Charity shop campaign will dress you for an interview for £10

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Charity shop campaign will dress you for an interview for £10


The Dress to Impress for £10 campaign kicks off this week. It aims to get us shopping for secondhand smart clothes so we can cut down overconsumption, and provides people with a wallet-friendly alternative to buying new.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Tue 16 Oct 2018

Apparently seven in every ten people aged 16-23 (research undertaken by careers app Debut) are confused about what to wear for an interview. 

Charity shops are keen to step into the breach to offer up a secondhand clothing solution as a budget friendly and environmentally positive solution to one of our most stressful wardrobe decisions. 

As of today, over 650 charity shops around the UK will help you 'Dress to Impress', with dedicated interview wardrobe sections and store volunteers who can share advice and tips that have been provided by the BBC’s fashion expert, Amber Butchart.

What's more they reckon they can do it for £10 per outfit.

Aside from helping first time job seekers with advice on how to dress for an interview, the Dress to Impress sections are helpful for anyone who doesn't want to buy a new outfit for a one time event.

Dress to impress secondhand clothes campaign
Dress to impress secondhand clothes campaign

Image Look out for the Dress to Impress sticker in your local charity shop window

Fashion expert, Amber Butchart says: “The UK’s charity shops are brimming with hidden gems that are waiting to go from being pre-loved to re-loved and this campaign makes it easier to find them. 

Thousands of store volunteers have been armed with my interview attire advice and a list of interview staples that they will be showcasing in the dedicated sections of the store, which are signposted to be found easily.”  

Robin Osterley, CEO of the Charity Retail Association, which represents the interests of 8,600 charity shops, explains why they got behind the Dress to Impress initiative:

“Charity shops play a vital role in every community, making them a perfect place to help this campaign start conversations about finding work, give people a helping hand to get into employment, or source a fantastic interview outfit for a good price."

The Dress to Impress campaign can be found in 650+ charity shops that will each be displaying a window sticker (from Wednesday 17 Oct) and will run for as long as there is demand in-store. 

Find out more about the Dress to Impress for £10 campaign here.

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