10 ethical jewellery brands for a stylish winter

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Whether you've been good enough to get jewellery for Christmas, brighten up your winter with a new piece from one of these awesome ethical jewellers. Mining for gold, silver and precious stones isn't the fairest or cleanest industry out there, but these makers and brands are committed to using recycled and eco-silver and Fairtrade gold to make sure that when you sparkle, someone else isn't hammered into the ground.

Jesse Dodd 8 December 2017


10 awesome ethical jewellery brands for a stylish winter

Use what you wear to change the world.

Ara The Altar Ethical Jewellery

Ara | the altar's gentle style adds a soft touch of silver to any winter outfit

Ara the altar

Celebrating the twin pillars of nature and astronomy is Ara | the altar, a jeweller from the north west of England. She creates her work with recycled metals and collections that reflect the celestial beings. This ring is inspired by 'Ad astra' - the Latin for 'to the stars' and is handmade using eco-friendly recycled silver. We think it's simply heavenly. Available to order through Wearth London, it comes in biodegradable packaging.

Little By Little Ethical Jewellery

Art Deco it up this season with a sustainably made slice of cool from Little By Little

Little By Little

Founded by Annabel Cox, a jewellery designer with a love for the graphic, and Georgina Fuggle, food editor, cookery book writer and photographer, Little by Little proves you don't have to sacrifice style to be more sustainable with your jewellery. Transparency is key here and all the jewellery is made by an artisan's studio in Lima, Peru, where people are trained in crafts. While some metals are recycled at present, next year the brand wants to make this 100%. Little by Little also donate to Action Against Hunger.

We love the Wedge collection, for a fab Art Deco green and gold festive touch this winter.

Sacet Ethical Jewellery

Sacet's statement rings need to make it into Santa's sack this season


Sacet are on a mission. A mission to prove that luxurious jewellery doesn't have to cost the earth - economically and environmentally. It has cut out the middleman, using artisans and designers across the globe (who you can meet on the site) to create jewellery that's ethically made and consciously crafted.

We've fallen for its chunky, square and seriously luxe looking rings. Be a dazzler this Christmas.

Mosami Ethical Jewellery

Mosami harness the beauty of nature and work with a collection of British artists to bring it to life in eco silver


Mosami's collections are sourced from small and artisanal British businesses and there's a strong connection to nature running throughout its store. All of its silver is either Fairtrade or recycled in order to protect people and the planet and the brand also supports women in business in developing countries - it's about doing good, looking good and wearing jewellery that reflect how you want to see the world.

Its snowdrop collection symbolises hope and optimism for coming brighter days, perfect as we wait for spring.

No 13 Ethical Jewellery

No 13's ancient geometric patterns are a win for ring lovers this season

No 13

Bang on for winter is No 13, its collection is inspired by the Arctic Circle and the Sami people. Sami artisans work with discarded reindeer antlers and have used them for jewellery for centuries. No 13's pieces are etched with ancient Sami patterns and the brand only use recycled silver. A percentage of each sale goes to the National Wildlife Federation and even the packaging is biodegradable. No 13's ethos of social responsibility and sustainability shines through in everything they do and we adore the subtle intricacies of these modern styled rings.

Arborea Ethical Jewellery

Timeless beauty is what Arborea is all about - and this is as green as jewellery making gets


Arborea's founder also works in conservation and its easy to see the influence of nature on this cute Devon jeweller. Pared back simplicity is paired with recycled silver, even her tools are powered with 100% renewable energy.

This dainty hammered silver ring can be worn alone, as a wedding band or stacked with other simple rings. It's handmade, made to order and the kind of piece you'll treasure forever.

La Jewellery Ethical Jewellery

Mix your metals with La Jewellery for a spot of on trend brass and silver action

La Jewellery

Mix and match your metals this winter with La Jewellery. Everything from this designer is made in rural Wales from recycled metals - this mixes brass copper with silver and is called nourish. We think it's shiny warmth will certainly keep you going through the coldest days.

Emma Aitchison Ethical Jewellery

Go with the flow with this Lava ring from sustainable designer Emma Aitchison

Emma Aitchison

Power up your jewellery this winter with a piece from Emma Aitchison who's inspired by volcanos, magma and the intensity of Mother Nature. She only uses Fairtrade gold and silver and is a member of No Dirty Gold, a campaign for making sure that mining respect human and the planet's rights. All of her gemstones are ethically sourced as well.

We love the burnished, glowing feel of the Lava rings which are made from recycled metals in London and include a ruby. Her bold unusual shapes and off centre hoops are right on trend this winter.

Lines And Currents Ethical Jewellery

Make it minimal but with meaning at Lines & Currents

Lines & Current

Keep it minimal this winter with a simple piece from ethical jewellery brand Lines & Current. Clean lines and simple shapes are celebrated by these guys who want to use jewellery to help bring positive change and are dedicated to slow fashion. Pick up a piece here that you'll wear over and over again, for a lifetime long love affair. 10% of all profits go to support a range of charitable causes.

Kay Reed Ethical Jewellery

Support animal conservation with Kay Reed's gorgeous eco-silver pendants

Kay Reed

Eco-silversmith Kay Reed uses recycled metals and crafts them to highlight the animals that need our help. Her wildlife pendants are perfect for any animal lovers this Christmas. She handmakes everything in Nottingham and no toxins are used in any of her silversmithing process. 10% of the profits go to wildlife charities and the packaging comes from sustainable sources. Which one will you choose.

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