20+ Sustainable Podcasts That Will Inspire You To Change The World

Love a podcast? Queue up some of our favourite sustainable and eco friendly podcasts and get your eco-inspiration wherever you are.

There’s no shortage of amazing podcasts out there that’s for sure. But it can be frustrating trying to track down the best sustainable and eco-friendly podcasts out there. So we decided to put together the pebble team’s favourites and share them with you.

From systems change and the circular economy, to small sustainable changes you can make at home; from issues within fast fashion to the pioneers working with environmental justice, these green and eco podcasts take on a wide range of the issues that fall under ‘sustainability’.

Queue them up on your phone, speaker or laptop and get some eco-inspiration in your ears. Let us know in the comments below, which ones are your favourite!

20+ Sustainable Podcasts That Will Inspire You To Change The World

1. Down To Earth

Exciting new podcast series Down To Earth from Hubbub celebrates the changemakers, grassroots activists and individuals coming together to make a positive difference for their neighbours and for the planet.

Each episode shares inspiring stories from diverse new voices across the UK and highlights the unique ways they’re tackling social and environmental issues in their neighbourhoods.

From planting edible forests on rooftops to reducing food waste through supporting the community and increasing more representation in cycling, listen to incredible everyday activists working towards a more sustainable future.

Host Sarah Divall

Featured Episode No Roof Unused: Turning skylines from grey to green

New Episodes Two a month

2. Sustainable Jungle

Born from the Sustainable Jungle blog, a space sharing tips, tricks and ideas promoting the growth of sustainable living, this podcast is described as a ‘mission driven show’ aiming to deliver engaging conversations with people working to protect our planet.

Their solution-focused approach ensures plenty of encouraging and inspiring discussions rather than focusing on all the doom and gloom, paying particular attention to the areas of wildlife, environmental conservation and the natural world. Some more unconventional topics are explored too, such as Guatemala’s Jungle School and edible upcycling.

Hosts Lyall & Joy

Featured Episode Scanning Endangered Landscapes And Creating An Earth Archive

New Episodes Once a month

3. Low Tox Life

The Low Tox Life podcast is a branch of the original online platform, a community providing support for people on their continuing health and sustainable living journeys.

Exploring topics surrounding our bodies and minds as well as our environment, episodes take listeners on a journey of curiosity and inspiration and feature an abundance of ways to introduce more low-tox living into our lives.

An ever-growing list of brilliant minds feature as guests on the podcast, and a relaxed approach makes it gentle yet thought-provoking listening.

Host Alexx Stuart

Featured Episode 187: Dr Elisa Song on building a healthy immune system

New Episodes Every Monday

4. Sustainababble

For something more lighthearted (because let’s face it, the topics around sustainability and the environment can get a little intense), Sustainababble offers a weekly dose of chat about topics spanning environmental news and politics, wildlife, health and everyday sustainable living.

With hosts who openly admit their own confusion within the subject, their tongue-in-cheek humour makes for both fun and educational listening.

They’re particularly good at calling out those who talk ‘eco-guff’ (a term coined proudly by the podcast), making the murky waters of environmentalism a little bit clearer.

Hosts Ol & Dave

Featured Episode 180: Being Eco Friendly

New Episodes Every Sunday

5. Hey Change

With a new guest each episode, Hey Change explores what it means to be a ‘Climate Optimist’ and how we can cultivate a positive mindset – something much needed within topics that can spark such despair and anxiety.

Embracing our new realities, the podcast sets out to help listeners to change their perspectives on the subjects of sustainability and the climate, from one of doom and gloom to a place of inspiration and curiosity. Guests are often social entrepreneurs, environmentalists and climate activists.

Host Anne Therese

Featured Episode 53: Setting Goals for a Sustainable Fashion World with Kerry Banigan

New Episodes 2-3 episodes a month

6. Sustainable(lsh)

The mission at Sustainable(ish) is one of sharing everyday sustainable living advice and tips, and educating people on the topic of being more eco-friendly in an inclusive, non-judgemental way.

Author and speaker, Jen Gale‘s goal is not to nail every aspect of living more sustainably and contribute to the individual pressure of ‘saving the planet’, but instead building a community of people together to work on these practices imperfectly.

