7 Best Swimsuits For Wild Swimming That Save The Oceans

Wear Your Love For Nature With This Wild Swimming Swimwear Made From Recycled Ocean Waste & Biodegradable Fabrics

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Ready to make a sustainable splash? 

From recycled ocean plastic waste to biodegradable natural fabrics, the best swimsuits for wild swimming help you connect with nature while having a positive impact on the planet. 

Dive Into The Brands Behind Our Favourite Wild Swimming Suits

Davy J makes swimwear from regenerated ghost fishing nets pulled from the ocean. All one and two-pieces are circular by design, to ensure old styles won’t eventually end up in Davy Jones’ locker.

Each Finisterre open water swimming costume is made to brave the elements and make the most of the great outdoors, with natural Yulex® rubber to keep you warm in cold water. 

It’s estimated that 640,000 tonnes of ghost fishing gear enters our oceans every year, making up around 10% of all plastic waste. 

Fishing gear comprises nylon nets, lines, pots and fish aggregating devices. They’re left to break down into microplastics but not before ensnaring aquatic life and seabirds. 

Enter wild swimming swimwear brands tackling ocean plastic pollution by turning old fishing gear into stylish, sustainable and practical swim gear. 

Whether you’re diving into the deep or embracing the beach life, read on to discover the best swimsuits that support you and the planet—then dive down to the bottom to find out how we chose them. 

Our Curated List Of The Best Swimsuits For Wild Swimming

1. Davy J

Best Swimsuits For Wild Swimming by Davy J
Images by Davy J

Price Range | $65–$174 | Shop Davy J

Materials | Regenerated nylon (ECONYL®) sourced from ghost fishing nets and other nylon waste. The Zero Trace swimsuit is made from biodegradable polyamide. 

What We Love | This UK-based recycled plastic clothing brand creates swimwear that’s circular by design and made for active adventures in the water. They’re made from waste nylon and can be returned at the end of their life to be regenerated into new swimwear fabric.

Davy J’s Outdoor Swimming Gear 

Davy J has high-quality performance swimwear to suit a range of water-based pursuits and style preferences. Opt for sculpting one-pieces, sturdy front-zip suits, bikini sets, mix-and-match two-pieces and cold water layers. 

If you need help figuring out where to start, browse by activity. There’s a dedicated cold water swimming section. 

The reversible Bonded Long Sleeve Swimsuit is ideal for embracing the cold water. Halfway between a swimsuit and a wetsuit, its thick material makes it easy to jump in and stay warm in chilly British waters. We like its long arms with thumb holes which can be pulled over our gloves for extra warmth.

Davy J’s Sustainability 

Carbon | Davy J’s fabric mills run on renewable energy. Their grass paper bags use 75% less CO2 than standard paper. 

Sourcing & Supply Chain | The brand uses factories in Portugal and Latvia to make their swimwear. They don’t specify where but outline specific prohibitions every partner must meet in contracting.

Thoughtful Packaging | Shipping materials are plastic-free including tissue paper, cardboard boxes and paper mailing bags made from grass paper. All are 100% home recyclable.

Pay It Forward | They have an ongoing partnership with Surfers Against Sewage. 

2. Noserider Surf Club

Best Swimsuits For Wild Swimming by Noserider Surf Club
Images by pebble magazine

Price Range | $20–$160 | Shop Noserider Surf Club

Materials | Vita, a luxury fabric created from 78% ECONYL® and 22% elastane.

What We Love | Noserider Surf Club was founded by Emma Bukowski when she moved to Bali to pursue her dream of becoming a surfer. She keeps her supply chain local and small.

Noserider Surf Club’s Swimming & Surfing Suits

Noserider Surf Club’s swimwear was designed by surfer Emma Bukowski who knows what’s needed for active water-based adventures. You can find surf suits, bikinis, rash guards, and one-pieces that won’t budge, no matter how gnarly your wipeout.

