6 Of The Best Vegan Easter Eggs For 2022

There’s no missing out on fantastic treats for vegans this Easter! Check out our favourite vegan chocolate Easter eggs.

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With Easter right round the corner, it’s time to start browsing for some of the best vegan eggs and treats available.

Luckily with more and more people becoming vegan, there are more vegan Easter eggs and treats available in the market.

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6 Of The Best Vegan Easter Eggs

1. Doisy & Dam: Best bite sized

Certified B Corp Doisy & Dam offer tasty bite sized vegan chocolate bars and treats for Easter. They believe in fair wages for all workers, and e-number-free chocolates. Ultimately, a better world with better chocolate.

All their products are palm oil free, ethically sourced, vegan and made of natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced.

Their Vegan Chocolates Good Eggs are snackishly moreish, and make the perfect addition to Easter baking.

Made from 58% FairTrade cocoa encased in a crunchy sugar shell, this delicious treat is great for people of all ages.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: palm oil free | ethically sourced | natural ingredients

Cons: facility handles milk, gluten, nuts, peanuts and sesame.

For 1 x 75g bag £2.75, see Doisy & Dam

2. Hotel Chocolat: Best filled egg

Hotel Chocolat’s Extra Thick Unbelievably Vegan Easter Egg is a lot to sink your teeth into.

It’s filled to the brim with an array of vegan chocolates made from irresistibly creamy nut milk. From truffles to pralines, these hidden gems add an extra layer of enticement.

With 45% cacao sourced from outside the EU, these eggs don’t skip on the smooth luxury that chocolate gives.

Gifted in a decorative tin made to be reused, Hotel Chocolat makes this Easter an experience.

Hotel Chocolat is taking steps to use 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by the end 2022, and plans to be carbon net zero by 2030.

With respect to farming, all of which is done sustainably and through a Gentle Farming Program which encourages local biodiversity and resilience.

Presented in an elegant and reusable box, Hot Chocolat’s egg is a welcome luxury for vegan customers.

pebble’s verdict

Pros: Reusable packaging | aims to be carbon Net Zero | traceable farming | sustainable sourcing

Cons: contains hazelnuts, peanuts, soya and pecans | May contain nuts, peanuts, milk, gluten, wheat, egg, sesame

1 x 375g for £30.00, see Hotel Chocolat

3. HiP: Best salted caramel Easter egg

The Salted Caramel Easter Egg from vegan chocolate brand HiP will leave taste buds wanting more.

All of H!P chocolates are made without animal products, replacing animal milk with oat milk for both ethics and sustainability. Also, all of its products are packaged in plastic-free packaging that can be recycled.

Oat milk provides the same creaminess while also being high in fibre, protein and vitamins.

Made with 41% single-origin Colombian cocoa that is ethically sourced, HiP also ensures positive effects in the local communities of the farmers.

The salted caramel blends seamlessly with the chocolate, making a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

While being born out of the desire to eat good quality chocolate, H!P also ensures that it creates only good for the planet, too.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: sustainably sourced | ethically sourced | recyclable packaging

Cons: Made on equipment which processes milk, soy, gluten, peanuts and other nuts | no mention of carbon offsetting

1 x 150g, for £8.00, see H!P

4. Melt Chocolates: Best novelty Easter egg

Handcrafted in Notting Hill by one of the most luxurious ethical chocolate brands in the UK, family owned Melt adds intrigue with their launch of the Strawberry Easter Egg.

Without sacrificing quality for style, the vegan-friendly Strawberry Easter Egg resembles a strawberry, making this ‘egg’ one to remember.

With the rich creamy texture of black forest gateau, Melt expertly blends real strawberries with 70% FairTrade dark chocolate.

Free from palm oil and ethically sourced, this vegan chocolate causes no harm to the planet.

Using renewable energy in their kitchen and utilising an electric delivery van, Melt actively reduce their carbon footprint.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: palm oil free | ethically sourced | renewable energy used | recyclable packaging

Cons: Contains soya | Made in a kitchen that handles nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, dairy, and wheat

1 x 300g, for £29.99, see Melt

5. Montezuma: Best dark chocolate Easter egg

Meet the best dark chocolate vegan Easter egg on our list, made from 100% cocoa solids.

Montezuma take vegan friendly, dark chocolate to the next level, with their Absolute Black Egg with Buttons.

The cocoa itself is sourced from farms where farmers are treated ethically and the planet is cared for. The farming abides by Montezuma’s philosophy prioritises positive social impact as well as sustainable practices.

Within stores, offices and factories, Montezuma uses 100% renewable energy, with all waste through all stages of production cared for.

Also, Montezuma supports a Chichester based children’s charity that helps children globally and goes to extra lengths to make sure that workers are treated fairly.

Currently in the process of becoming a B Corp, Montezuma proves that it puts people and the planet first.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: recyclable packaging | charity work | sustainably and ethically sourced | 100% renewable energy

Cons: May contain traces of milk, nuts & peanuts.

1 x 150g egg with 90g buttons, for £10.00, see Montezuma

6. Happi: Best white chocolate Easter egg

Happi’s new and fruity White Raspberry Easter egg is the latest vegan Easter egg to wow pebble’s team.

Supply chain and ethics are very important to plant-based chocolate brand Happi, so they buy their cacao directly from Colombian farmers – meaning that fair wages are guaranteed.

Fully sustainable and packaged in recyclable and compostable packaging, these vegan chocolates are guilt-free.

The White Raspberry Easter egg is made from 95% Oat M!lk white chocolate and freeze dried raspberries.

Both palm oil and soya free, this vegan friendly chocolate egg makes a fantastic treat without impacting the planet.

pebble’s verdict:

Pros: Sustainable and ethical sourcing | compostable and recyclable packaging only |

Cons: Made in a factory that handles milk, nuts, peanuts and wheat

For 1 x 170g for £11.99, see Happi

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