the British eco-friendly brands they stock, to discover their stories.

5 gorgeous British sustainable brands you need in 2018

Wearth London Kreis Design Pegboard

Kreis Design - Peg-it-all Little Pegboard, £115

We chose to sell Kreis Design’s range of pegboards, as we think that they’re a great way of increasing storage space in the home, in a stylish and contemporary way. All of the pegboards are handmade to order and produced in London using sustainably sourced wood. Because of this we think they are a lovely and unique addition to our store. 

Sustainable British brands - Wearth London Georganics

Georganics - Activated Charcoal Coconut Oil Pulling Mouthwash, £6.90

Georganics has been committed to producing dental hygiene products which are fully natural and organic, which really drew us to their brand. Alongside this, we were also really impressed by the fact they have plastic-free and zero-waste packaging. Even the seal wrapped around their jars is made from biodegradable cellulose. It is this commitment to the environment that really makes a difference.

Sustainable British brands - Wearth London Made Anew Winebox

Made Anew - Wine Crate Cabinet, from £215

For our furniture department we wanted to find brands who create modern and minimal pieces all in the UK. Made Anew stood out to us as they make all of their furniture in Bristol, by hand, using only sustainably sourced upcycled materials. Made Anew’s designs focus on functionality whilst transforming recycled materials, such as old wine boxes and reclaimed timber, into stunning statement pieces fit for any home. 

Sustainable British brands - Wearth London Arborea Jewellery

Arborea Jewellery - Hammered Silver Ring, £16

Our focus for our jewellery department is on recycled precious metals, as their mining has a huge negative impact on the planet. Arborea was founded by Christy, who works in conservation, and all of her beautiful pieces have the environment at their heart. They are handmade in her Devon workshop, using recycled silver, and she even powers her tools using 100% renewable energy.

Sustainable British Brands - Olofson Skincare

Olofson - Essential Moisture Discover Set, £26

Our natural beauty department’s emphasis is on high quality products which are free of any nasties and instead harness the power of ethically sourced natural ingredients. Olofson is a wonderful example of this. It is based in Sussex and all of its skincare products are made by hand, in small batches, and are enriched with nourishing and hydrating oils. 

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