We tested out their signature Lowback Cropped Rash Guard, which can be worn with shorts or bikini briefs and has full supportive coverage on the front with a flattering scooped back. 

It has long arms both to keep you warm and shield you from UV rays, but plenty of stretchiness in them for unrestricted movement. We found sizing up gave us the best comfort as it has a snug fit to prevent slips. 

Noserider Surf Club’s Sustainability 

Sourcing & Supply Chain | All swimwear is handmade locally in a female-owned factory in Bali, Indonesia. It’s a few minutes away from their flagship store. 

Thoughtful Packaging | They store swimwear in biodegradable bags and use recycled card paper tags with recycled craft paper hygiene liners. 

3. Patagonia

Best Swimsuits For Wild Swimming by Patagonia
Images by Patagonia

Price Range | $59–$139 | Shop Patagonia

Materials | Recycled nylon, spandex and polyester. Wayfarer shorts are 100% DWR-coated recycled nylon. Wetsuits are 85% FSC-certified Yulex® natural rubber and 15% synthetic rubber. 

What We Love | What better way to wild swim than by wearing swimwear from a brand that’s made Planet Earth a majority shareholder? Patagonia audits each product’s environmental impact and they’re removing virgin polyester by 2025. 

Patagonia’s Wild Swimming Clothing

Patagonia has got you covered for ethical gear to match all your outdoor adventures whether you’re venturing on land or jumping into the water. 

Their women’s swimwear collection is the place to browse swimming gear for summer beach days, surfing or warmer climates. They have one and two-piece suits, shorts, long-sleeved suits and rash guards. 

If you’re based in cooler climates or find the chill a bit too bracing, Patagonia has a collection of wetsuits for women and men designed for temperatures ranging from 48˚ to 65˚F. 

The Women’s Yulex® Regulator® Lite Spring Juanita Wetsuit combines the best of a swimsuit and wetsuit. The stretchy, durable 2 mm fabric of this open-water swimming costume keeps our core warm in the water while allowing us to feel the benefits of cold water on our bare arms and legs.

There are also long-sleeved and long-legged versions for cooler wild swimming days. 

Patagonia’s Sustainability 

Certifications | FSC, Fair Trade, bluesign®

Carbon | The brand finances energy and carbon audits to help partners throughout their supply chain adopt renewable energy sources. 

Sourcing & Supply Chain | 85% of Patagonia’s products are made in Fair Trade-certified factories. They carry out regular inspections to ensure mills and factories meet their ILO-based Code of Conduct.

Pay It Forward | As cofounder of 1% for the Planet, they’ve always donated 1% of sales to environmental organisations, but now divest all profits toward sustainability practices and pro climate organisations. Check out Patagonia Action Works to get involved with grassroots groups near you.

4. Finisterre

Best Swimsuits For Wild Swimming by Finisterre
Images by Finisterre

Price Range | $53–$545 | Shop Finisterre

Materials | ECONYL®, recycled polyester from post-consumer industrial waste, and Yulex® natural rubber instead of neoprene. 

What We Love | Finisterre was founded to provide British surfers with hardy, sustainable and practical gear to keep them warm in the elements. They make swimwear and outdoor clothing designed for blustery UK coastlines. 

Finisterre’s Sea Swimming Costumes 

Finisterre’s outdoor-ready gear for men and women extends to clothing, footwear, accessories, wetsuits, regular swimwear, and a snuggly selection of changing robes for when you’re out of the water—an essential for wild swimmers. 

Women’s swimwear includes swimsuits, bikinis, tankinis and long-sleeved rash vests designed with practicality in mind. No strings coming untied here. 

Our favourite is the Nieuwland 2e Yulex® Swimsuit, perfect for things like SUP paddleboarding or swimming in the sea. Available in three colour combinations, it keeps your core warm with natural rubber fabric while allowing freedom of movement. The low-rise leg keeps everything secure when we’re on the board.