The podcast regularly features guests from all over the industry, with a friendly chat offering up news, developments and some much needed inspiration.

Host Jen Gale

Featured Episode Day 10 Sustainable(ish) Travel & Transport

New Episodes Every Friday

7. Green Dreamer

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the Green Dreamer podcast is a popular one within the sustainable community, being filled to the brim with information, captivating conversations and actionable steps to integrate into our daily lives.

Each episode features an interview with guests including noteworthy entrepreneurs and influencers, sustainability experts, visionaries and activists.

Covering multiple aspects and topics across intersectional sustainability, the dream is to illustrate how these subjects are relevant to so many areas of our lives and how connected we are to our communities and our environment.

Host Kamea Chayne

Featured Episode: Learn more about pebble’s founder, Georgina and her journey into sustainable living.

New Episodes Every Monday & Thursday

8. Wardrobe Crisis

From the author of Wardrobe Crisis: How We Went from Sunday Best to Fast Fashion, Clare Press, comes the Wardrobe Crisis podcast.

With different guests from an array of areas within the industry in each episode, the podcast aims to explore and examine the current fashion system and how it impacts the environment and the people around us.

Designers, brand owners, researchers and activists are just a handful of examples of featured guests, and the podcast often features notable sustainable fashion brands and their compelling stories.

Host Clare Press

Featured Episode GANNI & Responsible Fashion

New Episodes Every 1-2 weeks

9. What If We Get It Right?

Entrepreneurs and business people from around the world feature in each episode of this podcast, contemplating a thought-provoking and complex question of, what if we get it right?

Of course, we know there’s no simple answer to this or a way of knowing exactly how, but the episodes are a fascinating insight into the intellectual minds of those who follow their curiosity around the growth of ethical and sustainable businesses practices.

It also encourages listeners to continue questioning the current systems that we know simply do not work for our planet.

Host Tessa Wernink

Featured Episode Lucie Basch: Collaboration Is Key To Scale Impact

New Episodes Approx. 1-2 a month

10. Practical(ly) Zero Waste

Practical(ly) Zero Waste has a simple yet powerful (and perhaps, due to the title, unsurprising) goal in mind – to make zero waste living as practical as possible.

The Canadian podcast covers topics from food and agriculture to fashion and life at home and aims to explore the straightforward and easy to implement changes and solutions that can add up to make a big difference in our communities.

Relevant topics that have been previously covered are recommended at the end of each episode, a nice touch for further listening.

Host Elsbeth Callaghan

Featured Episode 86: Rewilding

New Episodes Every Sunday

11. A Sustainable Mind

A podcast that started out as a master’s thesis project but that unsurprisingly picked up momentum and became something much bigger, the continuation and growth of A Sustainable Mind was inspired by a noticed lack of women, young people and women of colour within these environmental communities and conversations.

With experts and changemakers from various branches of sustainability and climate activism featuring in each episode, answering a key set of questions, these inspiring discussions always conclude with actionable advice and resources for the listener.

Host Marjorie Alexander

Featured Episode 76: Is Bamboo the Next Big Thing?

New Episodes Every 2-3 months

12. Good Together

For another ethical living podcast that feels like you’re chatting amongst friends, look no further than community platform Brightly’s podcast Good Together.

With a goal to empower conscious consumers and to make living ethically easier for everyone, the girls help listeners understand important but often confusing and complex subjects within sustainability, including circular economiesslow fashion and intersectional environmentalism.

Complementing their popular platform, episodes often feature brands and products dedicated to being ethically and sustainably created, as well as guests from across the industry.

Hosts Laura Alexander Wittig & Liza Moiseeva

Featured Episode 10 Easy Tips for Budget-Friendly Sustainable Living

New Episodes Every Wednesday

13. Think: Sustainability

Think: Sustainability aims to delve into the impacts of consumption of all sizes, and seeks out developments and ideas on both a local and global level that are paving the way for our journey towards a more sustainable future.

Episodes are a little shorter than average making them an easy listen to fit in while going about your morning routine or coffee break, and also feature multiple voices from around the world within each episode that are relevant to the episode topic.

