6 Swimsuits For Wild Swimming: Plunge Into Nature With Function & Style

Browse the best sustainable swimsuits for wild swimming that help you get back in touch with nature while also limiting damage to the planet.

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With 640,000 tons of fishing nets being left in the oceans every year, our seas are becoming more and more polluted.

Plastic is not the only issue we face, but it is definitely one of the biggest negatives impacts on marine life.

In fact, on average there are 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square miles of ocean.

That being said, there are many brands, companies and charities working to clear up our waters. Some of which are the best swimwear brands to date.

So, whether you are going wild swimming this summer, or embracing the beach life, here are the best swimsuits that make you look good while the planet feels good.

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Our Top Picks For The Best Swimsuits For Wild Swimming:

1. Davy J

The women’s swimwear brand Davy J produces wild swimming swimsuits that are designed to last longer, tackling the issue of throwing away used fashion items by instead creating clothes that are made with longevity and strength in mind.

They are aiming to build a circular economy, a closed-loop resource system that means that sources will be reused.

In fact, Davy J offers a system that when the swimsuits are reaching the end of their life, customers are able to return them and in return, receive 15% discount off any new pieces.

Davy J’s Waste Collection is composed of swimsuits that are made from 100% regenerated nylon yarn made from waste – including spent and ghost fishing nets.

This is a direct tackling of the 640,000 tons of fishing nets that are left in the oceans every year.

For every ton of waste nets collected, Davy J estimates that there is enough nylon regenerated to create more than 10,000 swimsuits.

What’s great about Davy J is that bikini tops and bottoms are sold separately – enabling a purchase of a set that accounts for varying body shapes and stylistic desire.

Likewise, Davy J offers full wild swimsuits, briefs and tops in a variety of styles in addition to their bikini sets.

pebble’s verdict on Davy J’s Wild Swimsuits

Pros: offer a return policy | working towards a circular economy | 100% reused waste

Cons: no mention of charity work | assumed it is made ethically | female bodies only

From £50.00. View on Davy J

2. Deakin & Blue

Deakin & Blue aims to create swimwear that is both stylish and substantial. In fact, founder Rosie realised that over 500,000 women had given up swimming due to body concerns.

Yet, body image isn’t the only influence in how Deakin & Blue design their swimsuits, but also the environmental impact of traditional swimwear.

That is why they utilise fabrics made from regenerated ocean waste, ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon fibre made from post-consumer waste.

They also work with Oeko-Tex®, who are certified suppliers who are environmentally and socially responsible – they pay fairly, minimise waste and use chemicals responsibly.

And to minimise waste even more, Deakin & Blue offer a free repair service for all their products, including their wild swimming swimsuits!

Deakin & Blue design their swimsuits so that they are designed to last, and also specifically cater to all body types with their unique sizing system.

The swimsuits are designed according to body type – which is determined by cup size in addition to dress size. This results in the three collections: The Hepburn, The Monroe and The Hendricks.

Whether it be bikini sets or full swimsuits, there is guaranteed to be a flattering and versatile style with Deakin & Blue.

pebble’s verdict on Deakin & Blue’s Swimsuits For Wild Swimming

Pros: They offer free repair services | donates to beach clean-up charities | 100% regenerated material | ethically made | sizing system to cater to all | packaged in 100% recyclable/reusable packaging

Cons: don’t offer a mending scheme | no non-sheer long sleeved options | no shorts | female bodies only

From £50. View on Deakin & Blue

3. Finisterre

B-Corp Finisterre designs their clothing with the ethos of sustainability, functionality and understated style.

Founded on clothing fit for exploring the outdoors and British beaches, Finisterre has become an expert at designing swimwear for anyone and everyone.

Finisterre’s swimwear is made from sustainable Yulex Pure® Natural Rubber, instead of the environmentally damaging Neoprene which is the common material used for wetsuits.

There are a variety of styles for the wild swimwear (including men’s sustainable swimwear), yet remaining stylistically simple and sturdy.

Finisterre have their own Wetsuit Project, in which wetsuits are made and adapted to those who need wetsuits to be more forgiving to put on. Custom designed for each individual, Finisterre ensures that everyone has equal access to the sea.

Finisterre encourages patching up used and abused items of clothing, offering repair kits for their clothing – unfortunately, not patches specific to their swimwear.

pebble’s verdict on Finiterre’s Swimsuits and Wetsuits For Wild Swimming

Pros: designed wetsuits with accessibility in mind | fit for anybody | variety of full body covering styles | sustainable materials | B Corp | ethically made

Cons: not a variety of patterns | only one style of bikini top

From £35. View on Finisterre

4. Tucca Swim

Partnered with Econyl®, Tucca Swim offer wild swimwear made from regenerated nylon – which can be continually recycled, regenerated and re-moulded.

Sourced from Italy, the fabric has a better resistance to salt water, UV light and chlorine than standard swimwear fabrics.

The manufacturers, based in London, have an ethical approach and agree with Tucca Swim’s ethos that swimwear should be built to last.

Tucca Swim’s swimwear includes their notable Multiway Bikini™, bikini sets that have two separate prints on them and can be worn in multiple ways.

They also offer reversible swimsuits, with two separate patterns. This functions to add more flare and re-usability to the items of clothing.

Their bikini sets are bought individually so that customers can buy sizes that fit their body type.

pebble’s verdict on Tucca Swim’s Wild Swimming Swimsuits

Pros: recyclable packaging | made from regenerated nylon | working towards a circular economy | unique prints | sustainable fabrics

Cons: only a few styles of cut | only four size options | assumed ethically made

From £44. View on Tucca Swim.

5. Pursuit The Label

Pursuit The Label was founded on the desire to create fashionable swimwear while also helping to clean the oceans.

By partnering with Econyl®, Pursuit The Label uses fabrics that come from sea waste that is designed and manufactured in the UK.

Pursuit The Label presents eye-catching and stylish swimwear, from classic bikinis, practical wild swimming suits to unique and sexy swimsuits.

With styles for people who want bold colours and dramatic cuts, or those who want classic sets with reversible patterns, Pursuit The Label has swimwear for any taste.

pebble’s Verdict On Pursuit The Label’s Swimsuits For Wild Swimming

Pros: uses recycled and recyclable packaging | utilises recycled materials | made in small batches | interesting styles |sustainable fabrics

Cons: assumed ethically made | no shorts | some only have three sizes | no charity work

From £24. View on Pursuit The Label

6. Vivida Lifestyle

Vivida Lifestyle has a stunning range of swimwear sustainably made from recycled plastic bottles and ideal for wild swimming.

The brand is continually working to improve their sustainability and impact on the planet, hoping to inspire others to take action.

Not only are they stylish, but Vivida’s Lifestyle swimwear is fast-drying and maintains its stretch and shape long after first wear.

Designed in the UK, the swimwear is made from UPF 50+ fabric, meaning that both you and your clothes are protected from the sun.

Vivida Lifestyle offers a wide variety of styles for women, and also makes swimwear for men.

Including their unique Reversible Wetsuit, allowing more flexibility of style with just one piece. Made from neoprene, sourced from upcycled car tyres, there is nothing else quite like it.

pebble’s Verdict On Pursuit The Label’s Swimsuits For Wild Swimming

Pros: variety of cuts | ethical and sustainable | recycled materials | no single use packaging

Cons: only four sizes | no mentioned charity work

From £10. View on Vivada Lifestyle.

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