Finisterre’s Sustainability 

Certifications | B Corp

Carbon | The brand audited their carbon footprint and have set science-based targets validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) to reduce them. 

Sourcing & Supply Chain | Finisterre is transparent about their supply chain. A full list of factories are on their website. They work with Fair Working Conditions and have an ILO-based Code of Conduct. 

Thoughtful Packaging | Shipping materials include Leave No Trace plastic-free garment bags developed in partnership with Aquapak and 100% recycled FSC-certified lightweight paper. 

Pay It Forward | They aim to remove barriers to accessing the ocean for everyone via the Finisterre Foundation. They also support other ocean charity partners including Surfers Against Sewage, Surfrider Foundation, Oceana UK, and Project Seagrass. 

5. Deakin & Blue

Best Swimsuits For Wild Swimming by Deakin & Blue
Images by Deakin & Blue

Price Range | $90–$166 | Shop Deakin & Blue

Materials | Italian Lycra made of ECONYL® and elastane. 

What We Love | Deakin & Blue have closed the loop on inclusive women’s swimwear. You can make the most of their repair service and send it back to be regenerated into new ECONYL® fabric. 

Deakin & Blue’s Inclusive Wild Swimming Costume Range 

Deakin & Blue know that body shapes aren’t universal. You can choose swimwear based on body shape and bust size for one-piece suits, tankinis and bikinis. There are three bust sizes available such as the Hepburn (AA-B cup), Monroe (C-E cup) and Hendricks (F-HH CUP). Each size has been designed to flatter your bust and body shape. If you’re unsure, the ‘find my swimwear quiz’ can help.

The X-Back Swimsuit is a versatile one-piece that can take you from wild swimming on weekends to summer holidays on the beach. It features built-in bust support and UV protection. 

Deakin & Blue’s Sustainability 

Certifications | OEKO-TEX

Sourcing & Supply Chain | All swimwear is designed and made at their production studio in London which is dedicated to premium craftsmanship and a safe working environment. Suppliers are OEKO-TEX-certified. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | The brand’s size range goes from UK size 8-24 (with inclusive models to match) and they have flattering styles for bust cup sizes AA-B, C-E and F-HH. They can also custom-fit post-surgery swimwear. 

Thoughtful Packaging | Shipping materials are 100% reusable and recyclable, including FSC-certified acid-free tissue paper. 

Pay It Forward | They support organisations such as Mental Health Swims and Love The Oceans. 

6. Pursuit The Label

Best Swimsuits For Wild Swimming by Pursuit The Label
Images by Pursuit The Label

Price Range | $76–$280 | Shop Pursuit The Label

Materials | Italian-sourced ECONYL® yarn with 78% recycled polyamide and 22% elastane.

What We Love | Pursuit The Label is all about flattering luxury swimwear that doesn’t compromise on the environment. Their small-batch swimsuits are made from ocean waste nylon in ethical London-based factories.

Pursuit The Label’s Outdoor Swimming Costume Range

Pursuit The Label specialises in stylish and feminine luxury swimwear from one-piece swimsuits to crop tops and bottoms. 

Each piece has a sporty design with zippers at the front and four-way stretch fabric for unrestricted movement. 

The bestselling warm weather Viper Sculpt sea swimming suit is best for summer wild swimming adventures when the water is mild or when we’re on vacation. It features contrasting sculpting panels to enhance your shape and a high front zip which you can pull all the way up or leave at a more laid back position to suit you. The decorative belt is detachable and you will need to remove it in chlorine. 

Pursuit The Label’s Sustainability 

Sourcing & Supply Chain | All pieces are designed and produced in small batches at ethical factories in London 

Thoughtful Packaging | Plastic-free packaging includes 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard. 

7. Vivida

Best Swimsuits For Wild Swimming by Vivida
Images by Vivida

Price Range | $45–$245 | Shop Vivida

Materials | Polyester yarn made from recycled plastic bottles with rubber, elastane and Solvent-free Aqua-A™ water-based glue. Their neoprene is made from earth-mined limestone and reclaimed rubber tyres. 