Host Julia Carr-Catzel

Featured Episode 128: Gardening On The Mind

New Episodes 1-2 each month

14. Sustainability Defined

With lively conversations combined with bad jokes and refreshing humour, Sustainability Defined tackles one important topic at a time with the help of experts in their field.

Sustainability is often a very uncertain and vague subject filled with a lot of question marks and blurry meanings, that can leave us in a pretty dark and confusing space.

This podcast aims to clarify the issue of sustainability and shed some of this ambiguity, focusing on one concept at a time and making it something a little more approachable for those of us looking to make a difference.

Hosts Jay Siegel & Scott Breen

Featured Episode 51: Urban Greening with Sandra Albro

New Episodes Beginning of each month

15. The Sustainability Agenda

For a podcast that focuses on formal research and critical thinking, The Sustainability Agenda offers episodes featuring interviews with a range of today’s leading sustainability thinkers.

These longer listens provide depths of information from intellectuals including professors, activists, ecologists, scientists and politicians, covering a diverse range of topics within their fields.

Although they can be a fairly heavy listen, we guarantee you’ll come away with a slightly bigger (metaphorically) brain, and amazing new insights into the often uncovered areas of sustainability.

Host Fergal Byrne

Featured Episode 90: Interview with John Dennis Liu, filmmaker & ecologist

New Episodes Approx. every fortnight

16. Sustainable Minimalists

This one’s for the overwhelmed parents out there who, understandably, feel like they don’t have the time/money/energy/willpower (delete as appropriate, if any) to integrate eco-living practices into their busy lives.

‘Mama Minimalist’ offers straightforward tips, ideas and strategies as well as simple ways to integrate them into your daily life, and aims to take the stress out of your mission to curate a minimalist home.

It’s certainly not just for the parents either – anyone needing some simple solutions to ‘greenifying’ your home life will enjoy a listen.

Host Stephanie Seferian

Featured Episode Housework Woes: How to Simplify & Greenify Common Chores

New Episodes Every Tuesday

17. Pre-Loved Podcast

The writer of the Brume & Daisy blog brings us the Pre-Loved Podcast, with every episode featuring an interview with a guest from the worlds of secondhand and vintage fashion, including vintage store owners, stylists, thrift influencers and fellow eco-living bloggers.

Guests talk about their love and passion for vintage, DIY and charity shopping, and how thrifting makes for a perfect method to shop sustainably.

Listen out for inspiring career-move stories, research projects, talks on environmentalism and, of course, styling inspiration to make your secondhand wardrobe go that extra mile.

Host Emily Stochl

Featured Episode Jazmine Rogers on giving yourself grace on your conscious lifestyle journey

New Episodes Every Monday

18. Starting Sustainability

From the popular blog of the same name, the Starting Sustainability podcast offers listeners simple, practical and effective ideas that we can engage in to build up a more sustainable lifestyle.

Episodes are put together to help educate those of us looking to improve our treatment of the environment, but perhaps feel a little powerless and unsure amidst the overwhelming and sometimes contradictory information on eco-living.

Like us, they’re big believers in taking small, actionable steps towards better looking after our planet, rather than worrying about trying to do it all (which, FYI, is impossible).

Host Kaylin Chenoweth

Featured Episode 29 & 31: Preventing Food Waste

New Episodes Approx. 2 a month

19. Minimalists Podcasts

From the guys dubbed as the ‘Masters of Minimalism’, this popular and far-reaching podcast is loved amongst those striving to live meaningfully with less, with some 70 million downloads to date.

With years of experience under their belts, the duo produce personable episodes that make for easy, accessible and enjoyable listening featuring down to earth and relatable content.

The honest and lighthearted discussions cover everything within a minimalist lifestyle, including home, relationships, work, parenting and health. Opt for their ‘Quickie’ episodes if you prefer to listen in shorter bursts.

Hosts Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

Featured Episode 245: Overstuffed

New Episodes Main episodes every Tuesday, ‘Quickie’ episodes every Friday

20. Conscious Chatter

Conscious Chatter opens up conversations on topics based on the garment industry, sustainable fashion and the social and environmental issues surrounding the world of clothing manufacture and consumption.

