Tetiaroa: Marlon Brando's Pioneering Island Eco-Escape

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Tetiaroa: Marlon Brando's Pioneering Island Eco-Escape


Marlon Brando created a self-sufficient island paradise. Let's take a look.

Jessie Dodd

Wed 12 Aug 2020

Tetiaroa is more than just a pretty atoll in French Polynesia. It was bought by Marlon Brando in 1967 after he filmed Mutiny on the Bounty around Tahiti.

A former treasure burying spot for Polynesian royalty, the island was to change Brando’s life.

Scroll down to see the amazing island in our slideshow.

Tetiaroa: Marlon Brando's Pioneering Island Eco-Escape

Tetiaroa Marlon Brando's island from the air

Brando married his Tahitian lead in the film, Tarita Teriipaia, and his granddaughter is still involved in ensuring his environmental legacy is protected.

the coral reef at Tetiaroa, Marlon Brando's eco resort

Brando lived on the 12 island chain on and off for the rest of his life, wanting to preserve and protect the delicate tropical ecosystem. A small hotel his wife set up operated for 25 years, becoming the seriously eco-luxe stay The Brando in 2014.

The bathroom at Tetiaroa The Brando

30 miles north of Tahiti the island is home to 35 locally inspired villas - this is eco-luxury at its very best. Sensitive, authentic experiences for guests - it's an island that is leading the way in sustainable self-reliance when it comes to food and energy.

Waves from the air at The Brando Tetiaroa

In the last 100 years botanists have dropped anchor at Tetiaroa nine times to record the 38 rare types of plants and some of the 167 species of fish found among the atoll’s reefs.

Inside the luxurious The Brando Tetiaroa

Island steward, The Brando, proves it’s possible to be super-luxe and carbon neutral.

A woven spa hut at Tetiaroa

The villas have all been built with a mix of local, recycled and renewable materials. Everything else can be traced back to its sustainable origin.

Tetiaroa from the sky, seeing the coastline

Tetiaroa uses seawater air conditioning that harnesses the cold of the ocean to cool buildings. Brando loved this idea back in the 1970s and was instrumental in bringing it to reality.

Turtles at The Brando Tetiaroa

Brando wanted an eco-university where people could learn about this precious environment. Today, there’s an Eco Station on the island that works on atoll protection, sea diversity and local outreach programmes. Guests can visit it and learn more about its research.

The sandy beach at The Brando Tetiaroa

The resort’s energy is provided by a small solar panel farm and biofuel thermal power station that runs on...coconut oil.

Coral reefs at The Brando Tetiaroa

Dine on island-grown fruit and veg. The island is home to an organic garden pioneering farming methods that can be used in tropical sand.

Coral reefs and the still sea at The Brando Tetiaroa

The only kicker to this pristine paradise? A one bedroom villa will cost around £2,500 per night.

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