How To Make DIY Christmas Cards With Newspaper

Looking for homemade Christmas card ideas? Use up your old newspaper by making these easy DIY Christmas cards.

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This year we’re making our own Christmas cards with sheets of newspaper and recycled ‘kraft’ card.

These are so simple to make but will stand out when given to friends and family.

Or make a few to keep and display in your own home!

How To Make DIY Christmas Cards With Newspaper

To start with, we saved up some old newspapers. You can use any type of paper really. Try old sheet music or paper from battered up books.

You could even use old maps – whatever takes your fancy!

If you’ve tried our origami star guide then you’ll have some scrap paper left over from that which is perfect for this activity.

We had to try out a classic Christmas tree design on our handmade cards. To do this, we cut out three triangle tiers and then folded them in half.

We then laid them out on the recycled Kraft card so that they slightly overlapped each other. Then we simply stitched up the centre. That’s it!

You can use whichever eco-friendly thread colours take your fancy. Go bold with contrasting colours like red, pink or blue. Or keep it neutral with black, grey or white.

Don’t just stop at making Christmas trees. You can even experiment with tearing pieces to build up different Christmassy shapes and scenes.

Get crafty and see where the session takes you!

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