9 Mother's Day gifts for under £40

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9 Mother's Day gifts for under £40


It's Mother's Day on Sunday 31 March, so let's get your present sorted. Here's our annual ethical gift guide, with our favourite mum-friendly ideas for under £40.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 20 Feb 2019

This article is sponsored by FabRap

Choose beautifully patterned, reusable. organic cotton fabric gift wrap from FabRap.

Spoil your mum this year gifts that not only treat her but give back in some way to the planet; whether that's minimising plastic waste, supporting social enterprise or giving back. There are no end of excellent ideas out there but we've worked with FabRap, an 100% organic cotton fabric wrap, on this Mother's Day ethical gift guide. 

Scroll down for our ethical gift ideas under £40 and for more information on oru partner, FabRap.

tea light from Aerende

Tea light holder, £24

It’s hard to choose in Aerende’s homewares store as everything is so beautiful. Handmade by British artisans, this social enterprise supports people by providing artisan work making homewares. This delicate porcelain tea light is shaped by hand, pressed with found objects and made by people living with mental illness in London.

rose clay face mask

Face mask, £18.49

Treat mum to a Rose Clay Organic Face Mask from ethical gift store Wearth London. Handmade in Ireland, this fragrant beauty comes in a glass jar with a cork lid and the vegan friendly mask remineralises and nourishes skin.

TOMS shoes

Shoes, £38

TOMS' super comfy  canvas classic shoes come in this year's must have colour - coral pink. They're perfect to welcome in spring. The shoes comes with the brand's iconic Riviera striped lining and EVA outsole. Each purchase gives another pair to someone in need. 

Ethically made scarf from Luks Linen

Scarf, £35

There can’t be a mum out there who wouldn’t love a Luks Linen scarf. Forget what you think you know about scarves, these ethically made Turkish cotton beauties are for life. Available in dove grey or navy, the soft waffle comes in stripes and twisted knots fringes.

organic british champagne

Organic fizz, £28.99

If there’s one thing mums love, it’s bubbly (or just ours?). Forty Hall not only grow their sparkling wine in north London but this organic vineyard is a social enterprise, helping volunteers learn about organic farming and wine-making. Its 2016 Sparkling Brut is vegan, single estate, certified organic and made like a Champagne. Cheers mum in style.

Natural cleanser by Aster & Bay

Cleanser, £28

Botanical skincare Aster & Bay's Cleansing Oil is a luxurious touch to mum's evening routine. Made from 100% cold pressed plant and essential oils to help dissolve make up and the day's grime. It's available at sustainable gift store, House of Kind.

Mothers Day Chalk And Moss

Gardening yearbook, £5.50

For any plant-loving mums, we love this fabulous botanical inspired, A6 sized, gardener’s diary from Chalk & Moss. Record planting dates, seedling and harvesting reminders and notes throughout the year.

Bambo lunchbox

Lunch box, £5

Give the gift of a plastic free lunch this Mother’s Day. Wriggle are a new British brand who make pretty, BPA free lunch boxes out of bamboo and wood. Pack your own or click Wriggle’s site to find lunch places where you can rock up with your Wriggle box and get take out without the plastic guilt. See what else we put in our zero waste kit here.

Bamboo socks

Socks £39.90

Sustainable fashion brand, Thought, make some of the softest bamboo and organic cotton socks on the market and who doesn’t love awesome socks. Their seven day gift packs come in cute boxes and colours, we love the one themed around a spring meadow.

So you've bought an amazing gift. Don't let the side down now. Fabric wrapping - or the Japanese art of Furoshiki has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years. When you think that most wrapping paper isn't recyclable (thanks either to the paper finishes or the sticky tape on it), it makes much more sense to wrap your thoughtful gift in something mum can keep and reuse rather than throw out. FabRap replaces gift wrap indefinitely paying it forward for years to come, reducing our waste each time you give a present.

FabRap have beautifully designed fabric wrap in all sizes and colours. Need some help master the wrapping? Check out this how to video.

This article is sponsored by FabRap

Choose beautifully patterned, reusable. organic cotton fabric gift wrap from FabRap.

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