Move over avocados, organic carrots are millennials’ favourite

Avo on toast has been the food signifier for a whole generation. Preferably organic and preferably sourdough. New research though shows that the millennial-avo love in might be at an end.

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Everyone loves a good millennial trend statistic, but this is one of the most surprising we’ve come across. According the Organic Market report, the humble British organic carrot has been named as the millennials’ must-have. 

The under 35s have bucked the trend to buy more organic produce, with carrots coming out as top of the bunch. In 2017, it’s estimated, this group spent spent upwards of £3.1m on organic carrots (15.3% of all carrots sold by value in suprmarkets in 2017 were organic).

That’s a lot of people wanting to see better in the dark.

Mark Cheadle, from R.B. Organic, believes there are several reasons why the organic carrot is becoming the must-have millennial vegetable,

“There are three key reasons organic carrots are having a moment. Buying homegrown vegetables, grown the traditional way, is important, so too is social credibility, with the under 35s wanting to do good by buying organic and ‘peacocking’ where the buyer wants to share their knowledge so they can tell their friends and work colleagues.

This organic millennial shopper has inherited knowledge about what vegetables are meant to be like and have a passion to publicise their decisions to buy organic.”

And it’s never been easier to find fresh organic produce. The Soil Association have launched the Organic Food Finder, an online tool to help people find their local supplier of fresh, Soil Association-certified organic fresh produce, whether that’s a veg box scheme, a local farmers’ market or direct from the farm gate. 

They’ve also helpfully loaded up a range of recipes for people who need some inspiration with all those carrots.