Ready, Steady, Reuse: 4 Quick And Easy Zero Waste Recipes

Try these easy recipes from top chefs to cut down on food waste in the kitchen.

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Whether you’re looking for zero waste food recipes or simply want to use up leftover veg, these easy vegetarian recipes from some of the UK’s leading chefs will hit the spot.

Image Laura Edwards for The Natural Cook

1. Tom Hunt’s Doughnut muffins

These scrummy little doughnuts are easy to make and taste divine rolled in cinnamon. They’re perfect to use up leftover pumpkin innards for Halloween. Tom Hunt is the author of The Natural Cook.

Image The Food Rush

2. The Food Rush’s Green Bean, pea and horseradish dip

Blitzing up veggies for dips is a great way to use up leftover produce that’s maybe even past its best.

The Food Rush is a hub of healthy recipes, foodie features and advice for busy families.

3. Tiny Leaf’s Broccoli stalk canapes with feta, seeds and carrot hummus

Anyone can make these veggie-friendly, surplus food based canapes which look great and taste delicious.

Tiny Leaf is a zero waste catering service based in London. It specialises in creating delicious veggie and vegan dishes from surplus food.

4. Shane Jordan’s Curried Pancakes

These pancakes are brilliant for using up any leftover food. You can throw any leftover veggies into the batter.

Shane Jordan is a plant-based, zero waste chef and is the author of Food Waste Philosophy.

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