5 Of The Best Sustainable Easter Hampers

Time to spring into action this Easter with the best sustainable Easter hampers for foodie and nature lovers

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As Easter approaches, the editor’s at pebble have collated the best Easter hampers to hop into your basket.

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1. Daylesford Organic: For those wanting luxury

Daylesford Organic is a family-run farm, utilising sustainable farming methods and proudly stays as one of the most sustainable farms in the UK.

The Daylesford Easter Hamper presents itself as an impressive treat for Easter. Filled with sweet treats from their farm shop, this luxury hamper is for shoppers who want the works.

With products of varying shelf life, everything is made sustainably and ethically sourced.

Featuring traditional Easter eggs to sweet treats inspired by the Cotswolds farm, there is much to explore within the hamper.

Including Organic Hot Cross Fudge, a delicious dairy fudge made with seasonal fruit and spices, and the exceptional Gloucester Old Spot Sow With Piglets, a hand-decorated solid milk and white chocolate with sweet caramel notes.

It even includes an Easter Egg Hunt Kit to inspire your family to get egg hunting, this hamper is made to spring into action.

And, for each hamper sold, Daylesford organic plants a native broadleaf tree as a part of their ongoing commitment to promoting biodiversity and rewilding.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Sustainably made | ethically sourced | wide variety of products | handcrafted | plants trees | uses recycled materials

Cons: Unsure of allergens | expensive

£250.00 see Daylesford Organic

2. Tony’s: For those wanting chocolate

This is the easter hamper for those who want to support ethical chocolate brands.

Tony’s is known for their exceptional chocolates, and this Easter they’re not missing out.

Their ‘the everything Easter bundle’ includes every product for their Easter collection. From chocolate eggs in boxes to eggs in pouches, there’s chocolate eggs for everyone!

This bundle includes their scrummy milk lemon meringue chocolate bar, made with 32% cocoa and freeze dried lemon, adding a delicious citrusy hint.

All their packaging is recyclable and all their chocolate aims to be slave free and as fair trade as possible, so there is no cost for the planet or people.

From traditional milk chocolate to miniature eggs filled with sea salt caramel, Tony’s selection is a great opportunity to try their mouth watering chocolate.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Fairtrade cocoa | recyclable packaging | actively making positive impacts

Cons: Some of the products may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts

£21.98, see Tony’s to purchase.

3. Refuge Chocolate: The hot choice

Based in Northern Ireland, Refuge Chocolate are makers of luxury fair trade hot chocolate from Belgian chocolate.

Proud advocates of social justice, Refuge Chocolate use their profits to support Flourish NI, an anti-human trafficking organisation.

Their Vegan Hot Stuff Bundle includes a teal enamel mug printed with the Refuge Chocolate logo, and 8 gooey marshmallows to be roasted on a mini fire or dunked into hot chocolate.

Of course, this Hot Stuff Bundle also includes two of their signature Hot Chocolate Melts, making for a luxurious, warming experience.

This makes for a unique Easter hamper, yet one that doesn’t skimp on luxury and excitement.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Fairtrade | free from nuts, eggs, dairy and gluten | donates to charity | vegan

Cons: Contains soya

For £18.00, see Social Supermarket

4. Delicario: The artisanal choice

Delicario supports small producers and artisans who abide by traditional methods, meaning their products remain authentic and devoted to detail.

By regulating their supply chain, Delicario ensures sustainability from harvest to production, delivering on their sustainable farming techniques.

The Delicario Deluxe Easter Gift Box is composed of 4 luxury items, including their Premier Cru Rosé sourced from a family vineyard in France that utilises the same traditions since the 15th century.

The hamper also includes a gluten free Hazelnut Cake made from the best hazelnuts in the world from Piedmont Italy. With the recipe handed down through generations, this cake hasn’t changed for a reason!

And of course there’s plenty of vegan chocolate bars, so it’s hard to not find foodie joy in this artisanal hamper.

pebble’s verdict

Pros: Supports small producers | artisanal

Cons: Countians hazelnuts, milk, pistachio, soy, almonds, and other allergens

£89.00, see Delicario to purchase.

5. Betty’s: the one with baked goods

Betty’s strives for sustainable and ethical change, aiming to be a role model business that treats people and the planet with integrity.

As a fourth generation family business, Betty’s is always looking at improving the future, meaning that they are committed to strong, long-term ethical relationships with people involved at all stages of production.

Straight from the renowned Yorkshire tearooms, Betty’s Yorkshire Delights Hamper is packed with sweet treats for Easter.

Presented in a wicker basket, Betty’s hamper is perfect for a spring time, Easter picnic. With goodies like the Milk and White Chocolate Speckled Rabbits, handcrafted and made with Swiss Grand Cru chocolate.

Betty’s hamper also contains tempting Spiced Easter Biscuits, made at their own bakery with golden syrup, currents and spices.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Vegetarian | suitable for overseas delivery | ethical and sustainable sourcing

Cons: Some contain wheat, milk, almonds | may contain nuts, sesame, eggs, mustard, soya

£55.00, see Betty’s to purchase

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