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​5 Of The Best Vegan Cookbooks For Delicious Plant Based Recipes

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​5 Of The Best Vegan Cookbooks For Delicious Plant Based Recipes

Eat & Drink

Find vegan inspiration for everything from midweek dinners to seriously decadent vegan junk food. Let's get vegan.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 8 Dec 2021

Veganism might have been everywhere last year, but in 2022 it is being embraced at home by more of us, even if we’re not making every meal plant based.

The best vegan cookbooks this year range from easy vegan cookbooks for beginners to vegan cookbooks that cater for families and allow a flexitarian recipe approach for when you need to tailor meals.

They all take veganism beyond pulses, tofu and lentils and show even non vegans, that vegan cooking is sustainable, easy and delicious.

Not sure what ingredients are vegan? Check our Is it Vegan feature.

Woman reading a vegan cookbook

Quick links to pebble's fave vegan cookbooks

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Bowl of vegan food with a leaf

Discover your new favourite vegan meals

​5 Best Vegan Cookbooks For Delicious Plant Based Recipes

From healthy vegan recipes to indulgent plant based treats, and all the nutritional info you need to go vegan, we’ve got you covered.

These books allow you to be in control, explore new flavours and discover your vegan tastebuds.

Recipe book with a lettuce leaf

From healthy to comfort food, this roundup has got you covered

1. Best sustainable recipes cookbook: Eat Green

Melissa Hemsley returns, this time with a range of delicious and easy recipes in Eat Green that will convert anyone hanging around the meat counter to move towards a more flexitarian and vegan exit.

Eat Green is all about creating planet-friendly plates, so naturally, this means more fruit and veg.

But while there are recipes in here that feature eggs, cheese, meat and fish, each is easily adaptable to leave them out and focus just on the plants.

There are also plenty of tips on reducing food waste, reducing plastic packaging and cooking smart for a more sustainable kitchen where you’re not slaving for hours.

A big shout out to the Parsnip Dahl with Roasted Parsnips and Pink Pickled Onions.

It's already a pebble favourite, along with Thai-Style Lettuce Cups with Mushroom Mince and Tahini Satay Sauce for a light and tasty January dinner.

Parsnhip dahl from eat green by Melissa Hemsley

Dig into flexitarian recipes that work for vegans and the vegan curious

Image Photography | Philippa Langley

pebble's verdict

Pros: Gives a more holistic approach to eating more sustainably | Healthy and seasonal recipes | Beginner-friendly

Cons: Not all recipes are vegan

Eat Green: Delicious flexitarian recipes for planet-friendly eating is priced at £25.00.

Bowl of curry

Discover how to eat more sustainably as well as ethically

2. Best vegan pizza cookbook: Purezza

Don't give up on vegan pizza. This is your ultimate guide to making delicious vegan pizza at home, thanks to the vegan pizzeria experts, Purezza.

Purezza Vegan Pizza: Deliciously Simple Plant-Based Pizza To Make at Home is by Filippo Rosato, Time Barclay, and Stefania Evangelisti and smashes the pre-conception that vegans can't do pizza.

Even meat eaters will love their finger-lickin' home slices.

There are step by step instructions here to the perfect crust (even for gluten free folk or sourdough snobs), nailing the sauce, replacing the cheese and an inventive range of topping combos.

Vegan dips, dressings and desserts also pop up here so you can host a vegan pizza party without letting the side down.

I can’t wait to master the art of making my own cashew mozzarella.

And nail the Montanara pizza, AKA deep-fried pizza bites and the Chickpea, Lemon and Mushroom pizza. Ditch the guilt and get involved.

Slices of vegan pizza on a rack

Who says pizza isn't for vegans?

pebble's verdict

Pros: Indulgent vegan pizza recipes | Beginner-friendly recipes | Desserts and sauces

Cons: Not suitable if you're looking for a varied range of vegan recipes

Purezza Vegan Pizza: Deliciously Simple Plant-Based Pizza to Make at Home is priced at £18.98.