The podcast is described as an ‘inclusive audio space’, where each week a guest from within the industry can speak about their views and their work towards being a part of positive change.

Listeners are encouraged to contemplate tough questions such as where and by whom our clothes are made, and how we can contribute to change as a global community.

Host Kestrel Jenkins

Featured Episode 197: Building resilient, efficient & sustainable supply chains amidst and beyond COVID-19

New Episodes Weekly or fortnightly

21. Green Divas

For a dose of fun in your sustainable living journey, tune into Green Divas for a variety of laid-back and upbeat discussions, all sharing the theme of delivering relevant news with pragmatic advice and ideas.

The ‘family’ of podcasts is separated into multiple series, including 50 Shades of Green Divas, GD Essential Wellness and GDs @ Home, and the sustainable living guys out there aren’t forgotten either with their Green Dudes series.

Relatable and humorous episodes will soon have you wanting to join the divas on their mission to find a ‘deeper, more sane shade of green’.

Host Megan McWilliams

Featured Episode Essential Wellness: Natural Immunity support

New Episodes Approx 2-3 a month (sporadic)

22. Everyday Ethical

We love Everyday Ethical for its practical advice and personal touch. Like listening to a friendly chat about their tips, ideas and advice for realistic eco-living, every episode focuses on a different aspect of everyday life, rather than the bigger (and let’s face it, often much scarier) global topics.

Acknowledging that everyone will be at different stages of their sustainable journey and have varying amounts of time and resources available, different options are proposed for different lifestyles.

Shorter episodes, still packed with information, make it a simple and easier listen, too.

Host Bethany Austin

Featured Episode S2 E10: The 5 Rs of low-waste living

New Episodes No new episodes currently

23. 52 Hertz

A newcomer on the scene, 52 Hertz is a podcast from non-profit Lonely Whale, named after ‘52 Blue’ – a solitary whale whose call met the very unusual frequency of 52 Hz.

Inspired by ‘the whale who dared to call out at his own frequency’, the podcast brings listeners unique, exciting and diverse voices who are dedicated to working for our oceans.

With a goal to challenge the status quo and go against the tide, guests including entrepreneurs and environmental activists speak about the ongoing journey to fight for cleaner seas.

Host Petrice Jones

Featured Episode 1: Against the Current with Adrian Grenier

New Episodes Every few months (no new episodes currently)

24. The Spaceship Earth

The Spaceship Earth podcast comes from one-man band, Dan Burgess, but has its horizons set high, which imagines our planet as a spaceship, and us humans as crew.

So how can we fly this thing better? Dan shares the inspiring stories of artists, entrepreneurs, innovators and adventurers to inspire us all to take notice of the harm we’re doing.

From collective imagination to the importance of the circular economy, this is big issue thinking about system change and how our societies are set up.

Host Dan Burgess

Featured Episode Will Skeaping from Extinction Rebellion on Collective Courage

New Episodes Two a month

25. Positive Disturbance

Sustainable thought leadership agency, The Humblebrag, supports its work with change-makers leading the climate charge with this in-depth podcast, with some of its favourite people.

From circular economy champions to corporate business leaders trying to change their cultures, this is all about making noise, making change and making it positive.

Positive Disturbance thinks on the macro, systems change level, so for big ideas and big business trying to do better, tune in.

Host Lucy von Sturmer

Featured Episode How The Circular Economy Can Help Us Build Back Better

New Episodes No new episodes currently

26. The Ethical Conversations Podcast

A recent podcast that was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Ethical Conversations Podcast delivers weekly measures of discussions covering everything eco, ethical & sustainable.

Every episode features an inspiring guest from a diverse range of backgrounds, including sustainable bloggers, designers, writers and activists.

Topics range from ethical fashion and sustainable travel to global climate change and female empowerment, all explored with a positive outlook and a personable vibe. This is a space for learning and understanding, so don’t worry, you certainly don’t need to be an expert to join in.

Host Jess Rigg

Featured Episode Let’s Chat About What Makes An Ethical Brand

New Episode Every few months (no new episodes currently)

What do you think? Do you have any more eco or sustainable podcasts to add to this list? Who are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below.