What We Love | Vivida makes travel-friendly eco-conscious swimwear designed to help you make the most of the great outdoors. They’ve adapted neoprene fabric to create an eco-friendly non-toxic version that uses recycled car tyres. 

Vivida’s Wild Swimming Gear 

Vivida‘s outdoor-focused gear includes swimwear and dry robes for women and men. Their bikinis, rash guards, one-pieces, and wetsuits are designed to stay put with a snug fit no matter the water-based adventure. 

The Linda Reversible Wetsuit is a favourite among cold-water wild swimmers. It’s reversible to make two suits in one. As travel lovers, we love the map of dreams pattern side.

The 2 mm fabric thickness keeps wearers extra warm in the water plus the long-sleeves give some more coverage that keeps shivers at bay and you in the water for longer. The soft skin fabric is flexible, allowing plenty of movement for our backstrokes and starfishes.

Vivida’s Sustainability 

Certifications | GRS, Control Union, bluesign® 

Sourcing & Supply Chain | Each wild swimming suit is made by the Sheico Group, with factories in Taiwan and Cambodia. The poncho towels are made in an ethical factory in China. 

Thoughtful Packaging | Plant-based compostable bags are made from biodegradable PLA. In 2022, the brand started rolling out Aquapak Leave No Trace water-soluble bags 

How Did We Choose The Best Wild Swimming Costumes?

A wild swimming swimsuit needs to be functional as well as gentle on the planet, so we created a set of criteria to help us find sustainable swimwear brands making a splash with their positive impact on the planet. 


Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), bluesign®, B Corporation (B Corp), Fair Trade, Fair Working Conditions (FWC), International Labour Organisation (ILO), OEKO-TEX, Global Recycled Standard (GRS), Control Union

Carbon Goals & Achievements: 

Carbon offsetting and using recycled synthetic materials is a start but brands setting science-based targets to cut emissions throughout their operations get our vote. 

Fabrics & Materials: 

Brands producing sustainable swimwear tend to favour ECONYL®, a material made from recycled nylon from industrial and ocean waste. This is a great way to keep otherwise polluting non-biodegradable materials in circulation for longer and clean up the planet. It’s endlessly recyclable and maintains its shape in water. 

Even better for the planet are the brands closing the loop on ECONYL® swimwear to ensure the material never has to go to waste again. 

Another common material in wetsuits is neoprene, a synthetic rubber which is petroleum-based and non-biodegradable or compostable. Some brands have adopted YULEX® natural bio rubber which is just as warm and lightweight without the environmental impact. 

Sourcing & Supply Chain: 

Brands with a supply chain as transparent as the water we swim in get top marks. We want to know where our eco-friendly swimwear is made and what measures are in place to support workers’ rights. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: 

Wild swimming and enjoyment of the outdoors are for all. We like to see brands offer inclusive sizing so everyone can get the same level of comfort and support in their swimwear. 

Thoughtful Packaging:

Synthetic fabrics may be unavoidable in swimwear but brands should eliminate plastic in every other part of their operations, starting with shipping materials. They should be minimalist and compostable or at the very least, recyclable. 

Pay It Forward: 

As we say here, ‘pebbles make ripples.’ We like to see brands support causes they care about. 

Closing Thoughts On Wild Swimming Swimwear

Wild swimming has a swell of benefits for our physical health and mental well-being, but getting outdoors should also have a positive impact on the planet. 

Standard swimwear tends to be made from petroleum-based synthetic fabrics, which are non-recyclable and destined to rot in landfill or incinerated. Switching to swimwear made from recycled synthetics and eco-friendly dyes keeps otherwise wasted materials in circulation for longer and is non-toxic for aquatic life. 

Don’t forget to share this list of best swimsuits for wild swimming with your swim club to help them wear their love for nature in the water.