Vegan chocolate bars on a white plate

Enjoy vegan desserts too

3. Best easy vegan cookbook: The Plant Kitchen

These 100 easy vegan recipes are your way into adopting a more vegan lifestyle long term in The Plant Kitchen.

This new cookbook kicks off with how to make vegan versions of basics like mayonnaise, cheese and milk into healthy snacks, packable lunches and into dinners that will make you wonder why you needed dairy and meat in the first place.

The vegan recipes here are fairly easy and mostly steer clear of expensive ingredients that are somehow cupboard staples in the more wellness-focused, vegan books.

Cooking for a crowd is packed with pleasers for even meat-eaters will scoff down (hello Lime, Vegetable and Coconut Curry).

This is colourful, plant-based, sensible cooking that anyone can master.

(Sticky Sesame Aubergine and a dairy-free Chocolate Nougat Bar are first on my list to try out this weekend).

Front covers of Purezza & The Plant Kitchen

Get stuck into easy vegan midweek meals and get your plants on

pebble's verdict

Pros: Easy and healthy vegan recipes | Vegan alternatives to kitchen staples | Affordable recipes | Beginner-friendly

Cons: One recipe was found to contain eggs

The Plant Kitchen: 100 Easy Recipes for Vegan Beginners is priced at £14.99.

Aubergines on a blue plate with salad

Sticky Sesame Aubergine, anyone?

4. Best vegan comfort food: Dirty Vegan Another Bite

Vegan recipes don't always mean virtuous.

Vegan comfort food has really established itself as something delicious and indulgent in the last couple of years.

If you’re not already aware of Dirty Vegan, roll up your sleeves. We’re getting dirty.

BBC's Dirty Vegan’s Matt Pritchard has released his second cookbook, Dirty Vegan Another Bite, and it’s a wild ride through your favourite full on foods that have been given a plant-based makeover.

The man knows what to do with jackfruit that’s for sure.

It’s not all low and slow cooking and gooey puds though there are a serious amount of midweek meal recipes that’ll elevate your V game.

It’s time to flex those vegan muscles.

Vegan burger with tomatos on a wooden board

You can't go wrong with a burger from Dirty Vegan

pebble's verdict

Pros: Indulgent vegan comfort recipes | Easy and beginner-friendly | Good for winning non-vegans round

Cons: Not aimed at healthy eating

Dirty Vegan: Another Bite is priced at £20.00.

Slice of chocolate cake next to pieces of chocolate

Dig into indulgent vegan bakes

5. Best vegan cookbook for beginners: Think And Grow Vegan

Less a cookery book and more a how-to guide to moving from munching on hamburgers and indulging in cheese feasts to an all plant based diet and lifestyle, Think & Grow Vegan, recognises that going vegan doesn’t often happen, lock, stock and barrel overnight.

It’s a (eye roll) journey. It’s just as important as a cookbook as getting your nutrition right and making informed decisions about what you’re eating is key to embracing vegan eating long term.

Author (and personal trainer) Glen John Jones splits the transformation into five stages: Reduce, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Mostly Vegan and Vegan.

He moves you slowly by talking about nutritional challenges and misconceptions (like Omega 3 only coming from fish) and what you need to adapt and change to create a healthy vegan lifestyle - for life.

It’s not about sacrificing the things you love, these days there are vegan versions of pretty much everything.

Think & Grow Vegan book on a wooden desk

Want more of a nutritional guide to going vegan? This is it.

pebble's verdict

Pros: Ideal for beginners gradually leaning into a more plant-based diet | Healthy and easy recipes

Cons: Not all vegan recipes

Think And Grow Vegan - gradually adopt a plant based diet with confidence in five stages is priced at £7.89.

Bread with colourful vegan toppings, avocado, banana and tomatos

Ease yourself into the world of veganism gently with Think & Grow Vegan

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