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pebble x Scandale éco-lingerie Sign Up For Your Free Lingerie Set


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Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 8 Jun 2022

This article is sponsored by Scandale
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Audacious & Committed... and you?

Who say sustainable lingerie needs to be boring?

We have a super special summer pebble test for our Ripples community members who are based in the UK.

Parisian sensual éco-lingerie brand, Scandale, wants pebble’s Ripples community to be some of the first to test their beautiful, sustainable sets of lingerie.

We want to hear what you think about the 80% recycled and PETA-approved vegan fibres and 72% recycled alloys, the fit, their commitment to carbon compensation projects and how their lingerie makes you feel.

woman in a red ethical lingerie set

Be a Scandale x pebble secret tester

Who says sustainable lingerie has to be boring? Born in Lyon in 1932, Scandale's modern reinvention has turned it into a stunning brand focusing on people and planet, via ethical bras and panties that are sensual with a conscience.

We have 75 sets of ethically made, stylish bras, bodies and panties to send out for FREE to our community members who are happy to review them honestly for Scandale éco-lingerie and write a review in return on their website.

We value what you think, and how much you want to help the planet when buying from sustainable brands so this is a little thank you - and all we need in return is a review.

Sizes range from A-E (bras) and XS to XL (panties).

That’s all you need to do.

Sound good? Scroll down!

women opening a black bra at the front

Who are Scandale?

  • Iconic French lingerie brand created in Lyon in 1932 has been reinvented to be a sustainable lifestyle brand committed to reducing its impact to the environment.

  • French, comfortable and leightweight éco-lingerie inspired by three districts of Paris and Scandale archives - from graphic contemporary edge, chic & feminine styles to artistic & glamour mood.

  • They focus on carbon reduction, making their fabrics 100% eco-friendly and supply chain transparency.

  • The brand use 100% eco-fabrics. Keen to be specific with their figures, Scandale lists the recycled content percentage for each fabric on their website.

  • A permanent collection of 105 pieces based on 14 key silhouettes was conceived in order to maximise resource efficiency and defy the never-ending churn of fast fashion trends.

Get your free set of Scandale eco-lingerie to test

First up, fill out your details via the form below.

woman in white bra

How it works

1. After filling out your form you will be sent an email from pebble with a personal secret link to choose your bra and panties from Scandale's website.

2. Your free lingerie set to review will be posted out.

3. We will email you the where to review details and all the information you need.

4. Wear, review, enjoy.

5. If you want to take some pics or post about the lingerie on your own social channels, then Scandale will give you an extra discount off your next set (plus free postage and free returns).

Just tag @pebblemagazine and @scandale.ecolingerie in your posts and keep an eye on your inbox!


  • UK testers only for now.

  • All Scandale lingerie is yours to keep but cannot be redeemed for cash or returned.

  • Reviews need to be written and posted by 30 July 2022.

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This article is sponsored by Scandale
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Audacious & Committed... and you?

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